Article Marketing Mastery: Part 1

Happy 4th of July…!

And In celebration of Independence Day  – the first installment in my "Article Marketing Mastery" segment is up..:-)

Metaphorically speaking, I believe that mastering the skill of writing effective and persuasive articles will create it’s own unique form of "independence" for you if you choose to apply it.

The first piece of the puzzle is just a simple overview of the benefits of submitting articles for free traffic, backlinks and site authority.  The second installment – Sourcing and SEO should be posted within the next 24 hours and will begin to cover a few more intermediate tactics for optimizing your articles for Search Engine Optimization as well as some of the sneaky *secret* sources I use to create articles that I know are going to be effective and popular before I even write them.   

The first installment can be found below:



Article Marketing Strategies: Easy, Elegant and Efficient ways to generate free traffic

Look for several pages of new content this weekend on the power of article marketing – both the right and * wrong* way to use free article submissions to generate lots of targeted traffic to your product, service or site offering.  I will be sharing my experiences with both submitting articles * manually* as well as through automated services, using third party web real estate for article back-links, my list of best article directories for hand submissions and the reason why most people give up when using articles as a central strategy for building a marketing promotion.  Again – there are no real secrets here, article marketing is not magic and is hard and tedious work – but if you apply some of the basic tactics I will teach you – I guarantee you will see an immediate improvement in both your bottom line, and your site’s self esteem...

The Article Marketing Pages are here – so check back over the weekend for updates.


Internet Marketing for *Newbies*: Fast and Easy Tips for Getting Started

[stag_intro]After spending a few hours on the phone with different people this week trying to decide the best way to serve the most amount of people through this site – I decided that a good percentage of my readers were probably going to be totally new to marketing online, many actually having no background in sales and marketing whatsoever. And because of the absolute abundance of actual garbage advice, ebooks, self serving promotional programs, online * gurus* and other rapscallion creatures of all creeds and breeds, I will be extensively building up a free archive of simple steps you can take to get started the right way – without having to *invest* in all of the nonsense and false prophets that would sell you otherwise.[/stag_intro]


Use this page for everything having to do with Getting Started with making money online

One more quick point:  I am, proverbially for hire..:-)  What that means is this:  There will always be a portion – a percentage of the people reading this, who will need help.  Who want to “speed up” the learning curve and accelerate their understanding and execution of all the strategies and tactics outlined throughout this site, and other resources I have made available.   But – at no time do you need to feel like you need to pay for any of this – much of the most valuable information I have gleaned from others over the years, and cultivated into my own practice, has been gleaned through the same generosity.  You just need to read everything over, absorb what appeals to you, and apply the principles to your own efforts.

Until you do this, well – like Shakespeare so eloquently wrote many moons ago- *Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing*.

Use the Contact Us for any questions, concerns or general inquiries regarding any of the above. Otherwise, good luck and get to work!





Passion, Purpose and Profit: The Three Simple Secrets to Living the Life You Have Imagined

It amazes my how many people I meet who hate what they do for a living.

LOATHE getting up and going to work in the morning. Feel a constant daily diet of despair, misery and foreboding.

I really don’t get it.

And if you have any awareness of the internet marketing space – equally as confounding are all of these people who spend their days online, with a lusty but ill fated and chaotically conceived idea of how they are going to ride the next wave into the warm waters of the next big thing – washing away a lifetime of frustration and failure – buying into more false prophets and empty promises… finally finding themselves in a constant and never ending cycle of being broke, bitter yet strangely hopeful that the next big payday is only one e-book away.

The information superhighway is most definitely littered with the broken spirits of a generation of would be entrepreneurs.

And it kills me to see. I have fought the same fight – been in those same trenches and dreamed the same desperate dreams. Because as Glen Frey once said – the lure of easy money has a very strong appeal.

But in a very uncertain world, I know only a few things for sure – and the following statement is one of them:

To truly be successful – to build a business that endures, that preservers, that survives,thrives and evolves into a lifetime measured by success and happiness – you need three simple things:

Passion, Purpose and Profit.

That’s it. No more, no less. And if you capture the first two, almost always – the third, while seemingly the most elusive, is by far the easiest one to achieve.:-)

1) Very Simply: What are you passionate about? What do you love, what drives you, moves you, inspires and excites your senses? What fuels a fire in your belly that cries out to be quenched? What would you do for free, for nothing – purely out of the simple joy and reward of being able to do it everyday? Figure it out and write it down. And don’t tell me ( or anyone else) that it isn’t within you, because it is. Passion is hard wired into our bodies, our brains – and sort of pushing out from behind the fog to figure out what it is for you is what separates those who live memorable lives from the rest of us that don’t.

2) Now. What about your Purpose? Why are you here? What do you believe? How does living your Passion best manifest to serve the greatest good? Ultimately all great Men, Women, Leaders and Entrepreneurs have repeatedly proven throughout the hallways of history that greatness is only afforded to those that serve something higher and bigger than themselves. We know this to be true – if Martin Luther King was passionate about religion – or civil rights – but kept this passion quietly to himself while living it with joy – guess what? A generation of Americans would have suffered another decade or two of subjugation and suffering. Incorporating what you love into a sense of commitment, freedom and focus is the ultimate in achievement in my opinion – both as individuals and society as a whole.

3) How can you Profit? How can you take what you love to do, what feels good and natural and effortless, and weave it into an impeccable purpose – embodying the spirit of growth and contribution to your niche, your community or your marketplace? How can you profit from this commitment – financially – so that you are best able to affect the greatest possible change in your life, the lives of those you love and broader world around you?

And if you find the first two – I promise, you will smoothly segue into the third point with ease and grace.

Lastly – stop looking for the shortcuts. For the next big thing. Because they aren’t there. Really – they’re not. There are techniques – skills you can master to help you get there – but ultimately, the only way you will live the life you imagine right now – the one that exists only in your minds eye – is to seize these three simple but trans formative meditations for meaning – and I promise, the results you will achieve will surpass any ordinary ideas of what you may think your future may hold.

I know they did for me..:-)

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