Over 4,127,538 New Readers (And Still Counting!) This Content Marketing “Hack” Actually Works

These numbers are only from one source (EZA) and all told, if I really added all of the various author accounts I’ve used – both for myself, in conjunction with partners, this number (JUST from EZA) would probably be closer to 7 million readers – and somewhere around 1.5 million clicks.

This doesn’t include my blog, Amazon, courses, many newsletter emails, many videos, communities, etc, etc – much of which, for a long while, mas o menos, follow this general content marketing map.

If content marketing, and story telling, and brand building, and platform making are important to you – I invite you to watch this video, and simply try and apply the various approaches I outline for yourself – and see if it makes what you do everyday easier – more meaningful – and more fiercely focused on results. (both for yourself, and your readers/clients and subscribers as well)

How to Write Short Books That Change Lives (The Ideal Content Marketing Strategy for Inspriational Authors, Coaches & Transformational Teachers)

This is from a workshop for authors, teachers, trainers and people who want to create content that actually gets real results. I share some simple examples from my own life as well – and think, if you are creating content of any type, this process map is good to follow.

Core Concept
1 Exercise or Technique
Challenges/Q and A
Small Ask/Big Ask

The key piece of this for me, as always is this instruction. (to you – and to myself as well 🙂

Teach, don’t write.
Make people better.
Start small. (think series or scale)
Avoid theoretical – and deliver what you promise.

How to become a master storyteller:

A mini manifesto on turning ordinary mundane moments into extraordinary opportunities to connect with your community.  Here is an excerpt from an upcoming course we are teaching on our course community on the art (and science) of telling amazing, inspiring stories that are designed to help, heal and offer hope and transformation to those who need your work….and your words, the most.

Sharon Livingston (one of my partners on the mindful marketplace project) is a masterful storyteller who has helped some of the biggest brands in the world craft some of the most engaging stories that have defined their marketing – and their messaging – over the last 20 plus years.

(she has also written a best selling, eccentric and offbeat book on the foibles of friendship – has given one of the most watched TEDx talks of the last few years – and owns a super successful life coaching institute that trains and certifies life coaches in the helping healing spaces as well)

Here is a link to our interview – as always – Sharon and I bounce all over the place in this conversation – (and it starts a little slowly if you aren’t familiar with her work) but stick with it – she offers some amazingly easy techniques that can transform your content marketing campaigns with emotional cues – i actually took notes on this one – and think so too will you.

Sharon is truly a creative genius – and you have to pay attention a bit – but you’ll walk away from this with some content marketing techniques you can use to sell more – to connect more – to share more – and to have more fun in the process.


How to: A Simple “Hack” For Adding Unique Content to Your Business Directory (And Finding Businesses Who Need Your Help, Too!)

Here is a short section of a video I’m using to teach our new VA’s and independent contractors how to submit new listings using the awesome MYLISTING theme.

I saved this small section for YOUTUBE – as it illustrates 2 simple ideas.

1. Using google reviews to add unique content to your listings (far better than copying and pasting content that will be “duplicate” – or won’t be original to you)

2. The BEST way of finding clients, too. (note that purely by chance, this japanese restaurant has no website – or at least, not one that Google knows about – which offers several immediate “Agency” offers for YOU – web design and marketing services – or online optimization of their local results page)

Also note – if you are building one of these style directories, and hiring help – these sorts of videos can be a GREAT way of teaching your staff what to do, too! 🙂


How to: Selling affiliate products on Shopify (without dropshipping or expensive apps)

If you are used to selling affiliate products with Woocommerce, you know that it’s super easy to incorporate “external links” (outside products) on your store. You simply set the product type to “external”, add your affiliate (or any) URL, and you’re good to go! This makes recommending people/products/events or otherwise SUPER easy on your store and makes earning affiliate commissions, setting up JV deals and otherwise, a breeze as well. (this is uniquely true for those of us looking to build affiliate oriented MARKETPLACE style sites using themes that are powered by Woocommerce, as i’ve covered in other videos)

Many of my own readers, are starting to use SHOPIFY – which is a phenomenal ECOMMERCE platform used by many of the top brands in the world – and many of the top online stores as well.

