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Try Keyword Country For Free ( No Credit Card Required)

If you’ve been on my list for any length of time, you’ll know that I rarely recommend you *buy* tools for your online business, until such a time (or if) you are able to afford them.

I’m also NOT a huge fan of many keyword tools that are on the market, mostly because I find you can get a lot of the same information for free.

There are exceptions, though – and they usually are found *off* the beaten path a bit.

Keyword Country is one of those exceptions.

I’ve recommended it for years, and it’s had a perennial place in my blog sidebar for quite a while.

Anyway, – a few weeks ago, I got an email from their Affiliate Marketing department that they were rolling out a totally new version of the program, along with
an absolutely free (no credit card, no funny stuff) 7 day "trial" for anyone who wanted to explore KC for fun and profit, without having to pony up the cash to do it.

The Rules?

All you need is a working email address, & they’ll let  you download the FULL program for nothing.

You can go to town on building big and bodacious keyword lists until your heart is overcome with the sort of transcendent joy & wonderful warmth that can only come from having more keywords than you can count.

It took me a few weeks to get to it, but I just downloaded it myself, and I’m super impressed.

It’s very cool – and the amazing amount of stuff it can do is truly astounding.

Give it a try – and see what you think.

Just don’t get *too* overly obsessed with keywords, as I find it can get addicting……and you’ll spend MORE time grabbing high volume/low competition keywords than you will actually USING them to build your business.

(As in….I just spent the last 2 hours building a MASSIVE keyword list for a new niche we’re working on when I was SUPPOSED to be training for a 5k charity run I agreed to do this upcoming Saturday with my little sister…..and trust me, if you’ve got my lungs & 96 hours to prepare, keyword lists should probably be at the BOTTOM of the priority list..:-)

Again, I try to be discriminating in the sort of stuff I endorse – but in this case, it truly *is* an offer that seems to good to pass up.

(and pass along to you..:-)

And don’t forget, I’ve got some really good stuff coming in the next few days on here, predicated on YOUR questions,including a neat trick or two I don’t believe I’ve ever seen discussed elsewhere for building authority to your blogs and articles in a time efficient way that works like magic.

(and like smiling at strangers in the morning, it’stotally free…:-)

If you’ve been looking for a killer keyword tool to try – and DON’T have the money to buy one……I truly recommend you check out the Keyword Country promotion, asap!

21 Days (and 21 Ways) To Build a Bigger (and Better) Online Business

A new sequence is going live today……tips, tweaks and techniques that I truly believe will help transform your business for the better.  (and largely for free)

Check out the first post here on some detailed steps on how to repurpose your content without penalty...and keep your eyes peeled for more helpful hints in the days to come..:-)


Are You Smarter Than a Dumb Ass?

NO……………………… These are NOT Halloween Masks, folks…….. These are DISGUISES.  As in – this is a STICK UP and you can’t recognize me because I’m in "DISGUISE"..:-)  Are you kidding me?  Please tell me these guys weren’t serious.  (they were)  I can’t believe how smart I feel right now.  I ALWAYS use a hockey mask.  (and I never wear my own number, either)

t1larg.mugshots.carroll.pd.jpg (JPEG Image, 640×360 pixels)


The Angry Insomniac

Dear Us-Articles.Com;


Hi there –
Do me a huge favor?
Could you please remove my email address from this fucking spam machine you call an email sequence?
I’d really appreciate it.  And – I’ve asked before.  I’d actually love to use a LEGAL and compliant remove request link, but it appears that while your emails are rich in affiliate links – they never seem to have a working unsubscribe link.
Thanks very much, go Phils, and may your inbox be fruitful, and multiply.
PS (You spelled "Making" in the subject line wrong.  While there is an "I" in team – there is no "E" in Making)
God bless, and good luck.


The Art of Being Outrageous (What Online Dating Taught Me About Writing Copy That Converts)

Want to write better copy? 

Build a better blog? 

