Fun Facebook Word of the Day: Freeganism

I love Facebook. 

Not because it’s a great marketing tool.  (it’s not)  And not because I really like all of my friends in real life.  (I don’t) 

But because, for the perpetually curious passionate people watching people like myself, it offers a non stop smorsgasbord of perfectly legal, if not a little bit creepy opportunities to peeping Tom poke, prod and peruse lots of strangers you never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.  (loosely defined as the friends of my friends, especially the ones I really don’t like in real life)

Not only does Facebook allow me to not have to leave the house to feel socially connected with others, it also gives me a great opportunity to learn new things about the wild, wacky and wonderous world around me. 

Every day I like to learn a new word, or idea, or concept….and see if there is any way to incorporate it into my own way of life.

Todays word is Freeganism.

I discovered Freeganism through the friend of a friend, of a friend, twice removed who appears to be living somewhere in San Fransisco, where my modest research has concluded Freeganim appears pretty popular.  Some of the basic tenants of Freeganism, I staunchly support. 

Sharing, for example…..always feels like a great idea, and is a bedrock part of the Freeganism lifestyle.

Food, rather than bombs, yet another that is hard to argue is NOT an idea worth fighting for.

And dumpster diving, while something I’ve never practiced sober seems a bit extreme, I like the idea in theory, and looks like tons of fun in the JACKASS 3d movie, too. 

I’ve never been a fan of sloppy seconds, just because I’m the jealous and possessive type, but I guess when it  comes to a perfectly good, lightly tasted if not slightly burnt apple croissient, maybe it’s an idea worth exploring after all.

Anyway, if you are curious to learn something new, or just sick and tired of the other bloggers who recommend you spam your Facebook Wall with your latest blog post, or squidoo lens, or clickbank affiliate link, I recommend you try my new idea of the day approach instead. 

Freeganism is as good of a place to start as any.…as you can read more about it at the link immediately following the excerpt below.  Bon Appetit.

In order to fertilize those guerrilla gardens, food obtained from dumpster diving[9] is sometimes also reused. In many urban guerrilla gardens, vermiculture is used instead of ordinary composting techniques in order to keep the required infrastructure/room small.[10][11] Guerrilla gardeners claim to seek an alternative to dependence and participation in what they perceive as an exploitative and ecologically destructive system of global, industrialized corporate food production.[edit] SharingRecycling symbol.svg3R Concepts * Waste Disposal Hierarchy o Reduce o Reuse o Recycle * Barter * Dematerialization * Downcycling * Dumpster diving * Ecodesign * Ethical consumerism * Freeganism * Extended producer responsibility * Industrial ecology * Industrial metabolism * Material flow analysis * Product stewardship * Simple living * Upcycling * Zero wasteRecyclable materials[show] * Plastic * Aluminium * Glass * Motor oil * Paper * Textiles * Timber * Scrap * Paint Sharing is also a common freegan practice.

Food Not Bombs recovers food that would otherwise go to waste to serve warm meals on the street to anyone who wants them. The group promotes an ethic of sharing and community, while working to show what they consider to be the injustice of a society in which they claim fighting wars is considered a higher priority than feeding the hungry.Really, Really Free Markets are free social events in which freegans can share goods instead of discarding them, share skills, give presents and eat food. A free store is a temporary market where people exchange goods and services outside of a money-based economy. Freegans also advocate sharing travel resources. Internet-based ridesharing reduces but does not eliminate use of cars and all the related resources needed to maintain and operate them.

Community bicycle programs and bicycle collectives facilitate community sharing of bicycles, restore found and broken bikes, and teach people how to do their own bike repairs. In the process they build a culture of skill and resource sharing, reuse wasted bikes and bike parts, and create greater access to green transport.Not all freegans practice dumpster diving, so for those that cannot commit to digging through trash receptacles for food, a more moderate alternative exists in the form of cooperatives.

