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Perspectives From Paradise: Key West – Month 3



In the last week I have:

  • Gotten a Computer Virus
  • Fried My Hard drive
  • Almost killed a computer technician with my bare hands
  • Had My Credit Card Information Stolen
  • Had My Stolen Credit Card Information Used to Book Last Minute First Class tickets on a Philippine Airline ( & about a thousand dollars in hiking gear for good measure)
  • Had an Entire Network of Websites Go "Off-Line" After Cancelling Above Credit Card, and Having Them "Fail" on Auto-Renew (Note To Self:  Always Fill in the Back Up Credit Card Card Fields Just in Case – it IS Worth the 3 Extra Minutes of Effort)
  • Lost My Checkbook
  • Developed a strange rash on my feet
  • Lost my tan
  • Watched a Parrot Poop in Public ( unfortunately while I was serenading a Spring Breaker who was similarly unimpressed)
  • Broke my friends bike
  • Got Yelled at By a Stranger
  • Was Warned 3 More  people ( 2 of them on our list) were selling my article marketing ebook as their own (it’s a great deal at $37, but you can still get it here for free..:-)
  • Forgot to brush my teeth on Wednesday. 

And yet, surrounded by the stillness of sun, surf and serenity, life still feels pretty good.

Look for an email with that promised next "Crash Cash Creation Q & A" within a few days, and a few other goodies coming shortly thereafter once real life resumes in May. 

(and a nice surprise for a few of you who are stealing my stuff)

Crash Cash Creation Q & A: Marketing, Meditation and Momentum

Crash Cash Creation Q & A: Marketing, Meditation and Momentum


It seems by the emails I’ve gotten since writing this blog, and most specifically since starting the “Crash Cash Creation Q and A” and coaching, that the biggest problem MOST people have is simply getting started.

Moving away from learning mode….and diving into doing it instead.

In my view, probably the biggest enemy of achievement of success online ( and in many areas of life – but MOST specifically in fields where is thick veil of mystery, intrigue and folks who have “cracked the code” offering their insights for a fee) is the notion that you’ve got to learn it all before you begin.

The aim, aim, aim, aim, ready, ready, ready.……..approach to success. That NOT having that little piece of information, or that elusive ingredient to success, is the thing that’s holding you back from getting where you want to be, and what’s propelled that guy whose e -books you’ve been buying to where he is.

Want to know the truth?

The biggest key to succeeding with online marketing is simply being brave enough to get down on the ground and get your face muddy enough times that you’ll eventually stumble into success.

I’ve been working in direct response marketing and consulting, in one form or another, for 15 years, I’ve owned a successful telemarketing company at 22, done tons of direct mail and was playing around with Internet marketing when Al Gore was first dreaming it up.

And guess what?

My first articles were terrible. My blogs looked like shit. My pay per click ads all lost money. ( most of them still do..:-)

My resource boxes got no clicks. My articles were like 2000 words long and took me a week and a half to write, and were truly embarrassingly bad, especially considering one of the very few skills I have in this world is I’m a pretty good communicator by nature.

(I’m also an excellent tennis player, and once drank a bottle of mad dog out of a beer funnel in college, which unfortunately, is the most enduring intellectual legacy my college years left behind)

The key is, and I’m going to sound trite and cliché, but it’s true…..take baby steps.

The magic is in the momentum.

Conceptualize, strategize and plan out where you want to go, and then apply simple systems that will take you there as elegantly, and expeditiously as you can.

Don’t be afraid when it doesn’t work out exactly as you planned it, but be brave enough to trust in your vision to ultimately see it through.

( before you start a whole new path, chart a whole new course, and buy a whole new round of BS from some other “guru” offering to show you the light on the other side of the mountain)

I want to share with you an insight into my own experience that is sort of a metaphor for the above, and has been incredibly profound in my own life ( and work).

