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One Week Marketing: A Real Way To Make More Money Online (From Someone Who Has Been Where YOU Are Now)

one week marketing.pngIf you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ve probably already noticed that I very RARELY encourage my readers to buy “how to make money online” sorts of courses. Why is this you ask?

Well – for one, I’m pretty lazy. It always feels like heavy lifting having to say bright and glowing things about products that are only so so. ( which at best….most of them are)

And 2 – I don’t think they are neccessary.

I’m a big believer in process learning (i.e. – getting your face muddy, making mistakes and simply diving into the water yourself) and as we all instinctively know, the only people who REALLY get rich from most of the informational products out there are the people selling them.

I’m going to make an exception here, and recommend if you are just getting started online….and NEED to find a couse that is going to take you by the hand and SHOW you the exact steps you need to follow to get there, I advise you to take a good, long look at One Week Marketing.

Why I Know One Week Marketing Works

It’s actually quite simple. Jennifer, the author of the popular online blog potpiegirl, and the creator of the course, was nice enough to send me a copy of the entire course earlier this week.

And there is A LOT in there, all very instructive, and written in the same typical down home, friendly and helpful manner that has made Potpiegirl such a popular blog.

The simple truth is that there are LOTS of online marketing “guides” that you can choose from.

There aren’t, however, many people who are as genuinely helpful, warm and likable as Jennifer is, and this shines through in bright colors when read each page of One Week marketing.

A Real Blueprint for Building an Online Business

Where One Week Marketing shines is in it’s format.

One whole section of the guide is a “conversation” she has with Nick, a complete and utter newbie who Jennifer met on a popular online affiliate marketing forum.

The conversation is “caught” as an exhange of emails, Instant Messages and the like, as she gives Nick the exact steps he needs to follow, in excruciatingly detailed steps, to literally go from zero… making REAL sales in rapid fire turn around time. ( all of Nick’s progress, and sales are meticulously documented as he follows her blueprint)

This is as easy as it gets, and I truly believe that you will get the exact same results if you follow the same process that is laid out for you in clear, simple steps.

Another Reason Why I Know One Week Marketing Works?

How about 2?

One – these are the same steps that I use in my own business, and many of the approaches that Jennifer is teaching are in areas that I have not really made much effort….and simply reading through them reinforced many of the areas that I need to improve my own efforts.

And 2 – I gave the blueprints to an assistant last night (sorry Jennifer, I couln’t help myself!)- and told her I wanted her to follow the process exactly as written to do exactly that in MY niches…and this is someone with very little online marketing experience or knowlege.

One short day later ( today is Sunday) she is already building Squidoo lenses for MY main sites, in the exact format recommended, promoting them, and I’m seeing traffic to my primary sites in less than 24 hours!

Go Take a Look at One Week Marketing

This is NOT an affiliate link, (i.e. – I’m getting no financial benefit here) just a recommendation that I’m sure YOU will benefit from.


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Affiliate Marketing Mistakes:  Confuse & Conquer Will NEVER Work

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1 Free Traffic Technique That Works Like Magic

magic_1.jpgIn my last post a few days ago we talked about how to separate the fact, from fiction when doing your keyword research – and why MUCH of the intelligence you get from paid tools is arguably entirely misleading, and borderline worthless altogether.  Now, that may seem a bit foolish for someone who recommends a few keyword tool affiliate programs on this blog, and ironically these are in fact, the most popular outgoing links on this site. 

Oh well.  Won’t be the first time I’ve cut off my nose to spite my face, right?

I’ve also talked about a tool that I’ve been using for PPC research that blows EVERYTHING else I’ve used off the table (ispionage) as it provides ALMOST real time results (24 hours out) on ads being run on ANY of your keywords of choice ( plus does a whole host of other very powerful functions that are novel, and almost unfair to your competition whose information is being lifted) and I’m also STILL a member and fan of Spyfu as well – as while the data sets are often old ( 60 days) many of the organic results, and directory style results they’ll give you QUICKLY are so valuable if you are doing hardcore online marketing work – that for the price I’m paying for the service ( I’m still paying the beta prices) it’s almost silly to sacrafice the intelligence to protest the problems with fresher data sets. Read More »

How to Tell if Your Keyword Research is Bogus

I had a nice email exchange with Lisa – who asked amongst other things – why I’ve made several reference to NOT trusting keyword research results, which keyword tool she SHOULD use and WHY I’ve repeated numerous times that these results are NOT trustworthy! 

I’m going to make this quick – and I’m going to illustrate it fast, and I’m going to reiterate that I DO use premium (paid) Keyword Tools everyday to make niche market determinations, and they do serve a really nice purpose.  I would also like to point out that I DO believe, in the abscence of paying for these tools ( as in, if you can’t afford them or aren’t ready to spend the cash) you can still do equally as well as those of us who do, simply by activating your most powerful keyword digger – your imagination.  ( in combination with a good thesaurus and a brainstorming session or two) Read More »