Or maybe just find a way to get out of the house on Saturday nights like me? 

Learn to be outrageous. 

Interesting. Unique. Eccentric. Wierd. 

Strange, silly or sensational.

Take a peek here for some GREAT ideas for turning your passion into profit……and your prose into passion..:-)

How to Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Resource Box Conversions Almost Overnight (Simple Tips That Will Work For Anyone)

I sign up for lists RELIGIOUSLY. I spend lots of nights looking at stuff being sold or pushed by people who do the same sort of stuff as me……and it always amazes me at the mindless, mediocre mental midgetry that’s out there – masquerading as "marketing magic". (I’m a big fan of M’s)

It’s STUNNING the amount of stuff out there that’s being "sold" for big bucks that really should be simply given away for free, in my humble opinion. (and I’m a died in the wool capitalist – but please…….I simply wouldn’t feel COMFORTABLE insulting your intelligence by putting a price tag on a "title template" or how to write a 5 point list and submit to an article directory..:-)

I spent a few hours on Twitter today. (which I rarely do – just because there is a new season of good reality Judge shows on afternoon TV and I hate to take time off at the beginning of the season as most of the more difficult cases are adjudicated in the early episodes- and so far I’m batting 17 for 20 on rendering the proper verdict before it comes in officially from the Judge)

The amount of pure bullshit being parroted out there by no nothings is truly astonishing.

And the biggest "lie" you are going to hear about making money online is that CONTENT is king. Content is GREAT to have…..and the more of it, the merrier.

But CONVERSION is all that really counts.And content, by itself, is reasonably meaningless.

And while article marketing is only a small sliver of what most of us do online – there is NO better example of this lie than this.

10 articles written by you – and 10 articles written by me – may have VERY different results.

The content – I dare say – can be EXACTLY the same.

But the titles – and resource box – which I consider the "conversion" components – are ALL that really matter to me.

A 10% click through rate – and a 50% or 60% (or higher) CTR is the PRIMARY difference between quitting your day job and doing this stuff full time….versus working your ass off for a boss you hate in a "box" you abhor and slaving away at this stuff when you could be watching "Sons of Anarchy" re-runs every night at 10pm. (the best new show on TV if you’re a be born to be wild but not quite tough enough to be biker wannabe be like me)


I want to share with you a few ways to IMMEDIATELY sell more stuff from your resource box. But it’s NOT going to be magic. And it’s not going to be a "trick". And it’s NOT going to be an "insider secret". And it’s NOT going to come without effort. And it’s NOT going to cost you a thing.

I’m going to show you the EVOLUTION of exactly how I test my resource box conversions – and how I recommend you do too if you are serious about building a business online. I’m not going to give you the words I use in MY resource boxes, simply because my stuff has been plagiarized on here so often, by people I’ve helped freely and without precondition, that I’ve learned, unfortunately, there has to be a limit to how much "sharing" with the group is smart.

But here is the secret.

And Don’t let ANYONE ever tell you it’s any easier – or harder – than this, because they’ll be lying.

You MUST test multiple resource boxes that have a completely different tone, tenor and tempo for EVERY niche.

I write – literally – because I’m a bit nuts – about 10 resource boxes for EVERY niche I publish in. (because I pay EZA for the premium service they allow me more options – I think everybody is allowed 5 or 6 or whatever it is)

Use them ALL.

Just do it ONE time and do it first.

  • Yes it’s a pain in the ass.
  • Yes it takes some time.
  • Yes it’s work.

And yes, EVEN if you think you’re a pretty damn fine communicator like I do – you are going to be SUPRISED at which boxes convert, versus which ones don’t. And as you’ll see below, the key to this whole process is TESTING multiple variations of everything you do, and picking the best, and discarding the rest.

When you find a resource box conversion, like the ones I illustrate below – you KNOW it’s going to speak to your market in the exact INTERNAL Tone, tenor and tempo" that they want to hear to click through.

