Podia.Com Set Up and Launch Strategy Consultation


Note:  Must sign up for the ANNUAL PODIA.com plan to qualify for this free coaching offer.  Email us (hi@mindfulmarketplace.com) with questions or read the short description below.  Podia is an awesome alternative to Teachable, Patreon and Kajabi….all wrapped up in one killer (and beautiful) package.

Step 1.  Sign up for Podia – (it must be for the year to qualify for this particular package) and then email me to confirm!

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Let’s launch your online teaching business together.  Sign up for Podia.Com for the year, and get 2 45 minute phone calls with me, access to a private community of teachers, published authors and enlightened entrepreneurs (Summer 2018) and free admission to an online strategy workshop specifically for authors, makers and creatives who want to make more money.




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