A Brilliant Idea for Setting Goals, Staying Accountable and Creating New Habits

Here is a simple, unique and fun way of tracking your life with a minimalist journal – complete with lots of examples and applications for all of us.

One of the few articles I’ve read this year, that has actually made me immediately get up and do something immediately afterwards. (in this case, buy a journal I could use to steal this idea for myself – which will be decidedly a bit simpler than some of the more complex variations this author uses for his own)

Love the idea of asking a simple question – “what do I want to remember most about this day?”

So much of our lives disappear in the lazy hazy blur of a a distant land ebbing out of focus in the rear view mirror of one long yesterday – If for no other reason, this alone, for me – makes this idea a gem.



10 Steps To Building Your Business with the Lean Launch Marketing Model

In this particular case, we’re looking at building a directory or authority site style business with the lean launch model – BUT, you can apply this approach to anything – by simply asking – “what is the minimum value proposition I need to go live? When is good enough – really, good enough?” I struggle with this idea as much as the next person, as we’ll all hostage, to one degree or another, to the old cliche of – you never get a second chance to make a first impression – and this ethos, unfortunately – keeps many people perpetually planning and optimizing something that could have been live and thriving…..long ago.

You can download the worksheet for this video, here.

The Master Plan

Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan, until you get punched in the mouth”

I’m not much of a fighter.   Partly because i’m trying to nurture my Buddha nature.

But mostly because I have small hands and bruise easily.

I do know what it’s like to be punched in the mouth though.

And if you’re an idealistic entrepreneur with big plans, so too do you 🙂

So after a few false starts over the last few weeks, I’m looking to become a bit more flexible, with plans.  (and people 🙂

(While keeping at least one eye firmly focused on the big idea in the sky)

That said…….

Here is the Master Plan.

(and how you can play a big PROFITABLE part in the plan, without taking any of the risk of being perpetually on the receiving end of a sneaky right hand like me)

Our new community (mindfulmarketplace.com) is going to be live this week or next.

We’re going to start with a small suite of carefully curated online agency style services.

Our goal is to help enlightened entrepreneurs tell stories that change the world.

We want to inspire our members to create great content & build great brands.

Books.  Blogs.  Courses.  Classes.  Challenges.  Coaching.  Communities.

And a connection to what moves, motivates and inspires them to do the best work of their lives.

I truly believe that when people teach what they know, do what they love and endeavor to share their gifts in unique, fun, entertaining and authentic ways, the world becomes a better place for us all.

Our agency (and community) will offer tons of resources for aspiring authors, mindful marketers  & “enlightened” entrepreneurs –  from high end brand building services, a growing suite of marketing services & promotional opportunities across our platform – to lots of free content, courses and community challenges I hope empowers our audience with the same strategies, systems and entrepreneurial advantages we seek for ourselves)

If you work with clients who want to make a greater impact, reach more people, have more fun and make more money, we’d love to partner with you.

We’ll be offering affiliates and platform partners the opportunity to earn amazing money promoting our suite of services to your existing audience, readers, clients, fans and followers.

If YOU offer a service that is a good fit for our growing audience, we’d love to chat about promoting YOU to our community, too.  (in this case, we’d be an affiliate for YOU, and introduce your services to our audience in any number of creative ways)

I’m excited about the challenge of building something great.

Without a net.  (and without half of the team this idea launched with late last year)

Swinging and missing in public is never fun.

But it’s a lot better than not swinging  at all 🙂

So get excited.   I’m going to share a few of the hard lessons i’ve learned over the last few months, and some of the last minute revisions we’ve made in our marketing strategy that I really believe will help everyone in the community, who wants to partner with us – a lot more money, far more easily as well.

In the meantime, if you have a service you think would benefit our community, I’m all ears!




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Podia Memberships: A Sneak Peak at Podia’s Beautiful Membership Community

  1. Ready to start earning great money from your content?  Want to teach what you know, do what you love, and wake up the world with your work?
  2. Sign up for a PODIA free trial.
  3. Email us  (hi@mindfulmarketplace.com) to let me know how we can help you build your brand, extend your audience or simply take the first step with whatever you need to succeed.  (we’re always happy to help)
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How To Create an Online Course in 7 Days

  • Ready to start earning great money from your content?  Want to teach what you know, do what you love, and wake up the world with your work?
  • Sign up for a PODIA free trial.
  • Email us  (hi@mindfulmarketplace.com) to let me know how we can help you build your brand, extend your audience or simply take the first step with whatever you need to succeed.  (we’re always happy to help)
  • Connect with our FB community here.  
  • Here is the first of a brand new series of courses we’re creating to launch a new community for authors, teachers, and “enlightened” entrepreneurs.

    This short “teaser” is for using the LAUNCHITwithLESS!  Template I created many years ago, which a lot of people have seemingly found helpful for creating short content (and courses) that teach 1 simple thing at a time.

    The core ethos of this approach can be captured in 7 steps, and is pretty much the entire process map for marketing with micro learning.


    Core Concept

    1 Exercise or Techique

    Q and A/Challenges

    Homework (small ask/big ask)

    We’re using PODIA for delivery, and for our online LMS system.  (and our affiliate program, newsletter and everything else as well)