It means your

  1. TWEETS should mimic (or copy) this exact pitch
  2. Your PPC ads should be formulated around
  3. Your BLOG Posts and Titles
  4. Your Landing Page Headlines & Call’s To Action
  5. Your Link Bait
  6. Your Forum Signature
  7. The Tattoo you get on Your A*S Once You Get Super Successful


The BEAUTY of all of this is it becomes PREDICATABLE.

I’ve said this over and over and over again…..writing copy that converts becomes a function of simple math. Look at the numbers below – they become scalable, and predictable and very PORTABLE very quickly. A resource box that converts ONCE at 80% and then drops back to 10% the next article you use it for?

An anomaly.

But a resource box that converts at 80% and then continues to convert at the same outrageous levels for other submissions?

A Winner.

This ONE resource box – written in early September – STARTED at 100% CTR for the first 2 or 3 days. (but on far too views to matter – under 50….but I was officially paying attention..:-)

A few days later – over 100 views – it was at about 85%.

When it hit 200 – as you’ll see……still at about 80%. (and without naked pics of paris hilton – which I only use if I’m desperate..:-)

And today – as you’ll see in the last screen shot – it’s dropped a bit overall – maybe about 65% or so – but now closer to 1000 views where it’s significant.

65 oct 1.jpg

BUT – the key here is not the one article – it’s that I’ve replicated the same CTR, on subsequent submissions….ALL getting almost exactly the same basic variation. (60-70%)

And…..the people on the landing page itself….are clicking through THERE at a rate pushing 85% – which is truly what makes me sing in the shower in the morning with swimming self satisfaction, which makes my voice rather melodic and inspiring, even though I’ve been tone deaf since 1996. (another story for another time)

And remember – VERY important:  This is ONE niche amongst many that are scaled the very same way. 

You will NEVER make a living on the effort you see above if you are ONLY article marketing. 

So never buy into the 2 hour workday myth.…..ESPECIALLY if you are ONLY article marketing and just starting out – it’s was never true for me, and most likely – it ain’t gonna be true for you. (key takeaway is ALWAYS scale out your strategies……AND your stuff!)

You can also see – that the OTHER articles in the group – even the ones with the better overall views – are stinking up the joint in terms of CTR.

Which means that without testing this stuff….had i stuck with JUST that one or two varieties going in – I would have quit 2 or 3 days in. (and no shower singing at all)

So….HERE is the key.

Write a bunch of resource boxes.

Save them in your author profile.

Use a DIFFERENT box for every article – up to your allotted amount.

Watch VERY, very carefully…….and when you get a winner, you scale UP and out, across as many different mediums as you can.

Here are the 3 basic approaches I find that work the best:


  2. ASK A QUESTION (who’s answer lies on the other side)
  3. and – very effective………
  4. CHALLENGE a conventional, or commonly held belief – put a NUMBER on it – and make it as outrageous as you can……..and people WILL click through.

(this was the approach on this winning box here – and working wonderfully well in most niches – VERY fast..:-)



How to Build, Automate and Dominate Your Niche, Industry or Expertise With “Underground” Technology That Works Like Magic

I’m a big fan in the idea of automation. Trying to put as many pieces of your business on autopilot that you can…and focusing most of your time, energy and effort on the stuff that you really are passionate about.

I tend to be MOST passionate about this sort of stuff – writing copy, helping people, coaching clients, trying to be creative, entertaining and generally trying to improve my karma for many of the disastrous mistakes I make in my first 3 and a half decades on this planet.

One of the very best ways to build a REAL business online is through using strategies of scale.

We’ve talked about that here many times….re-purposing your content in as many creative, compelling and far reaching ways as possible… give you the GREATEST amount of reach, with the least amount of effort.

I spent MUCH of my first years marketing online doing ALL of the heavy lifting myself. Writing every last word. Crafting EVERY last piece of copy.

Simply fighting the fickle hands of father time each and every day….in a DESPERATE and feverish, and ultimately flailing and failing approach to world blogging domination that never quite arrived.

