How to Use Tracking Links with Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a great little tool that is ideal for affiliate marketers, brand builders, or content marketers who are pushing out a lot of links, and are a disorganized, dysfunctional mess like me.  Cool little tools like this one are ideal for quickly and easily organizing your links, and “re-branding” (and repurpose) your traffic to optimize for conversions.

In this example, I had a tracking link, wrapped around a banner ad, on ONE site, that I was hoping to use to drive traffic to another.  (our Mightynetworks community which went live at the end of April)

I was hoping, considering the topics are somewhat close, that folks who were checking out the first site (mostly people interested in spiritual experiences, and esoteric ideas) would also be interested in connecting with (or becoming) other “light workers” on the second (newer site)

The banner ad click rates aren’t super high (as it’s a sidebar ad I was testing on a site that gets about 1000 visits a day) – BUT, we are getting enough traffic on the banner….from the first site to the second, to realize it’s not (yet) a good message to market match.

I want to change that link up to something else without having to go back to the original site and mess with the banner ad, or change anything else, so in this simple example, I can go into my REBRANDLY dash and just throw a new link in there (in this case, a popular affiliate network for psychic readings that’s already paid me somewhere around 45K over the years in referral commisions) – and REBRANDLY makes that super duper easy, in 20 seconds flat.

It’s also free – and of course, can do lots of very cool things well beyond the scope of this screenshare – (including a super cool chrome extension that lets you “cloak” live links on the fly – but if you are pushing out a lot of content, and need to quickly be able to change destination URL’s, landing pages, affiliate networks, do various types of split testing, etc……all with a custom URL branded to your business.  (i’m using for mine – but you can buy and use any domain that matches your brand (a .co, or a .biz, or a .link, etc – and get far higher CTR than you would get on an uglier, or generic short link for sure)

For my publishing business – as I’m going to have lots of books on Amazon, many free that I’m hoping will drive helatious amounts of traffic (from the Amazon free book content to an outside URL) being able to swap, alter and revise links is SUPER important, without having to edit your book on Amazon, everytime a landing page, or campaign isn’t converting.  Using these sorts of links – your life gets much easier in a hurry…..which, I think we can all agree, is a good thing.

It’s free – and awesome.  Check it out here.

Turning Your Content into a Course (and good online teaching platforms for authors)

When I was looking for some “swag” to give away for some author marketing and self publishing challenges, one of the first emails I sent was to Spencer at

Why?  I’ve always loved the smoothness and “sexiness” of their product – I think i was making email product suggestions within 9 minutes of stumbling on the platform on Product Hunt about a year ago  (on the day they launched, if my burnt brain cells serve me well – and in my view, not only has withcoach continued to evolve and improve where they already excelled – they are truly THE undiscovered gem of the online SAAS LMS space.  (and the best “under one roof” solution for email marketing, course creation, selling digital products, and creating great looking landing pages to boot)

Withcoach is a great alternative to Teachable, Thinkific, Gumroad and Woo Sensei – it looks great, has amazing UI and UX – is super duper to use and actually makes creating courses fun, and a breeze.

(I would love to use them for our mindfulness marketplace/course community – but they don’t support multiple author platforms – which makes it a tough sell – although Spencer did tell me it’s on the feature map)

I know that a lot of folks don’t really get how these tools look on the back end, or behind the scenes, so here is 4 minutes of a longer series of videos I’m doing to help some of the folks I’m targeting turn their books into a brand… not only self publishing their first book, but then turning  content into courses, coaching and more.

Check out Withcoach here – and if you sign up, let me know and i’ll add you to our author marketing and self publishing class as well.  (with more videos on this, and other content creation thingies)





Causation, Correlation and Aging Well After 40

People often ask me questions about how I’m managing to age so well, about how I eat and when, and what sort of exercise program I incorporate into my daily life.

Okay, that’s fake news.

That never happens. Which hurts my feelings, because i’d love someone to ask.

Anyway, for those of you who are in fact wondering, last night I ate a jumbo sized box (and a half) of Corn Pops after 10, drank a bottle of wine, and had another 36 of these little Ore Ida pizza bagel thingies, which were surprisingly good.

I baked the first batch in the oven, but after about 3/4 of the wine was gone, I nuked the second half.

They weren’t quite as tasty, but had a much shorter wait time, which felt like a good tradeoff.

After all — who wants to wait 12 minutes for your pizza bagels to crisp up at 2am? I know I don’t.

I woke up this morning with a nose bleed, and I’m wondering if any of that is related.

If anyone has some experience with this, I’d love to hear about it.

(I did spend a few minutes this morning Googling “box of corn pops” + “nose bleeds,” but there were only a few random results from Yahoo answers that predict I’m not long for this world)

I don’t even really blame myself for any of the above.

