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How to Curate Content Like a Pro: An Introduction to Content Curation for Brand Builders, Bloggers & Authority Site Marketers

Share From the Scar (Not the Wound)

One of the constant themes our clients share – often smart, inspirational and incredibly insightful leaders, authors and teachers – is that the mistakes they’ve made in the past are too raw and too REAL to write about.

We say – there is no better way to heal, or to help – than to share where you’ve been, to light a lamp and show us the WRONG way – where you’ve tripped – where you’ve slipped – and where you’ve gone wrong.

Don’t let your past lessen your light, diminish your dreams or blow your flow.

Here is something you won’t hear often in the online entrepreneurial space – but it’s 100% true.

Make your mess, your message.

Having worked with a ton of authors over the years who write from a perspective of pain – or having overcoming challenges in their lives – I think some of the wisest advice I’ve heard is……

“Teach from the scar – not the wound. “

You heal yourself – by serving others.

This frees you up a bit to share (and teach) from a position of helping, and healing – rather from from the insecurity that can arise when we invite clients, subscribers, strangers (or even friends and family) into our inner experience.

(And reveal things that may be still be tinged with shame or embarrassment.)

If you think of yourself as a teacher – and your experiences as the crucible by which you’ve learned how to help or serve – there is no past that can’t be transformed into a powerful lesson for those who may need to hear it most.


How to Build an E-Commerce Exchange & Marketplace For Your Digital Media Brand


Hey all –

Here is a 10 Point PDF – and video walkthrough
 of what I believe is the fastest, most reliable, most exciting and innovative approach any of us use to rapidly grow a digital media brand using the authority site model.Everyone understands “affiliate marketing” to one degree or another.  We’ve all purchased Amazon books, for example – through a link – or signed up for some product or program from a recommendation – or on some level, either wittingly or unwittingly – participated in a JV/affiliate or professional platform that had an exchange or marketplace engine at play.

This is truly the ONE single strategy that can transform your brand, business and bank account – and yet… many only have a super surface level understanding of how ideal this model REALLY is – when you are building a platform around something you love.  (be it your town – or your niche)

This video walks through the 10  affiliate “buckets
” – or the surface level opportunities and approaches I use and recommend for incorporating this  idea in your web directory business.  You don’t need all of them to have massive success – and to establish yourself as a legitimate thought leader – community builder – and go to “guru” in your niche – if you do this the right way.

This is a universal truth – it’s niche (or topic) agnostic  – and I promise, if you truly understand this model – it will transform the way you think about your directory, your project, your community and your digital media brand.

I’ll be teaching a new course on this starting on Sept 24th.    You can sign up for the pre-launch, here.

Watch the video here
.The PDF strategy that accompanies this video is at the top of your members area – so access and download that, by signing in here!

Hope all is well! 🙂


The new course will be available on the 24th.   About 25 spots will be available.      You can sign up for the pre-launch, here.

How to Create Lead Magnets for Your Clients (Platform 10X for Digital Media Brands)

  1. Step 1. Create a lead magnet for your clients by recycling their existing content.
  2. Step 2. Set up an email capture page (on their site) that helps them build their list and exchanges the content you just created – for an email address
  3. Step 3. Incorporate more sophisticated strategies (content upgrades, viral contests, multiple giveaways for more shares, etc – and empower, excite and motivate your new clients to become big fans of YOUR brand.

Note this works wonderfully well for launching a digital media brand or online agency for obvious reasons – and I recorded this for folks building directories, authority sites, web portals, communities, and more – as it’s an ideal incentive for the fully managed listing model.

The 10 Rules for Building a Digital Media Brand Using the Authority Site Marketing Model

Here are the 10 first principle rules for launching a digital media brand with a business directory, niche community, marketplace or authority site model.

(of course, if you are launching an online agency, or building a digital media company, and are NOT using an “authority” site as the centerpiece, some of these will still definitely apply, but others won’t)

If you’d like the PDF that accompanies this video, feel free to download it here.

Here is How You’re Going to Launch Your Digital Media Brand, Build a Powerful Platform & Become the Pre-Eminent Authority in Your Niche, Market or Local Community

I know that many of you are super excited about launching a digital media brand – and building a profitable platform in your niche, market or industry…….but still have some head scratching moments where trying to apply some of these strategies in a real world way – can be daunting.

Over the last few weeks – I’ve had some subscribers be kind enough to allow me to record some of our sessions.  My hope is, that by covering some of the super common challenges and questions in a live and extemporaneous way in recorded calls – and then sharing them with my list at large – that many of you who I won’t ever speak to directly – will benefit as well.

A big thank you to Patt for asking some great questions about her own local directory business – and I hope that some of what we cover in this 2 hour call, inspires you to think differently about building brand, a business and a purposeful, profitable PLATFORM that empowers you to do great things on the web….and in the world.

Listen + Download below.

There is no one reading this that can’t succeed using this model.  Of that, I’m certain.  You simply need confidence – and courage – and a willingness to dive in and do it – be willing to make mistakes, take some chances, explore your edges – embrace the adventure, be bold – and watch your life transform.

Hope all is well!   And if you’d like to work together, as always… know how to get in touch 🙂


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