Local co-ops such as Weaver Street Market in Carrboro, NC function on what can be identified as freegan principles. The Weaver Street Market mission statement is as follows: "Weaver Street Market’s mission is a vibrant, sustainable commercial center for the community of owners and potential owners". This includes the following aspects, taken directly from their website:

Freeganism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My Favorite Unsubscribe Message of the Day

There are unsubscribes……and then there are unsubscribes with extreme prejudice.  I personally would have preferred a comma between said, and IDIOT, just to brace myself for the pain of yet another relationship ending prematurely.

But it’s an unkind universe, and people rarely leave as hopeful, and full of promise as when they arrived…..  as Aweber reminds me every morning.


I didn’t Understand 1Word You Said IDIOT!


I LOVE This Story! (Couple Wins 11 Million: Gives Almost All of it Away)

Reading this sort of stuff always re-affirms my faith in human nature.

(although I would have recommended keeping a little bit more of the cash…….just because, well…..just because..:-)

Still makes me happy to know they’re out there – somewhere, enjoying the things that clearly….money can’t buy.

A Canadian couple who won $10.9 million in the lottery just gave almost all of it away.Allen and Violet Large said Thursday they won their fortune in a July 14 Lotto 649 draw and decided to donate 98 percent of it, some $10.6 million, saving the rest for a rainy day."We were quite happy with what we had and the way we were going," said Allen Large, a 75-year-old retired welder.

Allen and Violet Large (AP Photo/Halifax Chronicle Herald via the The Canadian Press, Michael Gorman)

Fear Loathing and the Magic of Mojo


Law 25: Do not accept the roles that society foists on you. Re-create yourself by forging a new identity, one that commands attention and never bores the audience. Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define it for you. Incorporate dramatic devices into your public gestures and actions – your power will be enhanced and your character will seem larger than life.

I’m going to start this off with a confession………

online rockstarI’m not who you think I am. In many ways……I’m often a complete and utter fake. And the truth is, if you want to be truly successful in this work, I encourage you to become one too. Why?

Because every week…..I talk to, work with, coach or consult with people who are FULL of fear.

They LOATHE the idea of putting themselves in the firm face of the fire that comes with taking a chance and stepping UP and out from the sordid sea of shallow sameness where all the slackers swim.

Of peeking their heads up out the water and saying…hey you – pay attention to me – I’m talented – I’m terrific and I want to tell you about it.


They’d rather STICK with the comfortable snail like steps that comes with holding back….and hiding…….dumbing DOWN their true worth and potential……and NOT getting a bit closer to that uncomfortable edge from which all great inspiration waits a hairs breathe away – it wants to blow in, and pick you up…..but you need to have the courage to get close enough to feel it in the flesh.

And it frustrates me. Because I see so many TALENTED people who I really like accomplishing FAR less than they should be.

    • No list.
    • No brand.
    • No guts.
    • And no real glory


Because…..all the bullshit aside – they’re just plain afraid.

It frustrates me because I’M full of fear, too. And I’ve been there. And what I’ve overcome … too can you.

For example?

  1. I’m not a big fan of heights.
  2. I’m afraid of growing old without making a meaningful contribution
  3. I’m afraid of disappointing my parents
  4. I’m afraid of women named after small towns in texas with tattoos in unusual places who can drink more tequila than me.
  5. I’m afraid of Tea Party Rallies (although I guess that’s kinda the same thing as #4)

But when it comes to MARKETING myself – or my business, I’m NOT afraid to be Fearless.

The CHALLENGE for me is ALWAYS the same.

  • Forget about keyword research.
  • Forget about the silly unoriginal, small minded mental midgetry that dominates the discourse .
  • Forget about all that nefarious nonsense the ninkenpoops and knuckleheads want to tell (or sell) you.

There are 5 Critical things that I do whenever I tackle a new project, a new niche…..or a new business opportunity….either by myself, or with partners. These 5 things are the lynchpin, the key component to deciding whether or not I believe I (or we) can compete meaningfully in a market.

And If I stick to my instincts, and pick ONLY projects where I can sketch out all 5 successfully in advance….I don’t believe I will ever fail……period. (unfortunately….when I DON’T…..I Do….just like you..:-)

The MOST important one, and the one I’ll share here – is actually the easiest for me….and I’m hoping, I can convince you to try it too, because it’s phenomenally FREEING, financially rewarding and a lot of FUN as well.

