Rule #2: Don’t Insult the Customers

Dear Walmart self check out/alcohol id validation lady.  When you sneak up behind the guy with the mid life man bun to ask – “Did you bring your ID honey” – adding “never mind” when he turns around, is not a good look.

(For you, or apparently, for me)

Would it have killed you to have waited a minute and pretended i fell into that ambiguous could be any age category rather than the obviously up close, not so close bucket?

It really hurt my feelings.  And I won’t shop at Walmart again.  (that’s fake news.  $5 shitty Sangria is how I roll these days, baby.  See you tomorrow.  Retin-A begins today)

Rule #1: Don’t Make Your Audience Feel Dumb

Or at least, don’t make me feel dumb.

Here is the thing.

This guy is clearly a smart dude with lots of nice bona fides on his resume.

And I’m looking for some good outside ideas/perspectives on marketplace founders.

It is true that I woke up late.

And i’m not drinking coffee anymore either.  (because it interferes with my intemittent fasting lifestyle, which I just started in March, to precede my drinking too much red wine lifestyle, with is on target to begin in May)

So I’m groggy in the morning.

I doth not protest.

And yet –

What the fuck does this marketplace presentation mean?

I’ll pay someone to translate this for me.

Or just give me the big idea.

Because i feel like i’ve been assaulted by long words and hastily made cheesy charts.

And if there is one thing worse than a cheesy chart?

It’s a hastily made one where the squiggly lines bring back flashbacks of a bad ayausaska experience.

(the one where the Shaman looked like your Uncle Art)

RIP Uncle Art.  I’m sorry for head butting your dopleganger in Peru.



Sharetribe Flex Review: A Sneak Peak at the Sexy New Marketplace Platform From Sharetribe

Sharetribe Flex looks super cool – and yet, at this stage, remains a bit mysterious as well – as it’s not available to the public (just yet) – and there is very little information available about how it will differ, or be an improvement tech wise – over the more well known Sharetribe GO product.  (i’ve had a little bit of a conversation over the last few days with the Sharetribe team as an affiliate – so i’m hoping to be able to share some more info, if they’re willing to share it with me)

This I will say: the sites using Flex are beautiful, super smooth, very sexy and very close to the “TRUE AIRBNB” experience, from a visual perspective. I can’t wait to test this on a new project – and I can’t remember being this excited about a new marketplace style software – in a long time. (Sharetribe is awesome – but this new version – looks beautifully bananas 🙂



Try ShareTribe Free.  (you can upgrade to FLEX when it’s rolled out to the world 🙂

2 Questions (and the 1 “Growth Hack” I Remember When Things Fall Apart)

Control what you create.  (The future of Publishing, Platform Building and Capitalizing on your Creativity)

450 thousand books sold.  (or so)

Over many years.

Joe was pretty impressed.

Chris, was not.


The money from most of those books – ended up in hands other than the authors.

Chris Ryan, the author of “Sex at Dawn” and other international best-sellers, was casually telling Joe Rogan how much he’s earned from his books a few days ago.

A quick, loose interpretation overview of the traditional publishing platform landscape.

8.25% (author cut)

15% of that 8.25% (agents cut)

33% of the 8.25% less the 15% agents cut (governments cut)

IF you carry the 1 and do the heavy math, that’s a lot of books – and very few bucks.

This is where the traditional marketing model for authors, arstists, teachers, speakers, makers, marketers WAS so damn broken.

The good news?

It no longer is.

Today – if you’re smart, strategic and self motivated, you control what you create.

The exact math is difficult to nail down – but no doubt, it’s 100% true to say the script has been flipped.  (no pun intended 🙂

And you can build it, write it, sell it and crush it – all without giving the profits away.  (other than the government piece.  That ain’t changing any time soon 🙂

This applies to much more than books, obviously.

In today’s world, if you truly have a marketing message you’d love to get out to the masses – or a business you’d love to build, or a community you’d love to create – you truly need a platform.

We, as creators – makers, marketers, innovators and thinkers – now control our content.

And your ability to build something big, beautiful, magical and meaningful, no longer relies on the approval of anyone else.

This is exactly what I am doing to launch our new community  – creating copious amounts of fun, engaging, inspiring, entertaining and informative content, courses, classes, contests, challenges, conversation – all in service of growing our platform.

We have 2 super low cost books coming out on Amazon in the next 7 days.  Both of which – if things go as planned, will drive large amounts of potential clients to our new community.  (by dint of using links in the books – and some other innovative approaches I’ll share next week)

Control what you create.

The truth is, writing books to SELL books as a path to perpetual piles of profit is a pipe dream for 99.9% of us – very few books, self published or not – will ever earn nearly enough to retire.

But that really ought not be the point.

Using your content to cultivate your community – and books to build your platform, to sell your services, to introduce your ideas, your extend your influence, to create a community of clients, fans, friends, followers and evangelists for your brand, books and business…..THAT is something all of us can do.

One last thought I have to share……as the common thread from many of my own readers, over many years is always this:  Next week I’ll do X.  Next month, I’m going to do Y.  Next year, when THIS happens, or that goes my way, or this falls just so – THEN, i’m going to set the world on fire.

In the hyper competitive entrepreneurial “idea-sphere”, that never works.

Because for folks who are driven to win – to contribute – create – build, emote or express something special – there is no better day, than today.

And no other moment, other than now.

If you have a dream – don’t put it off another moment.

No excuses.  Life is short. If you want to come alive – just dive in, and begin.


PS – I’d love to hear what you’re working on!  Either reply to this, or give me a call by phone – always happy to help!