More Tumblr = More Fun

A great little primer on why using Tumblr for brand, blog and business building works so wonderfully well.

The very first Tumblr theme I purchased way back when was from these guys at BusinessBullpen….and it’s great to see how they have grown into one of elite web development/design agencies over the last few years by practicing what they preach.

So why is Tumblr so ideally suited for coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers, marketers, mentors, online enterpreneurs and PASSION professionals?

For one, because it’s FUN. 

And if you’re having fun while buidling your blog….you are far more likely to be consistent (and persistent) when the idea (and enthusiasm) bank runs dry.

(both of which eventually will….even if you drink far too much coffee like me)

What If?

“If you’re life were a book, and you were the author… would you want your story to go?”

What would you write?

Where would you go?

How would you grow?

Who would you meet?

What challenges would would you overcome in the direction of your dreams?

Would you make it one smooth move…up, up and away?

Or would it be full of twists, turns and surprises that made for a more rewarding ride?

What would the last page say?

And if we read your book…..what lesson would we learn about writing our own.

I’m addicted to TED talks.

I’m not going to lie.

But this may be my favorite one ever.

Because in the short space of 9 minutes….it tells a story that each of us intimately understands.

Life is full of opportunities.

And maybe….somewhere in a space that seems far fetched to comprehend – each of us, in the truest sense, really are author of our own obstacles.

And that PASSION is powerful.

And poetic.

And that pain and progress are often perfect partners in a story so many of us will never understand.

So if your life were a book –

And you ARE the author…..

What would you write?

Content Marketing Mistakes That Will KILL Your Conversions

Here is a short article I wrote this morning outlining some of the things NOT to do if you want to convert your readers into subscribers…and ultimately, your content into a community of fans, friends, followers and clients. 

Why do I keep harping on the same underlying ideas you ask?

A few reasons.  One, I’m running out of things to say, and believe me, if you think YOU’RE getting bored with this blog, come and stare and my screen for a day or two.  Trust me, it’s torture.  Especially when I know there are new episodes of Celebrity Ghost Stories playing in the background, and getting more afterlife evidence from Chaka Khan and the guy who played Gus – The Chicken Man in “Breaking Bad” is something I’d much rather be doing than this.

And second, there is so much BAD information out there when it comes to creating content that converts…and while I really only use these articles to list build to generate my own coaching clients (and for the Content Marketing Makeover service we’re offering to coaches and consultants) it amazes me much antiquated information is out there being offered as FACT…when in fact, it’s more akin to fiction, fantasy and financial foolhardiness if the point of your content is ultimately to generate clients and cash.

For example? 

The ONLY thing that should matter in your resource box is the number of visitors you get…and the amount of traffic that results from the “keywords” you use to compel the click.  Quite often, tried and true phrases like “click HERE” or “free gift” or simply using a memorable URL if you have one is a FAR superior than using keywords because some tool (either human or a piece of software..:-) tells you that it’s going to result in a better CTR.

The beauty of course, if you can test all of that for yourself quite easily, without needing a PhD in internet marketing “testing” terminology…..simply by changing or alternating the words or phrases you use in your resource box with each submission. 

The other thing that drives me nuts are the folks who tell you that listing your resume, or your pedigree, or the reason “why” you are an expert and should be considered an authority is an important part of the content marketing conversion puzzle. 

It’s not.  Really.

People don’t care, I promise.

Believe me, if I thought that personal accomplishments and humanitarian awards were important to getting more people to click on my links, I’d probably go out and try to be a better person and do more good things for the planet and donate the spicy tuna roll I’m sitting here eating for lunch to someone who needs it more than I do, which to be honest with you, looks to be the guy staring at me from the bench on the boardwalk 4 feet away to my right.

The truth is, I don’t, and won’t  – mostly because I’m hungry, spicy tuna rolls are expensive and quite honestly – NOT something that you really should accept from a stranger anyway, as the spicy sauce stuff has way too much potential to be tampered with.  

And raw tuna and trust, it should go without saying…… are bedfellows that in my book,  you don’t give away OR accept until you know someone better.  3rd date, minimum.

And most importantly for the benefit of this article, doing good things for the world and then telling people about them has very little affect on your click through rate, especially if you post a picture of yourself in sunglasses and a fire red Camaro along with it.

Anyway – I totally forget what we were talking about, but article below will do a better job of explaining all of this than I just did.   Enjoy, and as always, thanks for stopping by.

