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More Good Questions: Craigslist, Copywriting and Copyright



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Thanks to every one who has submitted good questions the last few days – and at this point, I have to sort of selectively post the ones that seem to be most univerally applicable to everyone who is reading ( seems a lot of people are arriving via Craigslist keywords and submitting CL questions, which is sort of interesting considering that is only a VERY small part of what I do –  and not sure I am the best authority to answer a lot of them- but I appreciate the submissions anyway..:-) Read More »

Why Women Make Terrible Bum Marketers: Part 1 ( of Many more to come)

This really has nothing do with marketing advice ( ok, maybe it does a little bit ) but I have come to the distinct and decisive conclusion that women make absolutely terrible bum marketers.  Now for those of you who ( thankfully) are blissfully unaware of online money making little monikers and so forth – bum marketing is essentially the process of churning out of large quantities of short informative articles designed, mas or menos, to drive boatloads of backsides to your niche marketing sites, obstinently for the purpose of making the money making process so easy, even a bum could do it.  Now being the bleeding heart liberal type, and especially around Thanksgiving, I prefer to think of them as housing challenged but that is neither here nor there.  One of the primary vehicles that a bum marketer employs to earn his ( or her) trade is the process of submitting these articles to sites with good page rank and trust, almost ensuring your highly focused, carefully keyword crafted article will catapult to the top of the search engines in short order gaining you fame, fortune and lots of page one SERP back links.  For the most part – as Travis outlines in his four or five page free bummarketingmethod course ( which is well worth reading and does a much better job of explaining the process than my half hearted attempt above) this process does indeed work, and works very well.

But that has really nothing to do with my point here.

One of the best areas to write and submit articles on – especially on – is the love ,dating and relationships section.  A good article here is guaranteed to get a lot of views on the SERP’s and even on the directory itself, and ultimately, if you do your job right, is fairly easy to monetize with a good landing page, affilliate program redirect, or whatever it is that you are selling on your own site.  One of the best ways to get ideas for your OWN articles – is to seek out and find the best and most widely viewed articles in the categories you want to attack.  If you see an article has been viewed a lot, it is usually relatively easy to quickly cook up your own better version of the same article and unsurp the occupant of that spot with your own.

What I find sort of humorous is, you can ALWAYS tell the male bum marketers who are writing in a female voice or pen name.  Obviously, far more guys are going to read an article about "what a woman wants in the bedroom" than they would if some guy named Joe wrote it.  Of course though, you have to realize that Joe really is writing it, and just calling himself josephine.  Which is all well and good, no blood, no foul – all fair in love, war and article marketing as the great saying goes.

What is really funny though – is you can ALWAYS tell when a woman is writing the articles instead.  They tend to be much better, more detailed, and make far less mention of the fact that your girlfriend really likes chicken wings and football as much as you do.

But they also usually have this sort of Oprahesqe drivel that I really have a hard time reading. 

"If you are dating a commitmentphobe, the first step for you is to acknowledge the truth: over his problem you have NO CONTROL. That is right – NO CONTROL. That means that you absolutely, positively, definitely, and certainly CANNOT FIX IT. No matter how patiently you wait, no matter how much you love him, and no matter how many times you tell him that it hurts you, his problem will still be there.


I will go a step further – you are helping him keep his problem. That is right – you are "enabling" him to continue with his fear of commitment. How? By loving him unconditionally minus a real commitment; by not having your own boundaries; by forgiving him and taking him back after break-ups without any real change on his part. The only reason to ever take him back is if he shows up with a ring, a proposal, and the desire to set a date for the wedding. Anything short of that merely hooks you back into the same old, same old."

I‘m not even sure what any of that means?  Do women really think like this?  The only reason to take him back is if he shows up with a "ring, proposal and the desire to set a date for the wedding?"  What kind of half assed advice is that for people in a relationship crisis?  And this woman has all sorts of national awards and accomodations in her little resource box, CNN, FOX, Wall Street Journal, etc….My made up woman’s PEN NAME is giving better advice to the ezine articles community on commitment phobia issues and I’m just making the shit up.  I feel slighted that I’m not getting any media invites for what I think is some pretty damn good advice ( and a pretty good clickbank product for sale on my site ) as well.

