How to: Starting an Online Agency in Your Community

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Are you interested in learning how to build a fun, profitable and exciting online agency doing work that you love? In this audio, i cover the bullet points in the infographic above, and articulate what i believe is the absolute easiest way to create a viable, valuable, scalable service related business that empowers you in unique ways – and inspires your ideal audience to want to work with YOU (rather than others) as well. This is really most ideally suited for folks who want to focus on a LOCAL business, as the strategies in this particular course are going to focus on targeting local professionals who will immediately benefit from your experience and expertise. (note: it doesn’t have to be YOUR local area per se if you don’t want to start where you live – but you should target A local area, even one a distance from you, to really optimize this particular approach. Feel free to jump to the end of the audio as I share a quick story of how I started a “local” business a few thousand miles away from where i was living at the time (NJ) – and this certainly still works equally as effectively today.

How to: Make Money with Infographics

What could be better than to get paid to create cool, fun, informative, educational, entertaining and inspirational infographics?

I’ve written a bit over the last month or two about Adioma, a super cool and creative way to make highly engaging infographics and visualizations in rapid fire turn around time.

I even shared a few ways I’m using in my own content marketing business for fun and profit and based on the amount of times folks are downloading the graphics when they accompany an article on my own blog, I can tell first hand that they are offering value to may audience.

I had an A-ha moment a few days ago while stalking some of the great visualizations the founders of Adioma created on their super popular fundersandfounders blog, where they graph out, timeline and storyboard lots of cool ideas and events in visualized form.

For example?

There are so many topics I love to write about these days, and so few opportunities to really quickly and concisely cover the information in a way that encourages retention, while also offering an opportunity to be funny, creative and entertaining as well.

(something that I’ve learned the hard way can be a mixed bag when combining on a normal blog post or article – people usually want education – or entertainment – and rarely both at the same time)

But infographics, I’ve found, sort of allow you to push that boundary a bit, and create stuff that is shareable, potentially viral and most importantly for me for monetization purposes, CLICKABLE, as well.

(you can use them as CTA’s or in place of adsense or banner ads and watch your clicks go through the roof – which opens up a wide window of income opportunities)

But then there is this:

What is you covered an entire topic that YOU love, in nothing but infographics? What if your entire site is nothing but visual information – and you do one post a day or 3 posts a week or whatever you have time for, and you present your entire database of niche knowledge in a fun format that literally, takes mere minutes to create?

I decided I’m going to build a test site for our mindfulness project with nothing but meditation and mindfulness visualizations with fun and entertaining graphics and illustrations (which you can add with Adioma’s higher plans – I did just sign up for a year in advance to be able to do this the right way) – and I keep getting inspired ideas on how to “teach” concepts that I find heavy lifting to conceptualize with an article……but using infographics instead.

Check out their article below on how they’ve done exactly that, and have built an entire site that is monetized only through infographics and visual information. It’s really a great idea and a killer product – and their visualizations are so damn good and tasty, it’s inspiring to see for a design dummy like me.

(note: You can sign up for Adioma here – this ain’t an affiliate link either – someone reprimanded me in the comments below for promoting their affiliate program – they don’t have one or I WOULD sign up for it. It’s just a great service that I love and highly recommend – no incentive otherwise)

  1. Discover a content void¬†‚Ästthe easiest way to think of a content void¬†is this: on one hand there are people who have a question that they are searching for, on the other hand there are not enough people who write answers to this question. So there is a void¬†between information demand and information supply. These voids¬†exist for many reasons. 1. Elephant in the room questions (obvious questions that everyone assumes are obvious but they are not). I wrote more on¬†this below to give you examples. 2. Question about how exactly to do something ‚Äď here readers are looking for more details than writers tend to provide. 3. Connecting the dots questions ‚Äď these questions seek to find a connection between things that people have traditionally views as not being connected. There are others examples of content void, of course.

  2. Extract insights and organize them. How do you extract insight? Find the most actionable (advice) and/or well-researched (facts) pieces in each article.

