Banner Blindness: How to Amp UP Your Response By Offering Fewer Distractions

tv.gif This is an interesting archived article from Jakob Nielsen ( the maven of web site friendly user optimization and best practices) on the evolution of your site visitors habits over the decade or so he has been studying what, when and how people interact with your content.


  I do believe that Nielsen was one of the first to release the various heat maps/eye tracking charts for what parts of the page were best for what purposes. Interestingly, as I’ve covered here a little bit more as of late, especially in the comments section ( even one just a few days ago) the MORE choices you offer people, the more likely it is that they’ll make NONE.  ( and simply leave)

Keyword Country is a GREAT Research Tool: (Here are a few reasons why)


Hunting for Killer Keywords

I rarely do product style reviews on this site, and to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t really enjoy doing them in other niches either.  And I’m not going to start here….but I will tell you that if you are looking for a killer quick keyword research tool that has a unique place in the pantheon of stuff that is currently on the market ( i.e. – wordtracker, KD, et al) I REALLY believe that Keyword Country is a great place to start. 

The simple truth is that I’ve been talking about KC for at least a year on here occasionally, as they were nice enough to let me in on the Beta test way back when when KC 5 was released.  You could make an argument that were Keyword Country truly shined in the past is for a monetization metric that has already jumped the shark – adsense and contextual ad monetization. 

Keyword Country 5 is Here and it’s Amazing

Subtle but SMART Differences

And you would be right – there is NOTHING on the market that gives you the kind of pushbutton elegant answer on how much you should REALLY make per click if you are publishing sites with contextual ads.( and NO, it’s NOT going to be the high CPC that many of the other tools promise…KC factors in the average of ALL the top advertisers and gives you a FAR more realistic number they call ACPC, or average cost per click that often is only  a FRACTION of the bloated price you "see" for top bids)


shark.jpgI saw a guy walking around with a shark today. 

Really – an honest to goodness shark. On a pier just outside Atlantic City .  

I was sitting there, cleaning up from the beach after a two hour afternoon power tan, when this older dude walks by with what I thought at first was a very realistic looking toy shark.  

I thought to myself – that actually looks like I real shark – if I hadn’t had the shit scared out of me as a kid by JAWS, I’d probably walk over there and take a closer look. 

Then, the guy walked back my way, reached over, grabbed a shopping cart that was like three feet away from me on against the rail overlooking the ocean below, and stuck the toy sharks head up against the carts handlebars, when the toy shark’s front jaws suddenly bit down HARD and clamped on the grips. 

Deep Thoughts From the Shallow End…

My next thought – was, WOW it’s electronic – followed by the sudden, immediate and shocking  realization that I had some crazy ass old fisherman and a live shark within striking distance of my pretty face.

How To Make More Money With Your Pay Per Click Ads (Without Your Wasting Time, Energy or Income)

isponage.pngI’m not a big PPC advertiser – ( I actually do very little anymore as I prefer FREE traffic whenever possible..:-) but have experimented over the years with a bunch of the keyword spying tools that are on the market, mostly without a ton of success.

I started using Spyfu WAY back before it became popular – and when it was in it’s beta, sort of underground phase I thought it would turn out to be a revolutionary tool for stealing PPC intelligence, and push button, elegant and effortless PPC optimization. ( along being a boon for organic competitive intelligence to boot)

I remember doing client work a year plus ago – where having this data was like being a kid in a candy store – you literally felt like having a push button, birds eye view of the competitive landscape was a little bit like playing god – as you could quickly, easily and effortlessly glean buckets of info about ANY of your clients comptitiors campaigns in an afternoon – and modify/optimize and philosophize that info into a real advantage.

Special Announcement: An Open Letter to My Republican Readers


This blog will temporarily NOT be accepting Republican page views for a period of one week ( Friday Sept 5th – 12 am Eastern Time Sept 12th).  It’s a punishment for having to look at Mitt Romney’s fancy face one day to many this week, and like all grevious sins in life, someone does have to pay.

I’m sorry that it has to be you. 

Don’t worry – there are only like 8 people reading this blog anyway – so you won’t be missing much.  If you are a Republican though, I would appreciate if you would look away, starting right now.

Thank you, and I look forward to having both of you back next week!


My Favorite Weight Loss Ad Ever (or said differently – Why God Hates Internet Marketers)

This has to be the greatest weight loss ad ever – I would definetly sign up for the affiliate program as I’m sure it’s easy money – but I decided on the off chance there is a god, I would like to go to heaven if at all possible – and I’m pretty sure that everyone promoting this program is eventually going to a very warm place.  ( where getting a pitchfork in the ass is a much bigger worry than your weight)

But, this is still my favorite line of copy I’ve come across this decade.


Caution:  If you begin to experience weight loss in excess of one pound per 24 hours, please temporarily discontinue.

That’s sort of similar to a get rich from home ad saying:

Warning – if you start to make OVER 46,000 per day, please take a few days off as not to alert the bank, your neighbors or the federal authorities.

Or even better……


If strange women begin to slobber all over you for no good reason in public places, please do cease and desist from wearing your new cologne for 36 hours until the powerful primally activated hormones we just unleashed in your 4th Chakra have an opportunity to return to their normal state.  Thank you.