It’s the idea of creating, and then BECOMING a compelling, charismatic character. (even if you’re not)

A passionate, persuasive and PURPOSEFUL personality. (even if you’re not)

The YOU your mom thinks you are.……or the you on your very BEST day, when it seemed the stars themselves conspired to smile on you all at once.

Simply step outside of yourself and in the small sacred spaces in which you work….where you can be ANYONE you want…..simply be the version of yourself you’d love to be if the universe was comfortable telling a few white lies.

I don’t care if your afraid.

  • Or afraid to fail.
  • Or think people won’t notice.
  • Or pay attention once they do. Because they WILL.
  • And when you read this……your proving it to both of us.

That is the KEY….to truly creating content that converts like crazy.

To creating communities of fans and evangelists who trust, admire and respect you.

And to building a REAL business around what you love most…..while helping as many people as humanly possible. (although it works great for affiliate and more mercenary marketing methods, too)

For everyone….of course……that CHARACTER, and what makes you feel comfortable,  is a wee bit different.

If you’ve been reading my stuff for any length of time……that’s pretty much what you’re getting.

It’s NOT in-authentic.

It’s just AMPLIFIED.

And yes……I know what you’re thinking.

Your thinking that it’s probably easy for me – I’m smart, super stylish, devilishly handsome and have an unusually large spirit for someone only a slender shred over 5’10 in his favorite flip flops.

I’m not going to argue with you. It’s a good point. And it’s nice of you to notice. And I really like you to, and often wished you lived closer.

But the truth is, in REAL life:

  1. I’m my own worst critic
  2. dedicated – yet rarely satisfied
  3. PASSIONATE and paranoid
  4. Fun but flawed
  5. inspired, imaginative and insecure
  6. and quite often……in MY eyes, not anything like the ME you see here

If you have ever been motivated by one of my articles, or blog posts….or one on one interactions……and have simply NOT high stepped the hurdles that are holding you back – I invite you to RE-INVENT YOURSELF

If you are spending your days reading…..learning……and perpetually CHASING the dream……..I want to INVITE you re-invent yourself.

If you are MASSIVELY talented, funny, engaging and entertaining.…..yet think you are too SHY or not ready to shine…...I invite you to RADICALLY reinvent yourself.

If you have PASSION… CAN parlay that into perpetual piles of profit, simply by tapping into that creative wellspring of CHARISMA…and COURAGE that lives within all of us.

I went to a family wedding last year, where the brides family had some pretty famous guests. Amongst them were the ex wife of infamous Shock Jock Howard Stern….who I’ve listened to, off and on, for years.

And what I found so amazing, were the stories I heard about how PAINFULLY shy Stern was off the air….often being so uncomfortable in social settings that he’d hide in a corner…..or just disappear completely.

Yet…….in character, he became an extrovert extra-ordinairre……a personality SO larger than life that he literally changed an entire industry on his own.

Or Beyonce Knowles……so afraid of getting on stage and performing at her TRUE potential that she decided to create an alter ego – an identity – a CHARACTER she calls “sasha fierce” for becoming the person – and the PERFORMER that millions of people pay to see.

I challenge to go out on that ledge.


I invite you to whisper and wait for that warm breeze to scoop you up.…..and help you straddle the stars. Find people you like and respect….and then study their rhythm…and emulate their style. Forget about learning HOW to make money online. If you can write an article, put up a squeeze page, you know more than enough already.

The secret……is NOT in the sauce. It’s in the sass.

The truth is, people often ask me about creating compelling content for their articles……their blog posts..and conversion rates, and copywriting tips……and for me, it all boils down to this. Entertain people. Inspire people. Make them think….make them BETTER at what you know best.…..but if you can make them laugh and feel good, you’ll never go hungry. That’s really the secret. Everything else comes from there. I’m going to be talking a lot about that from now on…..because it can be taught, begged and borrowed, and I’ve got a little bit extra to spare.

