Keyword research is one of those topics with which I’ve always had an uneasy relationship. On one hand, gaining a super clear understanding what people REALLY want, (what they share, like, recommend and ultimately buy) is a bit like a superpower.

On the other hand, there is a certain type of personality that will invariably spend far too much time (and money) doing keyword “research”, while investing in every keyword tool, trick, tech and gimmick (and the goofy “guru” promoting them all) and inevitably, never launch their passion project at all.

I’ve written articles that have been read, shared and liked by many millions of people, largely doing zero keyword research outside of my own first hand feel for the problems, challenges and obstacles my ideal audience struggles with in a niche. (largely because they are the exact problems, obstacles and challenges I’ve struggled with myself, as well)

For writers, authors, teachers and coaches, my keyword research recommendation is below.

Step 1. Go to AnswerthePublic.Com (it’s fun, fast and 100% free)
Step 2. Type in keywords that are directly related to what you are writing about, building or create content, courses or community around or about
Step 3. Download the huge list of specific questions real people are asking, around those specific topics
Step 3. Answer the questions 🙂 You can do this with text based content, video based content, series based content, course based content, BOOK based content, or in any format, medium or approach you like. (I prefer the “21 questions about X answered in 21 days in 2 minutes or less” with a video series on Youtube, and then repurposing that content as a blog post (series) a course, a coaching offer, or even an Amazon book for lead generation.

But, over the last few days, on our FB page, there have been some great questions about doing more “intense” keyword research for content marketing and community building purposes.

Here is an amazingly comprehensive article on everything you need to know about keywords, and how to create a killer KW content marketing campaign, if that’s the sort of community you are building. (it’s full of easy, actionable and elegant ideas, and while it’s not my focus, I highly recommend reading it if it’s yours)

How to Research Keywords: A Step-By-Step Guide

Would love to know what you’re content marketing process map is like, too! Are you writing books? Creating a community? Teaching a course? Doing all 3?

Building something completely cool, creative, colorful or crazy? Say hi and let us know, on FB or inbox me below!