One day – I kind of got smart.

I started to automate little pieces of my business. First – with out sourced writers. And then….even MORE powerfully, with technology. And being a total tech dummy (maybe a lot like many of the people reading this) most SPECIFICALLY with content creation tools and technology.

And for blogs – there are LOTS of very common, very "well known" tools that the mainstream affiliate marketers or bloggers use to build automated islands of content.

Most of these solutions I’ve tried….and found to be far too spammy for my taste, so I end up junking them at the end of the day.

There are however – a few, UNDERGROUND style tools…..that most people are blisffully unaware of….yet rise well above the rest of the pack. 

And this is the sort of stuff that when I find, I tend not to talk about too often. 

Here though, for a variety of helpful reasons, I will.

My friend Ed is a TRUE "underground" SEO and technology expert.

Not one of these guys who you’ll see on boards or forums talking about that one keyword phrase he cracked for a few clickbank sales……but a guy who creates killer tools that make the process of BUILDING blogs (and businesses) a breeze.

And serendipitously stumbling on one of Ed’s tools a while back, was a pretty watershed moment for MY business – as he creates stuff that gives you SUCH an unfair advantage in the content creation and publishing space, that’s it’s actually scary.

And just about EVERY time I talk to Ed on the phone, I promise myself I’m going to focus that much more on this "side of the street"...because it’s truly that amazingly easy.

If I’ve done any consultations with you on this blog already – you probably already know about these tools, because I’ve undoubtedly revealed them to be the "secret" weapon for automating an online business that TRULY works on autopilot.

But for the other 99.9% of you who just stop by…..or leave a comment – or I’ve never spoken with directly, these are THE tools you want to use if you truly want to build an online publishing empire extremely fast.

For someone (being me..:-) who sells very little on this blog, why am I making such a big deal about Ed and his technology, tools and software?

A couple reasons:

  • I was going to write and then sell a course on how to build these style sites, to help automate your blogs and business, and of course, I would be recommending buying this technology as the short cut to doing it. (as there isn’t anything else that really compares, in my experience)
  •  I decided, temporarily to NOT sell a course (although I probably still will a month or two down the road) – but instead, just to write a free report for my coaching clients ONLY on how to do this, and augment it with a transcription of one of my conversations with Ed about his software
  •  I truly believe, this is one of the BEST, fastest and smartest ways to build a viable, valuable and long term business, and think that in a sea of silly (and seamy) online investments that are completely and utterly worthless and predatory – this is one of the very BEST ways that just about anyone can TRULY leap frog the learning curve in rapid fire turn around time, and with complete "impunity" from things like Google Slaps and other nefarious nonsense.

So here is what I’m going to do:

Ed and I have had several conversations discussing this technology and how to use it to automate your online enterprise….the last of which, (yesterday) we recorded at my suggestion, much of it.

The recording that we did was just about 90 minutes…..and I’m going to edit it and share some of it here on the blog which I hope will be instructive, and will transcribe the rest of it into a PDF that you can download and read at your leisure.

I hope to have that done next week.

In the meantime, you can listen to some shorter clips (the thought of anyone listening to a 90 minute conversation on ANYTHING I have to say seems like the purest definition of torture, and I think even Dick Cheney would agree that this would be cruel and unusual punishment)

Ed has made a really generous, and to be quite honest, far too inexpensive offer to people on my list alone, from the standpoint of pricing these tools for sale. As you’ll hear at the end of this recording (and this is 100% true) when he first told me, several months ago, what his Article Stalker Software could do, and sent me a copy (I’ve paid for everything else of his that I’ve bought) I told him to charge BIG money for this, and make it a continuity thing. (i.e. – a private membership site where you must pay every month for access)

He chose this route instead. And he has offered a 50% discount, on top of that, to you…..for being someone who reads this blog. (or is on my list)

Article Stalker (and you want to check out the video – or wait until I have the complete audio transcribed) will allow ANYONE to create many, many niche blogs in one day…..ALL with highly targeted, keyword rich FULL articles, with proper attribution (links back to original author) at the PUSH of a button.