The problem for me? Shopify has totally ignored the “external product” type as default in their framework – making code and template hacks the only way to refer people/products or programs possible – OR – having to buy some expensive “marketplace” style APP’s that are often wonky and have bad reviews. OR – they want you to set up a dropshipping style store – which is great in theory – and can help you post gaudy sales numbers – but really isn’t that profitable for 98% of the people who try this approach.

(it’s sort of like the MLM industry meets online commerce – and who wants more people selling us essential oils, skin products or other spammy silliness online)

All of that is to say – OUTLINK – is a great, simple and affordable app that allows you to build a true bespoke marketplace on Shopify – with carefully curated people/products and programs you really CAN recommend. Check it out below.

What Does Massive Action Look Like For You? (and the most honest marketing advice you’ll get this year)

And, what is the ONE single thing you could do for the next 30 days, that would change your life if you took action?

Here is the best advice you’ll get all year.  (and it’s something you already know)

Start with one thing.

That’s the secret.

Fierce focus and destroying distractions.

For me – it’s writing.

Creating content.

And publishing books, blogs, products and programs that inspire, inform, entertain and engage.

I truly love what I do everyday.

I love to share, connect, help, inspire and engage with my community.

And yet – so  much of what I do everyday is a waste of time.  It’s NOT getting me closer to my own goals, objectives and purpose.  (which this year – is building a brand new,  7 figure self publishing platform & course community for mindful marketers, transformational teachers, inspirational authors and enlightened entrepreneurs.

This email – in large part, is a distraction.  (and yet, I’m writing it anyway 🙂


Because most of you reading this right now – aren’t really my ideal audience.

Yes, you are vaguely interested in building a business.

But you’re probably working a full time job, or dabbling in a little of this, or a little of that, and aren’t really all in and fully committed to the entrepreneurial adventure.  (lots of people reading these emails are folks looking to build a directory for example – and have been thinking about “launching” for 6 months – and still haven’t gone live)

I find that completely mysterious – and inexplicable – and antithetical to the spirit of what being entrepreneur actually IS.

Just do it.  Stop talking about it.  Don’t tell your friends or family about your big idea.

Dive in, get your face muddy – make some mistakes, have some fun – and just begin.

If you’ve been on the “fence” about your project for 3 months – or 6 months – or 2 years – or whatever it’s been – here is the best, truthful, unvarnished advice you’ll get.

Either give it up.  (because the odds are stacked wildly against you)

Or –

Just pick ONE simple thing you know you can do – and WILL do – for the next 30 days – and do JUST that.

If it’s adding content to a web directory?  Forget trying to pick the perfect platform or choreographing the ideal community before it’s even live.

Just add one short 100 word  post everyday to your site.

Answer a question.  Offer a piece of advice.  Link to something you love.  Just do something – no matter how small.

If it’s writing your first book, or launching your first course?

Just create the absolute SMALLEST thing you can, that offers value to your audience – that helps, heals or offers hope to people who need it.

That is massive action.

That is purposeful action.

That will get you closer to your goals – to the true you – the one who is here to do great things – far faster than reading more – learning more – buying more stuff – or spinning your wheels one more day.

So this is my challenge to you.

Figure out what massive action looks like for you.

And do it.

Just that.

Ignore everything else.

And begin.

Stop looking for the perfect plan, or platform, or niche, market or industry.

Because the world doesn’t need that.

It needs you.  At your best.  All in.

So begin.

And if I can help you – either myself – or through our small team of online marketing builders  – as always – it’s my privilege to help.  Say hi – let’s set a goal – and get after it together.

Don‘t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive

.- Howard Thurman

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