The Top 3 Ways to Fail at Article Marketing:

The Top 3 Ways to Fail at Article Marketing:

Everyone seems to agree that articles are a phenomenal way of getting a good foothold in your online niche space – with all of the tips, tricks and fads, it seems pretty certain that article marketing will be a solid and secure strategy for years to come, right? What amazes me nonetheless is how SO many people seem to take a simple and straightforward strategy and just muck the whole thing up in the name of a few quick bucks and a quick end around approach to building a real business, rather than simply putting in the effort to make it happen.

More Magnificent Message to Market Misses: The Smell Good Plumber

More Magnificent Message to Market Misses: The Smell Good Plumber

plumber-272x224.gifI was driving through the city today and came across just a fantastically ornate and decorated service van parked on the side of a city street that read – "The smell good plumber" in various fonts, signs and slogans.

Now on a list of things that I want in a plumber – a quick sniff of something fragrant and strangely appealing isn’t one of them. All go as far as to say – "Chief – if I notice you smell good, we are standing waaayy too close.".;-)

Flipping the Bird

break-the-rules.jpg I absolutely LOVE this picture.  It really, fundamentally doesn’t get a whole hell of alot better than this.  I think this was taken in Spain – so you’ll forgive my French – but nothing quite sums up the transcendental art of the modern anarchist quite like the peaceful serenity that comes with not giving a flying fuck.  No pun intended..:-)  Happiness is most surely about carving out your own path – following your heart and not giving a care what silly rules you break along the way.  I’m going to find a members only club tommorow and make myself at home….Or a no tresspassing alcove to eat my turkey sub for lunch…Just to remember this feeling. Nah…I probably won’t.  But this little guy would. 

Thanks to for the great pic!

How do I make money on Craigslist?

(photo credit PeterVanAllen)

Lots more questions…….And a lot less time to answer them.  Here is a quick question from James – and a long, hopefully not too rambling response that I think covers SOME of thinking I try to incorporate into my CL campaigns, and broader strategy in my own business…I re-read some of this a few minutes ago and I think I even confused myself, so if it doesn’t make sense to you, be sure to let me know.  But hey – it is the other side of 2 AM once again, and I’m getting less sleep than Amy Winehouse these days, so…Part two to follow!


Hi Ian! Thanks for the great Craigslist tips! I’ve tried to promote a lot of different things though and still can’t make money. I’m not sure but I think my ip is being blocked. I’m not a good copywriter and was hoping you could show some examples of some of your ads if you don’t mind. Is affiliate sales the only thing you sell on Craigslist? If I can’t make any conversions there, is there another way? What did you start when you were a newb? Thank you. James.

♫♫♫ OIO Publisher is Great…But, no Longer Free

I had a great response on last weeks post on oio publisher – ( the ad management platform plugin I use on this site and several others) as it is really a turn key, simple solution for taking a complete online newbie and giving him or her the tools neccessary to immediately plug in ( no pun intended..:-) to not only a great piece of software that allows ANYONE to immediately purchase and place an advert on your site 24 X 7 ( provided the spots aren’t filled ), but also into a growing and maturing marketplace of advertisers (theoretically) eager to drop some bucks  on your blog.   And a lot more too….And I’m hoping that some of you took my advice and signed up for it last week because according to the email I got from the developer a few minutes ago….He’s has upgraded the software to V 1.4 and is now charging a one time fee (37) to use it.  Anyone who already is a member ( like MOI) doesn’t have to pay a cent – so I’m hoping that is you, too.

Karmic Coaching & Consulting: Empowering People Through Service, Information and Opportunity

 Karmic Coaching is coming back..:-) ( And no – for the odd stray Google search on "karma" I’m getting – please don’t send another email about Tarot Cards, – I told you twice – Uranus is in deep trouble ) For the rest of you who are here to make more money – stay tuned for details – this is not the free variety and not for everyone – but for those of you who really want to take your marketing to the next level – or, if you just starting out and simply want to leap frog the learning curve, I’m going to work my rear end off to see that you do.