I’ve used it – and as you’ll hear in the audio – (and see in Ed’s videos) it works amazingly fast…and well.

You can literally, put up a 500 page site in less time as it takes Judge Judy to say – " Judgement for the Plaintiff" in one of those roommate squabbles that are so damn entertaining to watch mid-day.

You can use the complimentary tool, which is a WordPress plug in called Slick – to auto post all sorts of amazing content – from random RSS feeds, to product catalogs from places like and Linkshare, to even…..taking a PDF file that you broke down to text file using another free solution or program, and AUTOPOSTING it as individual blog entries over days, weeks, months or even more to add even more unique content to your blogs.

As you’ll hear in the short audio clips – using premium wordpress templates, you can create GREAT looking, keyword and content rich blogs in hyper speed and even SELL them….and there are many different powerful permutations that we didn’t cover in this call. (but – if you buy the software – I’ll share with you privately in a special report, complete with an example "network" I’ll set up to SHOW you how this can be done really well)

Again, I’m not one for BS scarcity – or pushing people to buy stuff.  Some of you can’t (or shouldn’t) afford to spend a dime on your business right now….and if that’s you, please don’t. 

And for some of you, this may not be the optimal approach for your particular business. But for most of you, who do the sorts of things we cover here – it is. And will make your life MUCH easier.

And MOST importantly, Ed supports his stuff in a major league way. I bought something from him months ago, before we knew each other – and emailed him at 11pm on a Friday night, mostly because I’m a big tech dummy with a very slow social life.

Not only did he email me back in 15 minutes, he helped me get the program set up, and working in 2 or 3 emails over the next hour. (and when I apologized for the inconvenience, he quickly let me know that the apology wasn’t required)

So – check this stuff out here- and trust me when I tell you, you’ll be one of the very few who is using this sort of technology to your advantage.

And at a price FAR lower than everyone else is paying. AND, I’m going to send everyone the full transcript of the call, which covers some very specific ways to use these tools to make marketing magic happen. (hands free..:-)

AND – I’ll also put up a network of specific sites – to illustrate some innovative ways to do this – that I’ll share ONLY with the people who actually buy the program to be fair, and I’ll have that to you within the next week or so. 

Check out Article Stalker and Slick at a very special combined price.  (only for us)

Excerpt from the audio done with Ed on Sept 28th

(please note – pay MUCH more attention to what Ed has to say than me……as I just re-listened to the whole thing moments ago and noticed I seem to say "you know" in every sentence, and have unusually bad impulse control when someone else is trying to talk.  I’m working through that in therapy..:-) 

Also – you’ll appreciate the fact that Ed and I didn’t really discuss how to price this for my readers ahead of time – so I sort of just left him high and dry at the end where he conveys the discount he’s offering my list. 

Trust me when I tell you – this is an outrageously good deal on killer software that I use often, and if I was starting ALL over again, would probably be the one purchase I would make to get moving in the right direction hyper fast for sure, especially if blog building continued to be a focus)

Enjoy – and the full pdf transcript – where Ed discusses his background as a developer – and the technology behind these programs – and the BEST way to monetize these style sites – will be sent out in the next week or so – so look for it then!)

PS:  You have to scroll ALL the way down on the sales page to see the discounted price for my blog and subscribers.  The top price is the general public price and NOT what you have to pay. 

PPS – To get a BETTER feel for what this software does…..LISTEN to Ed on the audio, or read the transcript – rather than read the "sales copy" on the page.  (because a great developer of super cool tools he IS.…..a great copywriter, I dare say…..he is not..:-

(You can listen to – or simply download the MP3 file below)

(Please Note: Update for 2010 – Audio is now available by newsletter only as we’ve discontinued using previous service – please comment below if you’d like a copy)