It is never too late to become what you might have been” -George Eliot

The Power of Priceless

Are you a coach, consultant, expert author, service professional, or niche advisor who is NOT earning what you’re truly worth?

  1. Imagine being able to charge 2 or 3 or even 5 times more than you do right now...without doing an extra lick of work.
  2. Imagine being perceived as the PREMIER provider of elite level services in your niche, or industry or area of expertise….and PRICING yourself accordingly. (and having people line UP to pay you for the privilege..:-)
  3. Imagine truly being able to parlay the POWER of your authentic life’s purpose, your PASSION……into perpetual piles of profit.

If you understand the power of pricelessness……which I’m going to share with you below, you won’t have to imagine for long.

But first….Let’s look at some super simple definitions, and distinctions:

What Do I MEAN by the power of Pricelessness in the first place?

In my parlance, It’s the REAL value that your passion, purpose and expertise……your BEST efforts, your greatest protection and unique advantage are worth to a prospective client.

And it’s the limitless and unending value that your prospect PERCEIVES availing themselves of your offer is really worth!

How do you decide what is the perception of PRICELESS in your marketplace…..or inherent in your audience – or your offer, and how do you MINE that……market it, and then ILLUSTRATE it to boot?

Let’s do a Very Simple Exercise to illuminate the PERCEPTION of Pricelessness:

Write down the top 3 or 5 or 7 life changing, amazing transformations that will actualize in your clients life, once your highest and best promised results are achieved.

BUT….Be liberal, be engaged and be GENEROUS with yourself.

Imagine YOURSELF at YOUR best. Doing what you love most. On your very best day…..when you are in a zone and everything falls….and feels just right.

And then…..

Translate your BEST service on your very best day into benefits that have enormous value to your prospect. Write them down. Touch them – describe them and feel their power.

BUT don’t stop there…….

LAYER them.

Dimensionlize them.

Give each benefit depth and meaning. KEEP building this out until the benefit of the benefit…..OF the benefit is truly beyond the pale of price.

And Don’t stop writing. KEEP going until it starts to get silly…or sappy…..or sounds SO over the top, or stops being believable, or relevant. (EVENTUALLY IT WILL)

If you’ve done this exercise properly…..what you have when you’re done is a pretty PRETTY picture.

And that picture of your highest and best – actualized and implemented in the life of your perfect prospect – is the power of priceless.

Ready to look a bit closer?

Want to know the BIGGEST mistake I see most coaches, consultants and service providers make?

In my humble experience….LIFE coaches who sell their services for example, many of whom are on my list, BADLY miss the mark when it comes to adding dimension – vibrancy – and ultimately VALUE to the service they sell.

People don’t buy life coaching to have more free time…even though they may feel like they do.

They buy coaching to have the free time to travel the globe, to explore, to grow, to see sights you’ve only seen in magazines, to spend quality time with their children and grandchildren, to be happy, fun and free….. and to embrace life like only a lucky few ever will.

You have to sell the ULTIMATE benefit – the one that we each feel at our core…to be priceless.

Do you think the difference between a 100,000 a year life coach….and a 97 dollar a month mentor is 1000% BETTER results?

Of course it’s not.

That’s SILLY…….and really not even REALISTIC. At some point, the law of diminishing returns kicks in….and probably ALOT lower down on the totem pole of ROI than 1000 fold.

The power of priceless is about posture.

It’s positioning.

And psychology….and YOUR ability to ignite the imagination of your prospect with the full kaleidoscopic effect of your offer in action.

Because HERE is the Truth…..

Any coach, consultant, or expert advisor who is truly PASSIONATE about what they do, has a strong sense of PURPOSE and meaning about what they offer and is worth being PRICELESS to their prospect, genuinely wants to RADICALLY change peoples lives.

You really have to love people to be priceless….and truly believe in making your message…and your mantra meaningful.

An easy example i see all the time?

An average raw food coach may THINK they are selling a healthier life style, or lower body fat or clearer skin and more energy….and they’ll sell some of that for sure.

They’ll put out an ebook, or a blog, or a low priced series of audios, and eek out a modest living doing something they truly love and settle for a smaller life and only a SLIVER of the impact, contribution and service that they are capable of.

