please note: This is REALLY old. And no longer available. Why is it still here? I don’t know. I’m sort of nostalgic for the days where i was more motivated and less of a TV junkie. What would you rather do? Watch 6 hours of Netflix with a bottle of wine and a box of low fat bon bons, or work with strangers on the internets? Be honest. I won’t tell. (take your time answering) Exactly. I feel the same way.

I’m really excited to have you part of our community of teachers, trainers, coaches, consultants, artists, authors, mentors, marketers, PASSION professionals and enlightened entrepreneurs from around the globe who want to wake UP the world through our work.

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Via Email Message April 2013

Hi Ian,

Ronnie here… it’s been a while. How’ve you been? Hope life and business have been good 🙂

If you remember me, I took up your coaching back in Jan 2010.

Last year was the first time I hit six figures in a year, and this was made

possible with your encouragement (and prodding!) to create and sell my own products. Your coaching – and the first of few products that came out of it, was the most important stepping stone in my business.

So I really want to say this with gratitude: THANK YOU very much, Ian!

Also, I wanted to ask you about something….

I LOVE your writing style. And you wrote a few excellent emails for me as part of your “30 DAY Q and A Blog” offer I took up in 2011.

I want to continue engaging my subscribers with great content. And I was wondering if you would consider writing articles for a fee Or, do you have existing articles on those topics that I could pay you a license fee to use them on my website?

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Thanks a bunch!


Via Facebook Post on Passion book launch


Thanks for writing the most inspiring book on Internet Marketing ( talking about Passion)

You made my day brother !

thanks a lot

– Shekhar

How to Write Articles That Convert Like Crazy: Amazon Review –

Ian knows his stuff, and he communicates it in a fun and engaging way. I know, because I’ve following his blog and his training for several years now, and I still regularly get affiliate commission checks from projects that I started following his advice (and actually implementing far less than what he shows you how to do here). Well worth your time to study and implement. Ian is the real deal.

3 Step Challenge Participant

Your challenge came at the the absolute right time for me. I had just relaunched my updated website, had just finished my first product (How To Get Out Of Your Rut And Into Your Groove CD) and was literally chomping at the bit.

Ive been churning out high quality article after high quality article over the last few days, and it has re-ignited my passion, (and we all know what passion leads to don’t we? ) and the beauty of it is that it’s only taking me 2 hours per day.

If anyone has stalled, or is doubting themselves…simply follow Ian’s instructions and you will have new subscribers on your list before you can say “Content Cornerstone”

– Sean


Entertaining, Inspiring & Full of Passion (on Flow)

If you’ve never had the opportunity to read Ian Hollander’s blog or his other book, “Passion,” you’re definitely missing out! The reason it’s so fun to read his writing is because it’s so different from anything else. Ian is funny, creative, unique and is very passionate about what he does. I like this particular book because he shares some very personal stories and what was going through his head about the experience(s). Which, if you’re really reading it, makes you stop and think what you would do in his situation. Or, what situations you’ve been in and how they’ve changed you. The biggest reason I really enjoyed this book is because it helps you to see that maybe, just maybe, you can do something you really love every day of your life.

Patricia Margaret Bruce

On Passion (Amazon UK)

Internet marketing is the new Wild West – welcome to a world where snake oil salesmen try to sell you rehashed rubbish that someone else wrote four years ago and is no longer relevant. Where you will become submerged in the paralysis of analysis as you try to find a way forward, and where there are only three or four genuine people who have the grace to interact with you honestly, openly and best of all, motivationally.
Ian Hollander is one of those three or four.

As a ghostwriter for several IM “guru’s” (they love to call themselves that) I was exposed first hand to the cowboy tactics used to part new marketers from their hard earned money.

To come across Ian was a revelation – all you will ever get from him is calm, honest, passionate advice from someone who can make words dance, and show you how you can change your life for the better, simply by applying the principles he lays out in this very engaging book.

His writing style is quirky and engaging, and he talks to you from the page as though he has known you personally for years.

It’s chock full of guidance and inspiration, it costs less than a cup of coffee, and it could change your life for the better.

Hit the buy button, you won’t regret it.

Hope this helped.

  Mr. Jeff Pearson

Via Email

“You are such a never-ending source of inspiration to me that I’m printing out every one of your emails and adding them to the binder I’ve created for your teachings!…….HEFTY AND HEARTY THANKS from me to you, Ian !!!!”

Jean Dewitt.

Content Community Continuum Challenge

“My wife Julie and I are part of your $167 group.

I had written you previously thanking you for showing me how to get my article views and CTR up at EZA, which you did for free.

We joined your group because I trust you, and what you taught me for free as worked well. Julie said, “In the first 3 days alone, we learned enough that it was worth joining the group.” ”

– Scott and Julie Linden

“Thanks for the laugh. Ian- today’s update made me laugh my a@@ off… and I needed it too. So thanks. I think your campaign is going great. This has been the most helpful thing I have ever been a part of- The pieces have come together for me finally.”

– Adrienne B.

“ Ian, you have a Gift. After reading you latest email and checking out your post about visiting JE, I have come to the conclusion that you have a gift. Your writing is so interesting and engaging – no wonder you have been successful in this business. Actually, I’ve known that for a long time, ever since I got on your email list in 2009. I jump every time I get an email from you and have saved most of them. ”

Robert Dinsmore

“ I have to give you major props for the information you share and the wealth of talent and honesty that you display.

I only wish I would have followed you sooner, you would have saved me a boatload of money that I’ve spent over the years on “internet marketing garbage”. You have inspired me to dig deep down inside and find that creative genius that I know exist within me ( it will probably be a lot cheaper than outsourcing) and begin sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world. I love your idea of creating online communities, your ideas have triggered many thoughts and have given me a new direction on my online journey. ”

Raul Renteria



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