For what it is worth – my articles have much better readership numbers, which does to show you that the ezine articles community is sophisticated and discerning with where they invest their reading material trust.

That’s all for today..

More Advanced Ways to Use Video to Make More Money Online:

More Advanced Ways to Use Video to Make More Money Online:

Ok, I’ve received a few more questions regarding using video to make more money, especially as it relates to using Splashcast, which I think I’ve answered directly to the people who didn’t’ feel the previous post was clear enough. I would certainly encourage anyone who is having a hard time conceptualizing how to use Splash cast to make a few bucks, or even just to add another layer of sophistication to your existing stuff, go take a look at their site and see some of the really good channels, shows and monetization opportunities other people are putting out there.

Lets take a look at a few other simple things you can do to REALLY accelerate your earnings using video in the affiliate marketing sector, and this time – doing it not only WITHOUT any videos of your own, but without a WEBSITE either.

Let’s say you are promoting a fishing affiliate product you found on Clickbank. Ordinarily you would put up a site with good fishing content, grab a few RSS feeds, put up a banner or two and weave in your affiliate links throughout the content. The video strategy we outlined previously has you go out and set up a Splash cast channel for fishing, which gives you good entertaining content to keep your fishing site visitors comfortably engaged and interacting with your site and all is well with the world, right? Lets for a moment visualize that you haven’t’ quite made it that far and are sort of stuck in affiliate marketing no man’s land – you have a fishing product picked out, but no site and no clear strategy in how you are going to get started.

Here is a very simple way to test the affiliate product you want to promote, and do it VERY quickly and efficiently.

1) Go find 4 or 5 popular videos on Youtube related to fishing – and that are both popular and relevant to your affiliate product ( i.e. – Deep Sea Shark videos if your Clickbank product is on Fly Fishing would be a mistake..;-)

2) Download the Videos – ( if you don’t have one – just do a search for a program that will download directly from You tube )

3) Edit the Videos locally on your machine using something like Windows Movie Maker ( it’s free and comes with your PC) by very simply using a text frame overlay to add your domain name to the starting frame and ending frame of the each video. You might also want to add a short “ break” in the middle of the Vid with the same – i.e. – brought to you by “”

4) Set your domain to redirect to the fishing affiliate program you are promoting using your affiliate ID – very simply either use either the re-direct offered by your Cpanel host, use php, JavaScript’s, meta-refresh, whatever it is that know how to do. ( If you don’t know how, very simply do a Google search for the code – it’s VERY easy to do – and if I can learn how to do it, trust me, so can YOU..:-)

5) Re-upload the video to youtube with the same tags, and descriptors as you found it. This is why you want popular videos that lots of people have already found entertaining or enjoyable ( note – funny IS ALWAYS good here!)

6) Your video is now going to get views and discovered the very same way that you found the original! Only yours is “branded” to you visa vi your domain overlay on the Video itself, which, when a percentage of the viewers type into their browser, will be expeditiously re-directed to the Click bank affiliate program you are promoting, with your cookie!

Dating offers work great for this, FUNNY stuff works great as well. Obviously you can be as creative as you want – a good idea, especially if you are doing funny stuff – is to have some of the text on the video you edited say – “ for even FUNNIER videos, visit, etc – in which case you would be sending them to YOUR site, not the affiliate program. ( Or you could simply have different text – i.e. – “ TO CATCH FISH WITHOUT LOSING YOUR PANTS, LIKE THIS GUY, visit www.BestFishingSecrets.Com, etc)

(Note:  I have NOTHING to do with either of the two sites above – I just made them up – and checked a minute ago – they are LIVE sites that can thank me later for the free incoming link..:-)

If you make your own, syndicate your videos, i.e. – encourage other people to cut and paste YOUR vid’s on their sites, how quickly do you think your “ Viral Videos” are going to make you some real money? Encourage other people in your niche to put your edited vids on their sites, ( with your affiliate re-direct of course..:-) And they will. Everyone wants free content. You just gave it to them, helping them while at the same time, putting your affiliate link in front of the noses of any number of potential customers that you would NEVER have had the opportunity to connect with otherwise.