I’ve been really interested in meditation for the last 5 years or so. I’ve read books on the benefits of mediation, the life changing, tranformative effects mediation has on your health, on your wealth, on your joy, happiness and daily outlook.

I’ve studied Vipassana meditation, Kaballistic meditation, Big Mind, Christ Consciousness, Zen, and just about every odd and esoteric variation of this ancient art ( and science) that I could get my hands on.

It excited me…and filled me with a constant and never ending sense of hope and happiness about what my world would look like once I became a master.

But guess what…………..

I never actually meditated.

I just kept reading, and learning, and reading and learning until I usually forgot completely what I had read the month before, and was never any closer to becoming happier, or more grounded, or more joyful……simply because the books couldn’t give me that.

Maybe they could point the way, or shine a bright light on the proper path to get there, but the MAP and the territory are rarely the same thing.

Want to know what is?

Sitting my ass down, and meditating clumsily for the very first time, without a book in my hand, or a “guru” in my ear trying to lay down the framework for what I needed to succeed.

In truth, the spiritual guru is not much different the marketing one.

They only endeavor to point out something that you probably already know – and that’s something you need to dig out of yourself, not from them.

In the end? I now meditate everyday, and while I’m still grumpy, impatient and occasionally temperamental, I finally understand what the fuss was all about, and am much closer to the “light” than 5 years worth of reading could ever offer.

I’m making progress with my practice, and rather than trying to piggyback off the passion of other people, I finally have my own (occasional) amazing insights of TRUE authenticity, that doesn’t need to be borrowed from a book, or grifted off of a guru to believe they are possible for MY life too.

You can use other people for inspiration, but ultimately, true progress ( or profit) only comes from personal experience, and being willing to throw it all up against the wall, and catch what sticks long enough to grab.

With that said, if you’ve been afraid of creating your first list – simply stop being a sissy and do it. If you’re planning on buying that next home study course to make your first million – forget, it’s not going to happen.

If you haven’t written your first headline, crafted your first piece of copy, left your first blog comment or just about any other “haven’t” on the Internet marketing totem pole of things you PLAN on doing, but just haven’t learned enough to do well just yet, it’s time to pull up your pants and get off of the pot.

The simple truth is every little action you take creates a sense of passion, and purpose, and BRAVERY, and ultimately the belief that you are entitled to succeed, and that’s 9 10ths of the battle.

(or maybe 6 9ths or 4 6ths – but it’s pretty damn close for sure 🙂

Making a Fortune in a Down Economy

Here is a great article on how direct response style advertising and promotional methods are the perfect antidote to a small and sluggish economy, especially as it pertains to more mainstream advertising dollars.  Direct response style ads, always sort of looked at as the Ugly Duckling approach to advertising, is making a HUGE move these days across many mediums, and I dare say….SMART internet marketers everywhere are helping make the push.

Have you read any of the recent posts here where we’ve talked about piggybacking off of the advertising and marketing that many late night infomercial style ads use to DRIVE traffic to the web, searching for reviews, buy keywords related to the product, or simply blogs and other editorial style content to gage value and decide whether or not to buy these particular products?  If you own good rankings organically for this sort of thing ( and many do – especially the review style blogs) you can make easy, push button sales for the 15 minutes of fame any of these products tend to cycle though, without too much effort to boot. 

What are the best vehicles for this sort of offer?  Informercial style products, free trials, novelty items ( i.e. – when I watched Bill Mahr parody the "Snuggie" blanket on his cable show a few weeks ago….I was pretty sure it was NOT going to suck for the Snuggie set – or the online marketers who are selling it) and this is why I personally have tried to steer away from Clickbank style products for a long while ( and have recommended the same on here to you for quite some time too!)

Check out the full article at the link below – and if you want them, I’ll post a few good links to affiliate networks you can join that specialize in these style promotions.  ( which are always easier to sell, especially with the free traffic strategies that we’ve been discussing)  Enjoy!