But the PRICELESS raw food coach sells a radical re-invention. A re-birth. A renewal.

In your body, your mind and your spirit.

She sells me A world that wakes up looking wonderfully different once she’s in it because I’ve INVITED her in.

And the truth is….the 2 types of coaches?

They are often selling the same stuff..:-)

They share the same passion.

They feel the same purpose.

YET one moves mountains, and makes an enduring and meaningful difference in the lives of many ……while the other builds sand castles in the summer sand that ebb away when the tide comes in….and need to be built anew after each season disappears with the setting sun.

Which one are you?

I say….you CAN be the one you choose, and you can start right now.

Simply get hyper clear about what you truly believe you can do for people.

And Stop settling.

You may have to take a SMALL step backward and re-craft, re-calibrate and re-frame your offer, but it will be well worth it, I promise.

Strive at being the absolute BEST at what your craft……and in the meantime, simply CARE more about your client until you are. (because that alone is worth it’s weight in gold)

And then Future Pace your PERFECT prospect to the point in their lives where your greatest benefits are beginning to bear fruit in their lives.

Picture their smiling faces.

Picture their supreme satisfaction – their elation, enthusiasm and good fortune to have found you.

And work BACKWARDS from that point to position your PRICE to be representative of who you are now.

Not only will you MAKE much more money……you will naturally have greater impact on the lives of those you touch. (people who PAY more for a priceless change are FAR more likely to act on, and be engaged in making the EFFORT to implement your expertise and authentic advice)

And of course….ultimately you will constantly be challenging yourself to improve to meet the expectations you’ve set – which means that by positioning and PRICING yourself as the best, you’ll ultimately continue to strive and rise and improvise and IMPROVE who you are and what you do…until you are. 3 Critical Components to Priceless Positioning:


The biology of belief. You have to feel it in your bones. You have to KNOW that what you have is worth what you’re asking for it. You have to feel it’s what you’re here to do. If you don’t believe you can deliver that which you promise…’ve got to double back, double dip and dive back in until you can! (important!)

To offer services that truly have a value beyond the pale of price, you’ve got to be willing to BELIEVE you are the very BEST, otherwise you’ll never convince anyone else you’re worth being paid like it.


You have to be able to inspire, illuminate and ENGAGE the imagination of your audience.

If they can’t imagine a better, brighter and more beautiful world with you in it, you’ll never have an offer much better than mediocre.


If you can’t authentically empathize with your audience, you are in the wrong niche. (and business)

Empathizing with others is the one thing you can do BETTER than anyone else….it requires no training, no special skill, and as a coach, consultant or expert advisor, i know of NO other attribute that will get your FARTHER, faster than this. (and it feels pretty good, too)

A Quick Footnote On Empathy and creating KILLER content that converts like CRAZY

In my view, it’s the MOST overlooked aspect of creating compelling copy…and the #1 thing MOST people miss, when building relationships with their list

When I was 20 or 21 and in college, I screwed my credit up really badly. I constantly bought stuff I couldn’t afford….and figured as long as I charged them, I was smart….and I could figure it all out later. (not so smart)

Suffice it to say, my credit was so bad….I couldn’t even open a bank account. And when I got a really good freelance marketing job a year or two later…and a 5,000 retainer to start working. I literally couldn’t open a bank account at the time to deposit the check. (not great)

I eventually had to sign the check over to my girlfriend, and we went to HER bank to open a mutual bank account to deposit it.

I remember the kid at the bank looking at me funny while we sat as his desk and he ran our information…and suddenly, without warning……he gave me a stern lecture about credit….and responsibility and being smart….and then, he turned his attention to HER….and whether SHE wanted to risk being responsible if my history were to repeat itself.

And he was my age.

And I felt humiliated.

And I literally shrank in the seat…hoping that no one else around us could hear what he was saying.

And I felt undeserving of the check. Of the job. And of my girlfriend. I truly felt like a degenerate disappointment of a human being.

I was ashamed.

Later that day, I beat him to death with a foam FICO wiffle ball bat as he walked to his car and made it look like an accident.

