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A Real Conversation I Heard This Morning

Mom:  Is something coming through on the Fax?

Dad:  Huh?

Mom:  I hear something coming through on the fax.

Dad.  (trudging into room with the fax)

Dad.  Nothing printed (Walking out with a single sheet of paper)

Mom.  Sounds like false news.

Dad.  Huh?

Mom.  Fake news.

Dad.  Where?

Mom.  The fax.

Dad.  Oh.  (gurgle)




Shopify Stores for Sale Now

(This is part of the Shopify video series I’m doing for a small part of my community.  I’m sharing these posts here for 2 reasons.  1.  I know that some of the random folks stopping by my blog are interested in building a Shopify store.  and 2.  It’s my blog, and I can write about anything I want 🙂

shopify stores for saleOne of the really nice things about the Shopify Exchange is they send you a list of stores for sale every week, including how much interest those shops are getting from the public.  (similar to Flippa in some ways, but the hyper specific focus on the Shopify platform, in some sense, pre-qualifies those people to be a bit stronger candidates)

Todays list includes some very appealing stores in the 2-10K range – and shows once again, that you don’t have to be making a killing to “flip” a store, or to build it, use drop ship style offers (an app like Oberlo is perfect for these sorts of stores) and get a trickle of traffic, and still earn a nice side hustle income selling your sites.

Watch the video below, as I take a closer look at the stores for sale in this weeks update.

Get a Shopify free trial, here.



Sharetribe Competitors?

Who are Sharetribe’s competitors? What kind of site can I build with Sharetribe?  Is Sharetribe better than WordPress?  What kind of marketplace can I build?

Here are some of the Sharetribe comments and questions I’ve gotten on youtube (quite a few over the several different youtube accounts I’ve been using for online marketing “tips”) – and while Sharetribe isn’t directly analogous to WordPress (it’s far better for a marketplace style solution, obviously….as it’s built specifically for that use case) I still get a lot of folks who think WordPress is better – or some other open source free plugin is superior, and so forth.
The truth is, ,there are some AMAZING and powerful Sharetribe marketplaces that are doing millions of dollars in revenue.  (and are getting tons of attention and investment as well)
Q:  Platform like sharetribe isn’t great for who build competitive application and able to deal in millions users also don’t expect anything can be done with it, like custom build own system .


A: Hi Akrash – I actually completely disagree!  There are some really amazing examples of live, powerful and profitable Sharetribe communities that have millions of users (in aggregate obviously – but some individual marketplaces that i’ve seen have huge communities as well) – Sharetribe is far superior to WordPress for a “Marketplace” style community – something you have to piecemeal together with plugins and extensions and back end access to  the public (depending on the marketplace extension you use or plugin you pick) – so I’d argue, that Sharetribe is actually GREAT for the vast majority of use cases of those who are watching this video – bootstrapped marketers who want to BUILD something great – in a niche they love – and don’t have hundreds of thousands – or millions of dollars to invest in the application – or back end tech.


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The 5 Principles of Authentic Living

Be present.
Pay attention.
Listen deeply.
Speak truthfully.
Act creatively.

– Robert Rabbin

More wisdom from Robert Rabbin. If you haven’t heard his recent interview on the “Finding Mastery” podcast with Michael Gervais, I highly recommend it. It’s really great. Robert has a very unique tone and tempo that I really like, and seems to actually embody his advice, which is quite refreshing to hear.

But more than that, I love the simplicity of his 10 words for living authentically. I try do do each of these in my own life, each and every day. Some are easier than others. Depending on how much coffee I’ve had, 1 and 2 are usually a challenge. So is #3, although I’m working on it. I’m pretty good with 4 and 5 though.

And as they say, 2 out of 5 ain’t bad. Check out the 5 principles of authentic living on Amazon, here.


Our Manifesto:

Teach what you know, do what you love, & wake up the world with your work.

This we #believe.

We believe your marketing must have MEANING to matter.

We believe in filtering the FLUFF….failing FORWARD and DESTROYING distractions.

We believe that the perpetual pursuit of perfection is the ABSOLUTE enemy of achievement.

We believe that embracing ADVENTURE and UNCERTAINTY is the best part of enjoying the ride.

We believe that everyone should get comfortable naked.

And embrace your eccentricities.

We believe in making MISTAKES.

And that getting your face MUDDY and MESSY is part of the fun.

We believe in asking EMPOWERING questions.

And letting answers appear.

We believe you should SHARE your Flare.

We believe that making people BETTER is the GREATEST

Good You Can Do. (& the most ethical way to parlay your

We believe that you should try to HUG a STRANGER everyday…….even if they’re a WORLD away.

We believe in cultivating CONFIDENCE through CREATIVITY.

And compassion.

We believe that KINDNESS is CONTAGIOUS.


CONTRIBUTION over cash .

AND PASSION, and progress over pure PROFIT.

We believe that it’s NEVER too late to do the work that you were BORN to do.

Even if it feels too LATE too start again.

We believe in ELIMINATING excuses.

And that you’re ready right now.

And that the BEST is yet to come.

We believe in making NEW RULES.

And giving UP on gimmicks & goofy gurus.

We believe in FREEDOM, fierce Focus, Fulfillment and FUN.

We believe in making GRATITUDE your GURU.

We believe in continuous CURIOSITY.


We believe in NOT knowing it ALL.

And that there is MAGIC in mystery.

We believe that sometimes you need to stop SEEKING.

And just sit still.

And that there is WISDOM within.

We believe that you need a good STRATEGY to succeed.

But a better STORY that inspires you to START

We believe that every passionate, purpose driven professional needs a platform.

We believe in CONTENT, character, conversation and community.

And that when you teach what you know, and share what you love, you’ll have many clients who believe in you too.

We believe that EVERY blog, BRAND, and every BUSINESS needs a MANIFESTO……

And if you’re STILL reading this far….


Are you an author, teacher, trainer, coach, consultant, healer, mindful marketer or enlightened entrepreneur who has passion, purpose and a message the world needs to hear?

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