Organize Your Life: Storyboarding, Wireframing, Misremembering and Truth Telling With Milanote

The more I watch TV these days, the more I value my organizational apps.

Milanote is awesome. ¬†The more I use it, the more I fall in love with the myriad of ways you can truly keep track of what’s most important with such a cool and creative tool.

Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn, for example, both could have easily kept track of all of their Russian ambassador meetings on Milanote, and while it seems like they may have been getting close to the limit, still stayed on the free plan too, where you can track 100 things or less like me.

I just created a brand new board on Milanote from my iphone while lounging on my new couch – collecting a whole series of inspiring articles on intermittent fasting, ketogenic diets, low carb high fat lifestyle choices and caloric restriction as a way to live a happier, healthier and more well structured life.

I did all of this eating a huge family style box of pasta and drinking half a bottle of wine, the irony of which, was completely lost on me until writing this post.

The good news is, I’m only eating avocados from now on. ¬†Starting on Monday.

Some of the very cool things you can do with Milanote are:

Wireframe a project using various note types – links/images/quotes/text/colored boxes/arrows for structure and sequence…..and more.

Storyboard an article or idea from start to finish. ¬†(I’ve outlined an entire course for our teachable school this morning using Milanote, and it really works wonderfully well for authors/marketers and content campaigns)

As we covered above, you can keep track of your lies using Milanote, so you don’t get stuck telling the Stuart Smalley Senator something that’s 100% untrue in front of congress and lots of cameras,before you get sworn into a pretty important office where lying in public is frowned upon.

In all seriousness, you can print out killer cool PDF’s of your boards using the export feature on Milanote….which is really a cool way to present content to your audience if you are teaching something, or doing a presentation, or want to look like you have much better design chops than you do. ¬†(like me)

Check Milanote out here – it’s free, a ton of fun and really useful to boot.



The Science of Small

What happens when you get small?  When you foil features and crush the inevitable urge to creep, leap and lurch you way to not launching at all?

I’ve always believed that the biggest enemy of achievement is the pursuit of perfection. ¬†When you ¬†try to do it all, you remain in perpetual planning mode. ¬† Life is short. ¬†So plan to plan less. ¬†And do more.

I’ve got a quick confession to make. ¬†I struggle with the ignominious enemy of wanting to have it all. ¬†Wanting to do it all. ¬†Wanting to launch it all, in a picture perfect poetic way.

Where all the bases are covered. All the angles are warm, welcoming, windows to something bigger, better and bolder than the original idea.

Don’t make this mistake. ¬†Keep it small. ¬†Find the things you love, and do really, really well.

Who are you?  What do you love?  What do you do better than almost anyone else?

Do that.  Stay there.  And keep doing it so you do it even better than before.

That’s the secret.

And that’s the struggle.

And don’t let anyone tell you different.


Monetizing a Web Directory

Here is a short video where I outline what I believe is the absolute EASIEST way to monetize a web directory using the online agency style marketing model.

This works wonderfully well in hyper local markets. (geo specific directories in “yourtownusa” and the Yelp style sites which are growing increasingly popular in the last year or two)

Do note that you can quickly and easily swap out the style of framework/template you are using to build these style sites, continent on your ideal/target audience. This example assumes you are working in a local marketplace, and restaurants/lounges/eateries/coffee spots, etc – are part of your demographic.

(obviously there are real estate frameworks you could use if THAT was your audience – this is a pretty easy idea to swap up and out, depending on who you are attracting to your site)

I hope this makes sense to those of you who are struggling to actually make some money from your directories….and have good wordpress/design or agency style skills that you can bank on – quite literally, to make this approach fly in a very short time. But don’t take my word for it. Think it through – see if you can see any holes in this approach – look in your OWN local area and see if anything I said in this video appears untrue where you live. (look at how many pizza places have sites that are WORSE than this one – or Sushi places or coffee joints that have badly designed “WIX” style sites circa 2009 that would love a 72 hour makeover….and at a bargain basement price to boot)

And please remember: All of this can be stacked and scaled. You can build a website for a local business – using this sort of template – and then offer a whole suite of back end services behind that as well. So you have the directory offer that you lead with – the re-design is the low hanging fruit offer that most will find appealing – and then you have the REAL AGENCY style back end stuff that you bold, build, structure and scale your business on behind all of that, in a fun, viable and valuable way where everyone wins.

