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  1. Earl Thacker

    Hey Ian,
    Thanks for the invite to join your community here. Is this buddy press theme a replacement for your q&a theme? Thanks again for the invite and for sharing your knowledge so others may prosper.

    1. ian

      Hi Earl – yes, using buddypress is the next “step” up from the dedicated Q and A blog I was using to demonstrate the “community” idea before – lots of people were having a difficult time integrating the idea of creating a separate Q and A……..so I started recommending using a Q and A plugin on the blog (a free version of this is offered at WPMU.org, which specializes in buddypress and using WP in a multi-install enviorment for more robust community content creation) – over the last few months, working with some different people, i decided to use Buddypress for the recommended route for this. (although it’s not neccessary – it is free – and it does emulate a social network as well, which is where I think all premium content creators should be going…….future forward 🙂