There are a thousand and one ideas like this – The above was recommended to me a few months back on someone ELSE’S site, and now I am sharing it with YOU! Any questions, be sure to ask!

How to Make Money With Online Video – Even if You Don’t Have a Camera, or a Clue

I submitted this article earlier today to one of the online article directories, covering some of the basic elements of making money with a video blog, and how quickly you can really be doing this, and doing it well.  The article is worth reading, especially if you aren’t familar with creating a splashcast, which is a totally free service for hosting, publishing, aggregating and monetizing ( although this part you’ve got to figure out on your own..:-) online video.  There are alot of these companies out there on the bleeding edge, doing a lot of very cool things, and splashcast does a few things very well for me that would be difficult and time consuming to do on your own.

1) They host all of the videos that you create – obviously saving a ton of bandwith and potential hosting cost (not unique – a lot of them do this)

2) You can embed html, pdf, powerpoints, text files, etc – right in the video.  Why is this relevant?  You can simply create little breaks between the video clips to offer product links, advertising opportunities, little messages that add unique and entertaining content, etc.  A very nice option to have!

3)It is not only a great looking player with the usual aggregation options ( rss, email to friend, etc for huge VIRAL marketing opportunities) it can be incredibly segmented for very specific offerings per your demographic.  For example – your main channel may be "Psychic TV" – but your individual shows can be broken down, within the player itself to be things like " Psychic Readings", " Become Psychic", " Psychic Books and History", etc.  This way you can truly break down a marketplace into small chunks, through one main channel and also have the ability to offer very specific advertising opportunities – ie – "hey, for $100 a month you can advertise on my  "psychic readings" show – which is one of 10 specific shows on my Psychic TV channel located at ( or whatever URL you are using to host this particular channel)

4)Lastly – and this is the most powerful element of this for me – you can simply collect all of the videos related to your market with pushbutton simplicity.  As I outlined in the very basic article below, you simple tell splashcast to "fetch" all of the videos tagged with your keywords, it will go out, bring them into your interface and allow you to pick, prune and re-order the videos you want to use for your channel.  You can import RSS items for an autoupdating channel as well based on the content on other publically available streams as well.  I love it, and am betting you will as well.

I highlighted how easy it is to make money from one of these below as well – if you need more ideas, shoot me an email. In the meantime here is a channel I really like – ( this is how I discovered it in the first place) ====> ZenTV.  They really aren’t monetizing it because, well – I guess nothing would kill a site whose purpose is the quest for authentic purpose and meaning in life with a whole bunch of text link ads or advertising banners..:-)   Most of these videos are aggregated from other providers as well – meaning, they aren’t hosting them, or creating them, rather they are pulling them from other sources.  Here is a client of mine who has a splashcast of their own stuff, a non – profit Police Organization who we took their existing videos and uploaded them, did a little light editing with Windows media maker and created a little show to "show off" some of the kids who participate in their annual charity races, etc.   Their site isn’t pretty – but the splashcast looks pretty good, and based on our analytics and feedback, the people who visit are watching, and spending  A LOT more time on thier site – and for marketers like you and I – that is what we want.  But for those of you who need to make some MONEY, simply apply the basic principles outlined above, and below – and you should have an income producing asset in less than 4 hours of total work to start.  Enjoy!

How to Quickly and Easily Make Money with a Video Blog – Even if You Don’t Have a Camera or a Clue!

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who wanted to turn his passion (a small but very active collector/hobbyist market) into a full time business from home. Having worked in a corporate setting for a long while, and with two small kids at home that he fears missing out in seeing them grow up, he decided he is ready to take the plunge and turn his hobby of twenty some years, into a bankable income. Knowing that this it the type of consulting work I do, he stopped over last week with a business plan in hand to gage my thoughts.