Okay….that part’s not really true..:-)

But what DID happen, is when later in life, in the life I NOW know as my own, when I had to write a credit repair sales letter for an affiliate campaign, my copy, i humbly submit – outperformed the actual VENDOR’S by a margin of 2 or 3 or even 4 to 1.



I understood what it felt like to be ashamed of my credit report.

Of cringing when I heard the insurance agent – or the apartment manager – or the department store clerk say – let me just run a quick credit report and we’ll get you signed up.

I also understood – later – what new beginnings felt like – and that redemption – and how a second chance could feel so phenomenally free that NO cost would be too great to bear.

For me…..the feeling was PRICELESS.

Today? Every time I fall – every time I fail, slip, screw up or strike out, I look at it as one more opportunity to empathize, to identify and to relate to people just like me who can learn from my mistakes…and somehow, by sharing it all – by connecting, it makes be a better marketer to boot..:-)

And from THAT place, I can literally write copy, and craft offers…..that sell themselves. And if you’re human like me…so too can you..:-)

A couple final points….and a very special, limited time opportunity for some of you reading this.

My content, and my direction is going to be moving more and more to helping radically re-invent the marketing of coaches, consultants, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs who truly want to make a difference in the world, and the communities they live in….both online and off.

People who are passionate about doing SOMETHING good…….and want to parlay that passion into profit.


The beauty of what I do every day… that it’s easy.

And it works.

It’s about rapport. And relationships.

And using simple tools, tips, techniques and technologies to TRANSFORM your marketing mojo and radically re-invent your online marketing experience.

The REALLY Good news?

If you want to STEAL my system, and apply it to YOUR business – for a very SHORT 48 hours (from TOMMOROW night……until MIDNIGHT, Saturday – JULY 10) I am going to give SOME of you a PERSONALIZED, Power of PRICELESS, radical re-invention for your business model – your niche – your area of expertise – your PASSION…your area of interest….so that you can start APPLYING this stuff in your own life and work, …AND see the magic of a mind set shift up close and personal…and have the MAP and momentum to make it happen in a hurry.

Want to know more?

Keep your eyes PEELED on your inbox Thursday night..:-) .

Crash Cash Creation Questions – When Article Marketing is OPTIMAL (and when it SHOULD be Avoided as well)

Is article marketing always effective?

Is FREE traffic always the best strategy? When do I personally find article marketing to be a waste of time, energy, effort and even income?

Let’s take a quick look at one of the more common questions I get about launching a traffic strategy for a new site, service or offer, and how I personally parse out whether or not article marketing is a good choice for the market as well.

(remember….as with everything i reveal, recommend or review, i encourage you to try all of this out for YOURSELF, get inspired, get imaginative, get your face muddy, make mistakes and get going. My experiences are my own…and while hopefully enlightening – these statements have not been reviewed by the FDA, FBI, KGB or NBA)

First Question: Is Focusing on FREE Traffic being PENNY Wise….but POUND Foolish? Or said differently……is PAYING for traffic actually an easier and more expeditious path to profit?

It can be…..YES.

How do you determine that?

KEYWORD Research.

Are your ‘MONEY KEYWORDS’ expensive, yes or no? How much competition is there on the ad spend side of the street? How much volume is there…and how many of those eyeballs could you INSTANTLY own with a well managed, well thought out PAID advertising campaign.

Because while article marketing is "FREE" on it’s face, the time you’ve got to spend to create the content surely has real value.


I recently launched a project, within a new business, with a very skilled, world class PPC marketer who has forgotten more about pay per click than I’ll ever learn.

The gist of the project is a ‘MARRIAGE of marketing methodologies" – my side focusing on the "Free" traffic sort of stuff I discuss here and the relationships that emanate from that – and his managing the ppc promotions and ad spend – and some hardworking help who are holding the whole thing together behind the scenes.

The idea was….and remains a great one. Between the two of us and our divergent approaches to generating traffic, ultimately creating oodles and oodles of readers that feel a genuine rapport, relationship and connectivity to your content is a recipe for rich rewards.

