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How to Get More Eyeballs in Front of the Same Content Without Being as Smart as a Ninja

I got an email from someone a few days ago who took me up on my advice about targeting very general, high volume keywords in his article titles – but, he told me he’s getting no views.

NINJA.jpgNow, I’m a big believer in targeting the "ocean" rather than the "pond" when it comes to off site article submissions.

Why? Very simply – there is pretty much NO phrase that EZA doesn’t have a decent shot at giving you front page and center rankings for straight out of the gate.

I’ve done this over and over in just about every niche out there, including the "make money online" niche and for phrases that THIS blog would have no chance at ranking for immediately, for example – simply by piggybacking off of the default page trust that a high ranking directory gets, you can get your personal message out in front of the masses in a hurry. ( mine is one of hope, peace and back to back Phillies world series rings

Your rankings may not "stick" for a super long time, but if you are list building, which you should be, you only need a few weeks at the top of the engines with a huge volume phrase to kick start your business in a major league way.

I’m going to give you two quick, sort of different, but equally effective strategies for doing this a bit – both are quite simple and – one takes a little more work than the other for self evident reasons – and one is more of an "online" phenomena specifically related to article marketing ( and maybe SEO if you have a high volume site and a bit of time to play) but they both work really well for very for getting more eyeballs in front of your offers, which is my middle name, baby.

Take very general phrases that you want to target – and then "flag" a specific subset of the broader marketplace in the second part of your title –

For example –

Credit Repair Secrets might be the phrase you want to "own" – yet – putting a qualifier in the article to specify a subset of the market who this is "best" for:

  • 2 Credit Repair Secrets You Must Not Miss ( Only for People with a 620 FICO or Below)
  • 2 Underground Fat Burning Tips You Will Love ( Must Be 10 Pounds Overweight or More)
  • How to Get Your Girlfriend Back Fast ( Best For Guys Desperate That She’s Gone Forever)

Etc – This isn’t rocket science of course, nor is it really super "ninja" psychology, because  let’s be honest, ninja’s were largely NOT a very smart group of people in general and would have sucked at article marketing anyway. 

Quick Sidebar: I know this isn’t politically correct to say, but I hate all of these "NINJA article marketing references &E books"….I mean,  "stop him – he kill teacher" ain’t the kind of poetic prose that’s gonna get your stuff on the 15 most viewed articles in your niche list any time soon.
And if you saw Enter the Dragon 12 times like I did, you would already know that peaceful negotiation is a far more powerful persuasive tool than that flying boomerang thingy, which doesn’t even work in real life.    Plus Kareem Abdul Jabar won a few fights in that movie, and he was a basketball player with no real martial arts training, and later admitted to being stoned the whole time he worked on that film – and if you’ve ever been in a fight while high, you already know it’s not easy, especially if you’re throwing kicks and stuff.  So those Ninja guys are highly over-rated in general in my view, and I sort of wanted to get that out.  End Sidebar.

Anyway, the point is, you’re just trying to get a few more people to raise their metaphorical hands while they’re reading your stuff, and the key to doing that is just target very HIGHLY desirable keywords, and create "islands of inclusion" within the titles themselves.

In general of course, you want to set the baseline level of the second part of the equation to be as "general" as low as possible, to be as INCLUSIVE of the largest part of the populace as possible.

For example – if you said – "only for people 50 pounds overweight or more" – you are going to lose a lot of interest, and most people will assume you are talking about some drastic procedure that they wouldn’t be interested in….or simply isn’t relevant to their specific needs.

Alternatively – most people, obviously, who are finding and reading an article on weight loss, probably find themselves 10 pounds too rich on the chunk-o-meter already, so the " this is for me" threshold is easily met.

Same thing for credit scores – for example – when I screwed my own credit for the 8th time years ago and was looking for ways to fix it – I saw and ad that said – "Credit repair techniques guaranteed to work for anyone with a FICO score of 550"…. or below. My thought was – "what kind of deadbeat has a credit score of 550, or lower?" I wanted no part of that part of the American landscape.

If they would have said, instead – "credit repair techniques for anyone who got rejected for a Value City credit in the last hour", I would have been all hands in – in a hurry.

That was probably a bad example, but I think you get my point.

The key takeaway – and I PROMISE this works, so try it ( it also works great on blogs and for "link bait" style stuff ) is use broad, highly desirable 3 word phrases on the front side, and then use power or persuasive WORDS to target a very specific, YET, research relevant subset that’s going to represent the broad majority of your demographic.

The other technique, and this does work pretty well for EZA articles is that’s your thing – is the "bully" technique, where you simply pick a really high volume, highly desirable keyword phrase and simply hit it hard with lots of submissions, where you keep the FIRST part of the article title the same, and simply change the second part of the article title to suit.

I do NOT do a ton of this, simply because I bore relatively easily and, well – life is short, but I know people who do really well with this approach, and I’ll bet if you do a little bit of keyword research on your own niches…’ll see that at least a few of the SUPER desirable phrases are owned by aggressive article marketers who do this well.

So – in the above example – you would simply keep the credit repair secrets part of the article static, and change up the second part of the title accordingly.

  1. Credit Repair Secrets – The 1 Underground Method the Credit Bureaus Fought To Ban Forever
  2. Credit Repair Secrets – 6 Reasons Why Chicks Dig a Guy With a Super FICO score

Etc – I’m getting tired, as was probably pretty obvious by the second paragraph, but – this stuff works, and works really well for attacking the wide open spaces where most people fear to tread….and if you are assertive with them, they’ll work for you as well! 

