Here is a short article I submitted earlier today to Ezine Articles that summarizes a little bit of the issues I see some of my current clients struggling with when it comes to  article marketing campaigns….and some of the myth and misinformation I find out there in the blogosphere about writing articles for traffic in 2014.

(something I still do quite a bit of with partner projects in all kinds of niches, and still performs amazingly well in mid 2014 – in many niches, BETTER due to the lower competition than they used to do a few years back when everyone was on the article marketing bandwagon.)

Read the full article below – and if you are struggling to come up with content that converts for YOUR community, I have a free audio coming out in the next week or so that I hope helps you out 🙂 

Do you article marketing campaigns really suck?  Do you find yourself writing tons of articles and spending tons of time trying to create content that converts into cash, only to find yourself struggling to even get a sniff of success?

The truth is, no matter what you read elsewhere, article marketing STILL works amazingly well in 2014, and you can definitely build a viable, valuable and enduring business model on the firm foundation and broad shoulders of article marketing campaigns that leverage popular directories for traffic.

That said, there are many things that are different today…and what may have worked wonderfully well in 2010, may NOT work at all anymore.

Now, why should you trust me when it comes to article marketing?  You shouldn’t!  You should only trust your own results, and I share my own ideas and approach only because they work well for me, and I hope you get similar results.  That said – I’ve written over 6000 + articles over the last 6 years that have generated MILLIONS of readers, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and thousands of sales in more niches, markets and industries than I can count – from inexpensive ebooks to some of the most expensive products and services you can find anywhere online, all with FREE content.

Tip #1:  Kill the Keyword Research

Yes, I know it’s a cardinal sin to recommend ignoring keyword research, but the truth is, it really has NO place in today’s content marketing universe as it applies specifically to article directories.    Writing naturally, without any contrived keyword focus has doubled the performance of my own articles for years now, and in 2014 when the search engines aren’t indexing your articles the same way as they once did, you are far better off using titles that attract attention rather than for search engine spiders.

Tip #2:  Use a POWERFUL promise or a BIG protection in your titles.

I like to write LONG titles that use a lot of space, and that either make a bold promise, or that offer a powerful protection.  “WARNING” types of  titles are some of my best performing campaigns.  As far as a promise goes, if you can quantify it or measure it, ALWAYS use a specific number in the title and I promise, you’ll see your opens go up exponentially.  (and your resource box clicks will go through the roof i you can use that same approach to compel the click at the end of the article as well)

Tip #3:  Lastly, the CATEGORY you pick COUNTS, too

Choose where you categorize your article very carfully.  The difference between an obscure, “micro” category or a very ill trafficked area of a niche directory, versus using a high volume category can be the difference between 10 views over 30 days….and a 1000 views over a single weekend.   The BEST way to sum this up in succinct sentence is – when it comes to picking a niche category, target the biggest ocean of eyeballs you can find….. and NOT the mirconiche that the gurus tell you to target instead..