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Tell Them What You’re Going to Tell Them

In this short post, I’d really like to just show off my infographic making skills.   I may have shared this graphic in the past.  (sorry)  It also may be the very first time I’m posting it.  (in which case, you’re welcome)

But, there is really very little wisdom I aim to impart here, other than I really like using Adioma to create cool little creative visualizations with pithy prose I can post on my blog.

Like so.

So if this is your first time visiting, you can expect better work from me in the future, I promise.

Do come back.

And if you are a long time fan or follower (okay – this is an extinct population for the most part) – you’ve probably tolerated this sort of odd interlude in the past, so hopefully you are accustomed to it.

My favorite part of this little visualization, if you are wondering (which i’m sure no one is) is the little kick to the curb thing I managed to sneak in. It just feels good to kick some ass once in a while, even if it’s only with little stick figures that don’t have real assses, or even if they did, they probably would just brush themselves off, and not give it a second thought in their little imaginary, boring, black and white little universes.

But that little touch does  makes me happy.  Even though in real life, I tend to collect people, rather than give them the boot.

(even though I secretly fantasize about throwing chuck norris sidekicks at half the people i see everyday.  I don’t, simply because i have tight groin muscles and an aversion to bad looking karate)

Anyway, why you are still reading this is quite curious to me.

I’d have given up 3 paragraphs up.   The chances are, i probably wouldn’t be reading your blog at all.  I don’t mean that in a bad way.  I’m sure you are very interesting and everything.  It’s just that life is short and the passing of time is really starting to sink in.

Have you ever asked yourself if you are spending too much time reading silly things on the internets?  If you haven’t, and you are still reading this, today may be a good day to start.

And what is really behind this whole blog thing, anyway?  I mean, why not just keep a notebook under my bed and spare the universe an update everytime the urge to say something special, strikes?

It really makes very little sense if you think about it.  For you.  Or for me.  The whole thing is just weird.

Carry on with your day, and thanks again for stopping by.


One of My Favorite Free Content Marketing Tools

Infographics are a great way to present educational content in a visually appealing way.  The problem for most of us is, infographics can also be really time consuming to create.  (or expensive to outsource)

Adioma is really awesome, and it reduces the time for creating visual graphics to mere minutes – this little mindfulness oriented graphic I created for a meditation class took 3 minutes, flat.

I find myself coming back to it over and over again when I want to present an idea to an audience in a way that communicates a core point or principle, without having to write a few hundred words to do it.

It’s free to use.  (they have paid tiers, too – but I use the free one, and it works wonderfully well for my needs)

Check out Adioma here.  Or, if you want to see how amazing their infographics can REALLY be, check out the funders and founders site, which features their creative storytelling genius in a myriad of cool and compelling ways.