Your 15 Minutes of Fame Called (You Got an Extension)


Let’s find your genius. Reveal your greatness. Shine a bright light on your goodness. And turn it into a living you love.


Let’s be honest. You already are a rock star.  It may not be obvious to everyone.  But it’s there and it’s waiting to shine.

Andy Warhol Said Everyone Gets Their 15 minutes of Fame.

Your 15 minutes just got a lot longer.

Let’s find your genius – reveal your greatness – or your simply shine a bright light on your goodness, and turn it into a living you love.


This is the ideal offer for aspiring authors, life coaches, web marketing consultants and passionate people who want to wake up the world with your work…..but need a simple, step by step system to LAUCHCHiT! the right way.

What do you love?  Who does it serve?  How can we wake up the world with your words…and work?

Let’s codify your content into a curriculum and your courses into a community of fans, followers and enthusiastic evangelists for your brand, blogs, books, business and bank account.

First, we’re going to find your thing. What do you love?

Then we’re going to refine your thing. Who does it serve?

Then we’re going to teach, preach and promote your thing…….and wake up the world with your work.

Let’s find out what makes you come alive, and turn your passion and purpose into perpetual piles of profit.

THIS IS A 12 week step by step program for teachers, trainers, coaches, consultants, authors, artists, helpers, healers, mentors, mindful marketers, enlightened entrepreneurs, blogging bodhisattva’s, inspirational architects and purpose driven professionals.

  1. You get 12 calls with me. 1 per week.
  2. You get LIFETIME access to a private SMALL community of likeminded entrepreneurs, where you can share your flare, connect with professional peers, and interact with other aspiring authors, entrepreneurs and inspirational coaches in an intimate online social setting.
  3. In 12 weeks, you will have everything you need to launch a fun, focused, passion + purpose based, PROFITABLE online business teaching, coaching, helping, healing…..whatever you do best, you’ll be doing it profitably in 3 months or less.
  4. Need more information? So would I! Email me and I’m happy to help.





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