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Are You Taking New Clients?

Are you taking new clients?  If so…..what are your areas of expertise – and what sort of services do you offer?   (at this point, our audience is largely “mindful” marketers, aspiring authors, life coaches, spiritual + personal growth teachers, and people I generally describe as either “purpose” driven professionals or “enlightened” entrepreneurs.

Most of the interest we’re getting from our readers, FB fans and subscribers revolve around content marketing help, web design work and “brand building” services – you can even see the posts that are most popular on our FB community here)As we formally (and with a ton of excitement!) introduce our Mindfulmarketplace platform to our community this month, I want to focus really heavily on affiliate, JV and partner relationships.  Those of you who do work that we DON’T do – I’d love to be able to recommend/refer and promote your products, programs, sites and services to our audience.

For the things that WE do really well, I’d love to have you as a partner on our platform – which will  offer super generous affiliate commissions for recommending our ethical, 100% guaranteed + ROI rich content marketing campaigns and brand building services.

My goal is to build the largest online platform in the world for “mindfulness” and purpose driven professionals – passionate people who work in the helping, healing, teaching and transformational spaces – people who have endless amounts of wisdom and great gifts…..but quite often, very little entrepreneurial experience to get their magical messages out to the masses.

I want to build that bridge – and i’d love for you to partner with us.

So let me know what sort of things you do now – what YOUR specialty is – and where your gifts lie – and if a good fit, we’ll figure out how to promote your passion across our platform.

As I’ve shared in previous emails – we have a PLATFORM certification program that’s now in live beta – for those of you who want a deeper dive into our tools, tech and training – and prominent positioning on our platform as a certified partner.

If you’re interested in that, feel free to respond to this and i’ll share more details.

There has truly never been a more exciting time to be an entrepreneur – and to be able to get up every day with a sense of purpose, passion and great gratitude to be able to do the work I love.

To share that with you is a great gift – and if we’re able to use our platform to elevate your blog, brand and business in the weeks and months to come – it will be my pleasure to help.

As always, I truly appreciate you reading, and being part of our community.



PS – Our affiliate + membership program runs on PODIA.COM

It’s awesome –  100% free to try – and if you’re ready to launch your own – I’m happy to help you set it up.