Adventures in Article Marketing: Easy Ways to Amp Up Your OutPut!

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Article Marketing Mania:  More Adventures in Free Traffic 

It kills me how many people I talk to overlook articles as a useful and skillful means by which to generate buzz, backlinks and big bucks from their online marketing efforts.  And I say this with no intended disrespect…but I have done a few free consultations with people over the last few weeks ( all of which I hope are/will be reading this) – via email and telephone – every one of these very nice folks acknowledged they weren’t making one prickly penny with any of their marketing machinations…yet every time I would recommend, urge, prod and just a slender shred short of PUSH them to simply write a few articles to pump up their promotional process – they would balk quicker than Roger Clemmens does at showing off that spot on his ass where he liked his decadurbolin shots on game day.  For you non baseball fans – it means they just said no ( not to the ‘roids – to the articles..:-)

Fate or Fugazi? Mybloglog Love Affair with “Megan Fox”

megan-fox-movie-poll-160-0103.jpg And I thought her name was Bonnie.  I knew this looked suspicous.….I’ve been Im’ng with this chick for like two months after hooking up on Mybloglog!  I had no idea that she was a) a Movie Star or b) really a guy named Frank from Dayton, Ohio.  They really need to monitor the little author image/gravatars more closely – or, I’ve got to get out more – or at least watch TMZ every once in a while.  I feel violated.  And to think I was planning on flying out to see "her" in Paraquay early March and have been trackbacking all of her posts on the "Earth in Crisis"  since August.  What a disappointment.  Looks like it’s back to the lonely hearts Craigslist club for me.

Write Better Craigslist Ads: 5 Simple Steps For Success

As we all know, the key to making money on Craigslist in your copy.

Sure, a great offer is important. A nice landing page will increase conversions.

A free giveaway will build your list. All very true and valuable to work on.

But without exception, when I go back and look at my most profitable CL campaigns, I can ALWAYS track them back to good headlines on the main page. No more, no less. A terrible offer  with a kick ass headline is FAR better than a kick ass offer that no one is reading. The bad news is if you are posting frequently, and in multiple cities and categories, you have to write lots of headlines. The good news is, there are a few simple tweaks that I have found to raise CTR pretty much across the board, regardless of city, category or type of underlying offer. And if you aretracking your CL leads and where they emanate from – ( which if you are not – you are operating totally blind and most likely getting your red rear end slapped by those of us who are) you can simply measure which ad approach works best for your offers. Lets take a quick look at some easy ways to tweak your campaigns – and some live examples of my own.

Analyzing Your Analytics

the thinker.jpgAnalyzing Your Analytics:  The Depressing Truth About Your Readers Revealed

I try my best not to take my self too seriously.  At the end of the day, i’m acutely aware that nothing tears down Roman Empire Aspirations quicker than a misplaced sense of self importance and granduer.  Part and parcel of trying to achieve great things, at least in my view, is an everpresent awareness of the limits of what you really DO know, and hopefully a humble way of sharing and informing others with these simple truths, once you recognize they will helpful to others.

►►►Article Marketing Eye Openers: The Devil & the Details

  article marketing.jpgWith so many different things to manage, I often find myself overlooking the seemingly simple stuff that you kind of think should take care of itself. Article marketing is a huge part of my business – both in the creation of original content for my own network of sites, as well as offsite content creation to drive traffic back to my little slice of the online universe. As those of you who have worked with me personally will attest – I’m a huge believer in unique content – I don’t (and won’t) use article spinners, PLR articles and other mediocre methods to generate copious amounts of crappy content. Why? For the most part – I can write an article faster than most people can spin one ( that is fit to be published) mostly because I have a hyper active imagination, phenomenally fast fingers and incredible amounts of Caffeine pumping through my veins 19 hours a day.

Over the last few weeks though – I’ve seen a dramatic drop in some of my affiliate commissions from articles I have syndicated to the various online directories, and while I’ve been sort of aware of it in the background of my daily awareness – I’ve never gotten up the motivation to see why. Here is another good example of how laziness and being wholly unprepared comes back to bite everyone in the ass.

One article submitted to Ezine Articles using one of my pen name accounts generated a SIGNIFICANT amount of commissions for a given clickbank product – it had a good title, solid, informative content and resource box pointing back to a highly optimized landing page – all a reasonably easy way to make a nice living on autopilot. Do enough of these in enough diverse markets and after a while you

Confessions of A Confused Copywriter: Who is Terry T?


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Here is a really good example, of a REALLY bad resource box.  What makes this particularly scary, is – well, this guy is giving advice to how small entrepreneurs can stop thinking SMALL business’s and start playing with the big boys.  Now – I’m not sure about you, but the VERY first lesson they teach you in the hard knocks world of direct response copywriting is….."what’s in it for me".  Or – said differently, features tell, benefits sell.  This particular wayward soul took about 620 pixels and 36 seconds out of my precious day to give me his life story.