If you have questions – feel free to ask. If you’d like to collaborate on a directory project – let me know – I’m happy to work with a select group of projects for those who want some marketing/strategy help while you serve your clients, with me advising you behind the scenes.


(also – forgive the short and abrupt end to the video – I accidentally used “Screencastify” for this recording, which is an awesome service, but i’m using the free version which only has a 10 minute max – so with like 20 seconds left, i got the “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here” message, and had to wrap it up in a hurry! ¬†ūüôā

More PROOF You Should Write a Book (and a little hand magic mojo for those of you still on the fence)

As some of you know, next week I’m going to be part of a 30 day, book writing challenge. ¬†Essentially, if all goes as planned, as a group, we’ll each be writing, publishing and promoting a new book, from scratch….in 30 days.

So as the date gets closer, I’ve been looking for some really good resources to share for those who need an extra nudge as to WHY writing a book in 2017 is such a good investment of your time, energy and enthusiasm.

A few minutes ago, I came across this video from Brian Tracey, world class salesman and author extraordinaire, on why you ought to write a book.

He covers many of the same reasons I described in this infographic, so there is nothing really incredibly new here to see.

But I have to admit, I was completely transfixed by how Brian Tracy uses his hands in this short video. ¬†It’s like he’s speaking a sort of sales sign language that was being channeled only to me.

First I found myself being lifted up, then brought gently down, then I found myself feeling  some sort of rodeo sensation, before once again, before coming gently to rest with a sense of inspired invigoration about my potential to publish something powerful and profitable, in rapid fire turn around time.

If i’m being totally honest with you, i started thinking…..fuck writing a book. ¬†I want to learn some of that voodo hand magic mojo. ¬†Because THAT is a gift I could actually use in everyday life.

Not that writing a book won’t. ¬†It’s just that you’ve got to work up to that point in the conversation to make it count. ¬†You can’t just blurt that out in a bar to impress someone.

¬†(believe me, i’ve tried. ¬†more than once)

But with some of that wonderful hand wave-y action Brian has obviously got mastered quite handily (no pun intended) I’m thinking, you can skip the small talk and just get anything you want out of people, much like Keith Caradinne in the old Kung Fu series, but with a much higher jacket thread count, and a much more gentle demeanor.

I will also confess that when he said his books are published in 42 languages, I was thinking….that’s impossible. ¬†No one speaks 42 languages. ¬†What a liar.

Then I realized that he meant 42 people who presumably do speak those languages, did the heavy lifting on translating those books.

And then I decided it was time to put down the second bottle of wine.

Because drunk people waste far too much time on youtube. ¬†That’s the key takeaway here. ¬†And you really ought to write a book, too. ¬†That’s the second thing I’d like you to remember.

And if you’d like to write a book in 30 days or less, and start next week, I’m moving my hands in a soft, subtle and circular way signaling you silently, that you ought to sign up below.






15 Reasons Why You Need to Write a Book

Here is a list of 15 reasons why you need to write a book.  This is actually part of a mini course (and 30 day book publishing challenge for those of you who want to participate) laying out the various ways that publishing a book, in 2017, can help you build your blog, brand and business in a whole bunch of cool and creative ways.

Some of these are pretty obvious. ¬†But others, are a bit less understood and implemented, so I’m hoping to shine a bright light on some of the more unconventional ways you can use Amazon to promote just about anything under the sun…..EVEN if you don’t consider yourself to be an author in the traditional sense. ¬†(which I don’t, as it pertains to myself, for sure)

Lots more coming for those of you who would love to self publish in 2017. ¬†I’m running a challenge (on the Teachable platform) next week for folks who want to write, publish and promote a book in 30 days or less. ¬†(and I will be participating in it as well – so you can see me start and finish a book along with you, if you’d like)

Have questions?  Feel free to ask away!  And look for a short audio in the next day or two as well.