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Build a brand new directory business in 2018 with ListingPro.  Listingpro theme is the ideal framework for local business directories, niche directories, local marketplaces, portal websites, hyper local niche communties, Yelp Like communities, and more.

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Build Something!  A niche directory is a great way of creating a valuable asset, earning passive income, building authority and expertise and posititioning yourself a thought leader in your own niche, market or community……literally in a weekend.  ListingPro is one of the very BEST wordpress powered themes for creating a business directory or niche community, and making it BOLD, beautiful and uber appealing as well!

Note:  When you buy ListingPro with our affiliate link, you’ll qualify for access to special community of brand builders, where we’ll share insider strategies for creating hyper profitable businesses……on a bootstrap budget from scratch.  Simply email us ( and include LISTINGPRO in the subject line – and once confirmed, we’ll invite you in.





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