I usually don’t do this sort of post on my blog……but due to complete and utter absence of any other alternative ideas, I’m going to re-post an article we just submitted to EZA, here. (I typically hate to do that, because this blog draws a much different audience, and I usually write those articles for a general audience, and list building purposes alone)

You can see the full article on EZA HERE: (or you can save yourself possible corporal tunnel, skip the click and read the whole thing below instead)

The steps to earning $100 a day are really, really simple…..and if you apply the simple structure below to a good niche that you have GENUINE passion, you can make it happen in a hurry..:-)


Who else is struggling to have their first one hundred dollar day?  Are you overwhelmed with information, opportunities, gurus, product launches and other nefarious nonsense that is distracting you from getting where you truly deserve to be?

The truth is…..if you aren’t making a MINIMUM of $100 a day online... this short article will definitely help light the way. (and by the time it’s done, I promise you will have EVERYTHING you need to know to make it happen… and in a hurry as well).

For the purposes of speed and space, I’m going to share with you the super simple, 3 step blueprint for converting your content into CASH.

3 Steps. Ready?

  1. Articles
  2. Opt-In’s
  3. Offers

If you follow, and diligently apply this approach to your own business, you WILL be able to RADICALLY re-create your own financial future, starting today if you so choose.

Here is how you apply it:

Step 1: You write articles like this one.
Step 2: You use your articles to build a list. (send your readers to a one page, lead capture form with a big, bold headline, a few bullets and a prominent form that offers a great inducement for signing up)
Step 3: You follow up with the folks who signed up using a series of automated messages that offer a simple solution for whatever it was that compelled them to sign up in the first place.

Now, unless you are just getting started in the online marketing business, the key components of the above approach are NOT unfamiliar to you. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of online marketing “gurus” who have made huge fortunes online use some permutation of this approach.

The difference is… YOU are going to do it BETTER.


Because you won’t need a million JV partners and uber aggressive affiliates of questionable character to promote your offer to do amazingly well, by doing good.

Here is how this approach is BEST utilized for people like you and I, in just about EVERY niche under the sun.

– Start by picking a niche you are PASSIONATE about. Something that you love to do, and would do for free if you could. (because all things being equal, the profit always favors the passionate!)

– Create a curriculum, or a coaching program around your passion. I don’t care if you are passionate about credit, cars, finance, food, healthy living, spirituality or whatever it is. If you have expertise, and can communicate that through content (articles like this one) you CAN build a community of friends, fans and followers who will pay you for your time.

– Price it to profit. If your goal is $100 a day, all you need is 1 single sale of a $97 dollar consultation offer a day to get there. Or, better yet…. 10 $300 monthly clients. Or, 3 $1000 clients.

If you aren’t ready to sell yourself?

Find a good affiliate program to promote that factors out the same way. (where the math scales out to give you your financial target, whether that’s $100 a day or $1000)

The bottom line is, if you create content that is designed to generate a community, and you can turn a small segment of that community into clients, you can get rich online… PERIOD. (and you can have a whole bunch of fun, and make a killer contribution along the way!)



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