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Pornography and Bad Marketing Advice: I Can’t Tell You What it is….

It’s truly amazing how much bad content there is out there, polluting the minds of people who simply don’t’ know better with stupid, silly strategies to make money online. When you submit a lot of articles to the directories, you get the benefit of lots of "publishers" re purposing your content on their sites…sex sells.jpgit’s part of the deal ( and theoretically one of the advantages) of allowing your content to be syndicated freely by other site owners.

It also opens a wide window into the wild and wacky world of the many ways people regurgitate other peoples stuff to serve their own purposes. If you do a lot of this sort of stuff – i.e. – article submissions, etc – I challenge you to "follow the links" in your WordPress dashboard and check out some of the sites that are running ruining your stuff. Sadly, I’m not even talking about the blog spam. I mean – I don’t like it…but I guess I understand how my post on improving your click through rates is relevant for a Ukrainian Russian dating blog with a mad lib style content spinner alternating copywriting tips with a travel agency eque sales pitch on why repatriating to eastern Europe for the love of your life is a romantic adventure we all should try. Read More »

Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill. But Dan & Jennifer are Making a Freaking’ Fortune

>As a passionate advocate of the power of the pen (and pixel), I’m always on the lookout for great sites that sort of embody what I believe makes for a stellar user experience – and exemplifies great marketing to boot: askdanandjeniffer.jpgGreat content, good design, (for a content heavy site) good flow, lots of user engagement and interactivity, and a great PASSION for the topic at hand clearly evident by the content creators. And is simply a stellar example of what good content will do coupled with a couple shrewd self promoting ( and in this context, I mean that in the best possible way) site owners who obviously love talking about SEX, which is, the central theme of the site. (And one of the few sites with half naked women and lots X rated content I can tell my girlfriend I really AM looking at just for the articles..:-) Read More »

How Can I Tell if My Articles are Good? More Quick and Easy Article Marketing Mastery

Since posting a lot of the article marketing experiments last month, I’ve gotten a whole lot of questions about the intelligence you can glean from utilizing articles in your overall site building mindset...simply as a baseline metric to figure out what works well, and what does not.  article marketing.jpgInterestingly while conventional direct response wisdom will tell you that what works in one market will work well in another, my own experience as has been quite the opposite.  Human nature may certainly never change from market to market, but the message you use to seal the deal oftentimes very much does. 

John emailed me last week and asked ( and paraphrasing a bit for brevity..:-)

" How Can I tell if my articles are good?"

I can empathize with this question because, like me, I believe all of my articles dress well, and have a good sense of humor.  But that still hasn’t stopped Megan Fox from threatening a restraining order if I keep sending flowers on special occasions.  The truth of the matter is this – Read More »…Changes

I’m working on some exciting things WAY off of this blog…so I apologize for not posting more stuff, more often. Hopefully there remains enough interesting stuff on here to keep everyone who is stopping by well engaged with entertaining and informative content!

A few changes are coming….I will be offering a whole host of downloadable blueprints and process maps ( which I will try to make as linearly oriented as possible, albeit that ain’t exactly my writing or thinking style..:-) which I truly believe will be ALL you need to start making real money, right now…and pretty easily to boot. I’m also going to be offering a whole bunch of new and exciting personal coaching services that are simply guaranteed to take whatever income you ARE making online, and exponentially increase it simply by letting me get by grubby fingers into your marketing mindset – and offer my own improvements. I believe this will some of the most cost effective coaching offered ANYWHERE online for someone with my skill set – and if you aren’t sure what that is, ( or is not.:-) I invite to simply read the cacophony of content freely available and make up your own mind. Read More »

How to Convert More of Your Craigslist Leads into Sales

TAROT 1.jpgThe most common question I seem to get via email these days is “how do you maintain your good looks well into your thirties?” My answer? Drink lots of water, watch at least a half hour of Keeping up with the Kardashians every day and 20 minutes of Vipassana meditation first thing in the morning, and then again before bed.

The next thing that people ask is – “how can I convert more of my Craigslist leads?” Simply stated, if you are using Craigslist primarily as an affiliate marketing channel, you are most likely making the whole process a whole hell of a lot more complex than it need be. Read More »

Affiliate Marketing Epilogue: Kick Ass Conversions from A to Z

I wanted to post an update per the article I wrote a few days ago on testing your landing page conversions for free (While everyone else pays through the nose).

If you haven’t read that article, I think it’s well worth looking at first, as it provides a slender shred of insight into the marketing mindset we use to write and submit articles to sell affiliate products.  And again, it’s not really about article marketing, it’s about TESTING your offer, to glean, cull and collect as much intelligence and insight possible about what converts best in each and every affilaite marketing space that you choose to occupy.  Read More »