Godaddy or Shopify?


A quick comparison between Godaddy and Shopify for those of you looking to build an E-commerce store, and want the very best tools, tech and platform to do it on. Shopify is an amazing platform carefully built for E-tailers, brands, enlightened entrepreneurs and purpose driven professionals with cool, colorful products……digital downloads, and physical items alike.

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The top reasons to pick Shopify over Godaddy.

1. There isn't really a direct comparison! (Shopify is an commerce platform, Godaddy is essentially a registrar, with many other services thrown in – like web hosting, which would be where the comparison *may* start to fit)
2. Shopify is an all in one solution for a shop/brand or business
3. Great looking themes. (both free and premium – no comparison with the very basic styles available on a Godaddy driven free shop or site)
4. Much faster performance for low cost plans (Godaddy hosting for shared servers is really bad performance wise – Shopify, even on the slowest plan ($29) you are getting great speed and performance
5. FOCUS on your brand, business and making sales. (not tech, hosting and headaches – Shopify is no stress, no mess, just out of the box performance – worry about what MATTERS (marketing and sales) and what you LOVE (not the behind the scenes tools and tech that you don't) (try shopify for free)




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