The Best Way To Build a Bigger ( and Better) List, Better Relationships, Make More Money & Get Into Heaven in 3000 Words ( or Less)

I‘m 100% sure that 75% of the above is true.

And considering I usually shoot for a 65-70% truth baseline with my posts, I feel pretty comfortable recommending you read the whole thing..:-)

Simply stated, the very BEST way to improve your conversions and make more money from your list is NOT mailing more frequently, finding better offers or even neccessarily changing ANYTHING you are already doing right at this very moment.

Other than one very simple, super easy thing that doesn’t cost a thing.

Building better bonds.  And real relationships.  And to borrow a phrase, applying the strategy of pre-eminence to your marketing mindset….the ONE most powerful shift you can make in your affiliate marketing arsenal, that’s free, fun and super good karma to boot.

Read the whole thing right here – and don’t forget to leave a comment when you’re done..:-)

This is a Recording

Please ignore this post.  It’s only here to push down the picture of me below, which to be quite honest with you, I’m getting sick of looking at everyday when I log in and check for comments, do general blog house cleaning, and the other responsibilities that come with running a quasi un popular blog that shows a tad bit of promise for progress.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate a little good old fashioned narcissism once in a while, because….well, I do. 

It’s just that 10 days of looking at the same picture is starting to wear on MY nerves – let alone what it must be doing to some of you who stop by everyday.

Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at my niece and all, it’s just that the haircut I’m sporting here is starting to trouble me a little bit – at first I liked it, but I guess like everything you stare at for far too long, it’s sort of annoying me at this point, and not giving me the inspiration I need to sit down and hammer out the next good post. 

So in a sense, we’re all being punished, and it doesn’t feel fair to you guys. 

And I’m going to be honest with you – according to my licensed mental health counselor, I suffer from mild meglomania, disturbing delusions of inflated self worth, and of course, am prone to the occasional hyperbole that you’ll find pretty common in the online marketing space. 

But I truly believe, that every day I am unable to muster the energy to come up with something creative to say on here, to satisfy the many of you who come and go sadly disappointed without a even a little nugget of good internet marketing information, the Universe herself sheds a long, lonely tear. 

And in another month or so, that’s going to make one nasty rainstorm.

Hence, I came up with the idea for this post, which should loosen up the creative juices to a free flow by sometime tommorow afternoon if history is our guide. 

So let’s just call this a win/win for everyone. 

Now I’ve just got to sort of get out of the pesky habit of scrolling down the page everytime I stop by and look, or it’s just sort of the same problem all over again, only I get a 3 second immediate reprieve from having to witness the inevitable.

But progress is all about small steps.  And this, I do believe, is a good one.

Please disregard having read the above, and continue on your merry way.

A little Internet Marketer in the Making

I‘m pretty sure she likes me…..although I’m not completely sure.  It looks like a smile though on her end………don’t you think? 

ianell.png(There’s a good chance it could be gas though – I wasn’t feeling really well either, although I did manage to keep my displeasure over the dinner menu a bit better than she did.

I think she’s gotten most of the cuteness from my sister and her husband, although I can tell she’s going to have a Shakesperean command of the English language like her uncle.  She just prefers to scream it – rather than type it, but i’m sure over time that will change.

Quick and Easy Ways to Tweak Your Resource Box ( & Rotate Your Anchor Text Links) Super Fast SEO for People in a Hurry

Here is a quick and easy way to start experimenting with your anchor text links, and improve your resource box "awareness" with elegant ease, and if you are an avid article marketer, this is one of the very best ways to start amping up your results, and making it happen in a hurry. 

Plus it sort of accelerates the learning curve, and gives you a nice push in the path of progress, which it seems is often the most important first step.

It’s short, quick and straight to the point……and that may be the last time you read these words on this blog.

Read it here.

(and if you’ve found it helpful, please let me know in the comments section below..:-)


The Next Crash Cash Creation Q & A is Up

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Perspectives From Paradise: Key West – Month 3



In the last week I have:

  • Gotten a Computer Virus
  • Fried My Hard drive
  • Almost killed a computer technician with my bare hands
  • Had My Credit Card Information Stolen
  • Had My Stolen Credit Card Information Used to Book Last Minute First Class tickets on a Philippine Airline ( & about a thousand dollars in hiking gear for good measure)
  • Had an Entire Network of Websites Go "Off-Line" After Cancelling Above Credit Card, and Having Them "Fail" on Auto-Renew (Note To Self:  Always Fill in the Back Up Credit Card Card Fields Just in Case – it IS Worth the 3 Extra Minutes of Effort)
  • Lost My Checkbook
  • Developed a strange rash on my feet
  • Lost my tan
  • Watched a Parrot Poop in Public ( unfortunately while I was serenading a Spring Breaker who was similarly unimpressed)
  • Broke my friends bike
  • Got Yelled at By a Stranger
  • Was Warned 3 More  people ( 2 of them on our list) were selling my article marketing ebook as their own (it’s a great deal at $37, but you can still get it here for free..:-)
  • Forgot to brush my teeth on Wednesday. 

And yet, surrounded by the stillness of sun, surf and serenity, life still feels pretty good.

Look for an email with that promised next "Crash Cash Creation Q & A" within a few days, and a few other goodies coming shortly thereafter once real life resumes in May. 

(and a nice surprise for a few of you who are stealing my stuff)