“The central, final, inescapable fact is that inspired words create life in us because they are themselves alive.” — Cecile Maurice

I know I posted this sometime in the past. But it bears repeating. (and remembering)

I remember years ago I was working with some SEO guy who made WordPress plugins. I actually forget his name, but we did a few interviews on my blog (here) – and he was selling some sort of content aggregation tool that worked really well.

We talked about doing this whole big project together, and putting together a series of sites to sell affiliate products.

He was a nice guy. Hopefully he still is.

But I will always remember that he wanted to build our new business around canned food keywords. Because canned food, in his world, was apparently a really profitable niche.

Peaches. Greenbeans. Beets. Or whatever. I’m not a fan of canned food. (I do love sardines, however – but I think they come in a tin. Although maybe that’s a distinction without a difference 🙂

I just remember feeling this sense of – how will i get stoked in the morning to write about canned anything. No matter how many millions of keywords there were – and how much ADSENSE earnings were on offer, (as that’s what he did – and did well) – and even if I wasn’t really going to be “writing” about canned food, more managing a content network around it – there was simply no way I could do it with joy, juice, passion or purpose.

There is a lot of talk about following your passion – or the folly of following your passion.

To me?

Life is short. If you want to touch people in this line of work – passion reigns supreme.

Inspired writing isn’t something that you can manufacture, or fabricate, or contrive. If you try (and lord knows I’ve tried) – it comes off as corny, contrived and totally transparent. I can spot it a mile away in others – and if I’m being honest with myself, pretty quickly when I do it as well.

But there is something magical that happens when you are truly inspired, and genuinely and authentically trying to share that sense of inspiration with others. When you TRULY want to make people better – not in the service of ego or income, but in the spirit of service – all of us can move mountains.

I love this article which touches on why this works. If you haven’t read it yet – I recommend you do.




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