For example – DON’T use anchor text links in your resource box that conform to keywords you are targeting, UNLESS those keywords have proven to have a better click through rate than more generic call to action types of text do.And – don’t “link” to internal pages on your blog from your articles… simply because you think that those pages or categories your blog are going to rank better as a result. They don’t. And won’t. And you’ll be wasting your time to boot.2 – STOP believing the “hype” about selling yourself, or your expertise in the resource box.The truth is, whenever I read this advice from an article marketing expert, or content marketing guru… or another author him or herself, I feel like punching my screen..:-) The ONLY thing that matters in your resource box is how you REWARD your reader for taking action you want them to take next. No one cares about your pedigree. Or your awards. Or, even your good looks if you are unusually handsome and a great dresser like me.

WARNING! 2 Article Marketing Mistakes That Will KILL Your Business in 2013

How to: Improve Your Content Marketing Campaigns By 300% or More (2 Quick and Easy Ways to Generate More Traffic in Less Time Without Spending a Dime)

(Quick note to self: 1100 vs 85 IS WAY better than “almost 10X better”. Next time remember to carry the 1. And stop being so damn modest. Thank you. Carry on.)

how to write articles that make money

What is the easiest way to improve the click through rate on content marketing campaigns?  What is the fastest way to quickly and easily improve the conversion on the content you are already creating?  Can it be tested easily……or do you need a PHD in internet marketing to demonstrate results that are easy to implement and scale? 

The truth is, at least in my own experience…..and while I hate all of the “content is king” cliches and trite truisms that all the mindless marketing minds regurgitate ad nauseum, if you are truly trying to start 2013 right, and are a bootstrap budget to boot, there is NO better way to stop fighting with FOG…and start getting crystal clear on where you want to go this year,  than creating a new content marketing campaign to promote your site, service, blog, brand or business.  (and that may have been the longest run on sentence I’ve ever written….which for me, is saying something special..:-)

I know I’ve covered this stuff pretty extensively in the past few months, but if you set it up right and truly think of your content creation process as a community building exercise……(e.g. – create content to build your community) and then use conversational email follow up to develop and deepen relationships with those that have just been introduced to you via that very content….I truly can’t think of a BETTER way, with a STRONGER ROI, right now…in January of 2013, than building your business using this sequence of steps.

As a matter of fact…….

Tumblr for Brand, Blog and Business Building

Here is yet another short article I found on using Tumblr for business and brand building  (at the link following my thoughts below) – nothing incredibly new or innovative said here – but still worth noting how many more mainstream social media blogs are incorporating Tumblr into their marketing message. 

One of the biggest and most overlooked benefits Tumblr provides is for LOCAL marketing brand and blog builders – e.g. – online agencies who are targetting the evergreen audience of local PASSION professionals and service providers who know they need an easy online marketing presence…but simply don’t have the time (or temperment) to sit around and work on thier WordPress blog – or install plugins – or wrestle with hosting issues, tech challenges or template design.

A simple Tumblr blog is dead simple to create and maintain…..and offers easy and expeditious tagging, and engagement opportunities for either the online agency, or the professional themselves, to quickly connect with a community of fans, friends, followers and potential clients who share both their interests, and their geography to boot.  (and it can ALL be done from within the Tumblr dashboard, in quite literally…..60 minutes a day)

I know this is a very exciting part of my own business these days – and as an entry level agency style offering for potential clients and customers, if you are so inclined – provides a great way to sort of demonstrate YOUR content creation process in a way that hopefully gets folks thinking about additional ways to collaborate with you on content marketing – and brand buidling overall, going forward.

Check out some additional thoughs from Social Media Today at the link below…..or come and visit me on Tumblr HERE 🙂 

* The beauty of Tumblr is that users control what they want to see. You follow people with similar interests and promote your blog with tags to ensure you get the type of followers that can relate and enjoy your blog. So the things you view on your Dashboard should be the things you want to see. Some marketers are concerned that Tumblr harbors explicit material, but in reality, all social networks are subject to explicit material even if it’s prohibited. If you don’t want to follow blogs that post explicit material, then don’t. It’s that simple. * Tumblr is all about engaging people. It’s not just pictures. You can post text, links, videos and even audio to your followers. You can tag each post with as many keywords as you want, so users who search those keywords on Tumblr will see your post on their Dashboard. There are plenty of ways for your company to engage followers on Tumblr. If your company can’t work with any of these options, then it really needs to work on more of a creative marketing strategy.

Why Marketers Shouldn’t Discount Tumblr | Social Media Today

Quick And Easy Content Curation Tips

What is the fastest way to curate new content for a blog post?  Do I need any fancy pants software to effectively clip, snip, cull, collect and share creative content that my community will enjoy?  The truth is, there are so many creative ways to curate content these days, that I truly believe you can quite literally build the firm foundation of a brand new blog or authority site purely on the broad shoulders of curated content.

As a side note….while most of the content that I’ve written on THIS blog over the years is my own……the content that I’ve published in many smaller niches or community sites where I feel much less comfortable about my own experience or expertise is largely curated, or user generated content…and converts equally as well, if not better.

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