However, one thing became pretty damn apparent, pretty early on.

The PPC research and optimization was done SO well……and the clicks SO cheap as a result, that the work I was doing to generate traffic in comparison, was a bit embarrassing.

And not quite neccessary.

And……NOT the best use of our time, energy and effort.

And ultimately not serving the best interests of the project overall.


Because, we were getting the traffic SO cheap…..and because our primary focus was simple list building, to spend 4 or 5 hours a day creating content for the purpose of augmenting the seemingly endless stream of available PAID clicks seemed silly.

Especially when there are so many OTHER areas that need to be tended to… truly launch a new project as planned.

And thankfully….early on, my business partner pointed out the very same thing.

Does that mean that writing, and distributing highly optimize articles will NOT still serve a great long term goal and overarching strategy? (like building links, building authority, building a brand and building a big ass business?)

Of course it will.

But is it the RIGHT strategy to heavy up on for this particular market?

No, it’s not.

In contrast?

There are a veritable unending amount of niches that are FAR too expensive for the average entrepreneur to spend money on PPC….EVEN if they are masterful at optimizing Adwords and ad spend overall. (and I’ve seen THIS happen up close and personal as well…..and more than once)

And unless you’ve got buckets of money……spending 5 or 6 or 10 dollars per CLICK, in a high volume competitive market, ain’t gonna lead to too many restful nights of sweet dreams and lullabies.

But if you’re attacking those markets with torrents of FREE traffic using the strategies I outline here, your REM sleep ain’t gonna be affected at all.

As an example, I personally SAVED well over $125,000.00 in ad SPEND in one market alone last year, just by targeting free traffic. (probably closer to $150,000)


Because as an affiliate, I generated over 100,000 clicks to ONE affiliate offer that has an average cost per click of well over a dollar…and more likely closer to 2.

Every time one of the top advertisers felt that uncomfortable but all too familiar butt clench when someone clicked on their ad’s and didn’t hang around for long thereafter, I was most likely hard at work here at home, scouring the Internet for case law to argue against one of Judge Joe Brown’s many wrongheaded kangaroo court decisions on afternoon TV.

That same program STILL generates a few hundred clicks a day, almost everyday, even while the COST per click has risen to 2 bucks +…and I haven’t done a thing to promote it in a while. (see my wide awake post for why..:-)

(note: In total honesty, I would NOT have paid to run ads in those markets, and only entered them because I knew the potential they offered using my free traffic methods.

Therefore, the savings above are theoretical and not actual, much like parallel universes, Sylvia Brownes New Year’s predictions and whether I will ever become a mature responsible adult)

In many other markets……the very same thing. While it would give me night sweats to picture paying 4 or 5 dollars a click for the sort of volume I’m doing with article marketing in some very expensive niches today, the fact that the traffic is free leaves me sweat free and minty fresh and huggably happy.

So you’ve got to learn the landscape…and understand intuitively, how your effort and energy is best expended. For me to spend 4 hours a day writing articles to build a list in a market where the clicks are 10 cents or less….is a waste of MY time and talent, as it is yours as well.

But if you are fighting it out in the entrepreneurial trenches mano a mano against buttoned up bozo’s with big budgets to boot….a better friend you won’t find.

Your Homework Assignment?

Do your keyword research.

Understand your marketplace…..and your competition.

Study the different ways authority and expertise are being created in YOUR market right now….today, as you read this.

And if content creation NOT your strong suit?

MAYBE your time is better served leveraging social networks for building rapport and relationships instead.

Maybe PPC is a better investment of your energy.

Maybe simply leveraging video…..and technology and turning your articles into powerhouses of perpetual promotion is a better play. (I happen to love this service….and it suprises me that more of you arent’ using it)

But the general RULE is:

The MORE expensive your niche, service, offer or industry?

The MORE powerful article marketing becomes.

The cheaper that traffic is?

The sloppier of a strategy it becomes. (especially if it’s the primary point of attack)

Get CRYSTAL clear on this before you begin….and you’ll have more time to focus on the marketing metrics that REALLY matter

(because traffic ain’t where it ends..:-)

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