Join Market Leverage Affiliate Network Free ( My Link)

(Fortune Small Business) — Admit it: Thanks to some late-night pitchman, you either own a Popeil Pocket Fisherman, a Snuggie blanket or a Thigh-Master, or have been tempted to buy one.As-seen-on-TV products make popular targets for comedians – remember Garth’s hair-raising Flowbee encounter in Wayne’s World or the Saturday Night Live commercial for Nelson’s Baby Toupees?

But they also have serious consumer appeal, generating millions of dollars in revenue for entrepreneurs each year. And thanks to the weak economy, you can expect to see a lot more of them.Just ask Bill McAlister, 50, who co-owns Media Enterprises, a six-person sales and marketing firm that specializes in as-seen-on-TV products – including the Smart Mop ("the mop with a twist"), Urine Gone ("Love your pet, hate the smell") and his current hit, Mighty Putty.

On the strength of such products, McAlister says, his firm cleared $50 million in revenue last year. He expects sales to grow by 15% to 20% in 2009. Numbers like these thrust the company into the big leagues; Media Enterprises holds its own against larger firms with deeper pockets, such as Guthy-Renker, Telebrands and even Ronco, the business owned by iconic pitchman Ron Popeil.

For infomercials, downturn is prime time – Mar. 23, 2009


Join Market Leverage Affiliate Network Free ( My Link)

Article Marketing Idea & Title Templates

Or said differently – technology fails me again!

If you have been on my list for a while, you probably got an email earlier today with a dead link to my free 11 article marketing title and idea generation templates. 

Sorry for that – just goes to show you it’s important to always test your links before you send them out to the list, and the deleterious effects Key West has on your brain after 30 days in the sun.

Here is the proper link – FREE article idea templates.


The First Crash Cash Creation Q & A is Up

If you are on the list – and are waiting for your first installment of the Crash Cash Creation Q & A – wait no more..:-)

Weighing in at a mere 1800 words, 4 cups of coffee and 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back, you can read the whole thing right here.

Please note – I don’t expect to be sharing these strategies with anyone OTHER than those of you who have been nice enough to join my list – so for the most part, in the future, I won’t be announcing they’re location to the general public who stops by and reads my blog.  ( i.e. – my Mom and 3 friends from college – all of whom I dare add, don’t need the money..:-)

So if you’re not already – simply sign up for our list by clicking on the big ole ebook pic on your right- grab your completely free article marketing e-course in the process, and you’ll be first in line to get each and every Crash Cash Q & A lesson when it’s posted.  Enjoy!

Are Paid Keyword Tools Becoming Obsolete?


I say Yes. Maybe NOT quite yet…..but I believe they are well on their way. ( and I say that as a subsrcriber – and affiliate of several..:-)

The data Google is giving up is getting so good…..that in my view, many of the older stand by tools are really becoming a completely irrelevent, almost ( and I hesitate to say completely just yet) WORTHLESS expense.

The spy tools are still very valuable, and I doubt , as grass roots, mom and pop kind of marketers, we will ever get access to the kind of “insider information” straight from the Google Gods mouths themselves, that you CAN get from some of the higher end, competitive intelligence data collection tools that are available.

(which is just a nice euphamism for software that steals your competitors stuff – which I do use, just because they’re available, inexpensive and I’m pretty sure I’m going to hell anyway, which, from some of the seances I’ve particpated in, doesn’t sound like too bad of a place, other than the 24 hours of non stop Mickey Rourke movies)

Anyway – I was talking to someone today on the phone who is JUST getting started, and he was sharing with me all of the “cool” keyword tools one of the membership sites he joined recommends.

– In MY View There is Very Little Value Add to Be Had

The truth is – with the last few updates to Google’s own FREE stuff that is readily available to all, I truly don’t think they are worth buying anymore. (UNLESS you are doing tons of PPC)

Now I’ve just got to get around to cancelling my memberships. (which I rarely even log into anymore – I prefer Google for just about everything other than the above)

How about You?