I loved most of his ideas, you could see the passion and tender loving care he had put into the process of coming up with the plan, but there was ( to me anyway) one major flaw: Out of a budget of approximately four thousand dollars that he had set aside for getting this up and going, he had almost 75% set aside for “video production and equipment” costs. I sort of scratched my head a little bit, and wondered what he had planned to film for three grand his first month in business?

He proceeded to explain that in his marketplace, video, especially online, was very hot, and a lot of the hobbyist sites that he visited had video and didn’t’ want to be left behind. So he was going to go out and buy and expensive camera and pay for a whole host of production work to get the same effect on his own site.

I sort of chuckled to myself and explained how EASILY it is these days to put up a fully INTERACTIVE and engaging video site, with no video camera, no expertise and without even having to have any videos of your own! There are any number of ways to get this done, and do it well, but even people who are really familiar with the popular video aggregation sites are by and large not doing it like this, so I will share it with you as well. Here is what you need to do, and it is not going to cost you ONE red penny.

Set up a “channel” for your niche market at, which is a free and very powerful video service that not only will host your videos, put them into a killer attractive player that you can easily embed on your site, it will also aggregate all of the videos for your marketplace FOR you, simply by searching public media sources ( Like You Tube for example) for multimedia tagged with your keywords. Let’s say you are starting a fishing site: You would simply create an account, and either upload your own stuff to their servers, or much more likely for a newbie marketer, do a search for ALL media on You tube tagged “fishing”.

It will shoot you back a long series of thumbnail video images that you can review, and check for ones you want to include in your presentation. You can also embed your own html, pdf’s, power points and text files, for an infinite amount of ways to make your particular channel unique ( and monetized – think affiliate links to stores, free reports, re-directs and much more from within the player itself). Each player has an rss feed so that other viewers of your vids can embed them on their own pages, and even email the video link to their friends and subscribers. Talk about viral, wow! Or – what I like to do is simply create unique shows within my channel, so using our fishing analogy we might have individual shows on “deep sea fishing” , “fly fishing”, etc….This offers a whole host of segmentation possibilities that will not only cull more viewers, but also allows for unique advertiser approaches if you plan on monetizing your site through direct ads. ( Rather than Google, yahoo, etc)

I will leave you with this thought. If you are stuck on how to take that next step in getting your online business off the ground – you can have a single page site, with one large multi-media channel right smack in the middle featuring OTHER PEOPLES videos, and have it done in about 3 or 4 hours. People will come to your site, watch you stuff, and click on your ads, sign up for your list ( if you include one) and you are in business, out of the gate, and you can realistically do this from halftime of a bad game, to the final fourth quarter whistle, and be making money by the ESPN wrap up late Sunday night. I know because I have done just that, and more than once. No excuses, get going – you can do it, I promise!

Magnetic Marketing Magic: The Poetry of a Powerful Pull


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I have a man crush on Dan Kennedy.  He is not a handsome man, but his marketing mind is drop dead georgeous.  If you havent’ checked out his stuff, and unfortunately for many online entrepreneurs he is a name of no repute or recognition, his best work was ( in my opinion anyway) mostly done offline and maybe due to decreasing interest on his part, a bit behind him as well.    The direct mail principles that he teaches are not his by orgin, but he has certainly perfected them as his own, and you wont’ find a great online copywriter or marketer alive today that won’t list him in some way as a direct, if not major influence. Read More »

Lose Man Boobs Naturally: Say Goodbye to Your Big Blubbery Boobery Forever!

I’m a pretty big believer in the idea of defining moments in a man ( or woman’s) life.
 Those simple yet important ticks of time where something powerful comes in and pushes through that just makes sense and forces you to face the indelible truths that are stamped on your karmic passport through this cosmic crash course we call life on earth.

I’ve been lucky enough to have several moments of incredible clarity in my life – moments where Read More »