Infographics are a great way to present educational content in a visually appealing way.  The problem for most of us is, infographics can also be really time consuming to create.  (or expensive to outsource)

Adioma is really awesome, and it reduces the time for creating visual graphics to mere minutes – this little mindfulness oriented graphic I created for a meditation class took 3 minutes, flat.

I find myself coming back to it over and over again when I want to present an idea to an audience in a way that communicates a core point or principle, without having to write a few hundred words to do it.

It’s free to use.  (they have paid tiers, too – but I use the free one, and it works wonderfully well for my needs)

Check out Adioma here.  Or, if you want to see how amazing their infographics can REALLY be, check out the funders and founders site, which features their creative storytelling genius in a myriad of cool and compelling ways.