I blame Florida.

And PUBLIX supermarkets specifically.

Every time you go in there they have some sort of impossible to ignore “buy one get one free” deal that just sucks you in.
If you would have told me, on my way to the store, that I’d be walking out with two boxes of cereal and 48 pizza bagels in a box, (actually 2 boxes) I wouldn’t have believed you.

  1. I went to buy brocoli sprouts.
  2. And 1 avocado.
  3. And one 5 pack of low carb wraps


That would have never happened when I was living in New Jersey.

And yet, here I am, with a blood soaked cotton ball in my left nostril, 14 hours later, wondering what the hell happened to my life.

Thanks for reading.   And no, you can’t have those 2 minutes of your life back.


LAUNCHiT! for Online Agencies: 11 Simple Marketing Services You Can Offer Right Now

11 types of marketing services you can offer as an online agency

Find 3 things from this list that you would LOVE to do, and then start doing them. I love the clarity consult, email/relationship marketing and traditional business consulting…and could do these all day for free if money wasn’t a thing. ( i just enjoy working with people that much, and helping them find their thing, watch them DO their thing, and ultimately, turn their THING into a profitable, purposeful profession they love for years to come)

online agency blueprintWhat would you love to do from this list? Or, make your own list. (there are tons and tons of marketing services you can offer that are much more niche and nuanced than what I’ve listed above – but these are all pretty much “evergreen” and there are many people doing them right now, very profitably, who aren’t as good at some of them as you)

How Adioma Made Me an in-demand info-graphic designer (Full Disclosure: That’s Fake News)

Okay, while I may not be an IN DEMAND visual design pro, I am churning out info-graphics galore, and often during my lunch hour.  Which is between 6-7, just because I wake up so god damn late.  Who wants to get up in the morning when Kim Jon Un may be visiting West Palm Beach for dinner sometime soon?  I know I don’t.  And I have no idea why you brought it up.

What I wanted to talk, before you got us all sidetracked, was this:

One of the very best business investments i’ve made in the last 3 or 4 months was a year subscription to, a fantastic tool for creating info-graphics and visualizations in mere minutes….that people really love. (and are a ton of fun to make, too!)

I’ve had some members of our community even ask us to make info-graphics for THEM, which is pretty funny….considering i’m a total design dummy. (but I’ve got Adioma which keeps em’ fooled!) Check out the video I did a few months ago on how to use Adioma.
And then check out Adioma HERE. (no affiliate link – it’s just awesome)

Full of Sound and Fury (yet signifying nothing)

I’m sharing this because I think it’s important, and because people ask me everyday for my opinion, and because I simply can’t write another review or recommendation post about this theme or that, or this plugin or that, or this framework or that, but I do think people ought to know what things look like on the inside……and in this case, I mean on the buyers side of the appthemes customer forum

Appthemes has been really good to me. I really like Vantage 4.0. But as I pointed out in the whole series of posts i made about their theme and framework before it came out….there were some unsettling issues I was seeing about their support, and their receptivity and their level of attention to customers and owners of their existing theme. (the older versions of Vantage)

I have bought a bunch of products from them in the past, but the Vantage theme we run on one of our directories (3.x version) was purchased by one of my parnters on that project. (i bought the child theme we’ve used on it for years….and while it ain’t pretty by 2017 standards, it’s hacked to work pretty well for our purposes)

Anyway, there are lots of unhappy people in the appthemes forum, specifically as it relates to Vantage 4.

I still recommend it. I’ve written about worrying about their support in the past. (simply search all the vantage posts on my blog to see those concerns) But I think folks ought to know that appthemes ain’t all that obviously empathetic to the folks who spend money on their themes, if response rates in the forum are a good indication. Which of course, they are 🙂 So for what it’s worth – keep that in mind before you buy.

How to: Using Polls and Questions to Grow Your Online Community with Mightynetworks

Mightynetworks (formerly Mightybell) is a super cool online community building platform designed for mobile, that can really take your brand, business and community engagement efforts to the next level in a hurry.

Mightynetworks is fun and sexy (like you) and is ideal for folks who want to build a high end mobile app community on a bootstrap budget. (like me)

Check out this short video on how to use the POLLS and Questions feature to get quick and easy user engagement started on your community….without having to write 14,000 word blog posts to make it happen. (because, with the world potentially coming to an ignominious end any day now, ain’t nobody got time for that 😉

Are you an aspiring author, luminous light worker, inspirational architect, blogging bodhsattva or enlightened entrepreneur? JOIN OUR brand new Mightynetworks community, BODHISATTVA, here!