What does a crowdfunding consultant really do?  Is it hard work?  Do you need to be a guru or an expert or a social media superstar to help people raise funds for things that they care about?

The funny thing is, like ALL online marketing oriented offers…..the crowdfunding consulting space is now starting to become a bit over-run by the spammers, the scammers and the get rich quick crowd (no pun intended..:-) as more and more people jump on the Kickstarter consultant wagon.

But here is the thing –

The BEST way, at least in my view and what I’m working on in my own consulting practice – is leveraging the tools and technology that are available to help entrpreneurs raise money, with existing areas of my own expertise.  (and most likely, if you are reading this……YOURS as well)

For example?

If you look at the 6 C’s that make up the Content Community Continuum I’ve been preaching on here for years (Content, Character, Community, Conversation, Curriculum and Conversion) they apply here equally as well as they would if you were launching your own life coaching business, or writing your first ebook, or selling your first group consulting gig in whatever niche you already know, love and do.

So while the “niche” may be new….the concepts are not.

When it comes to Crowdfunding…..CONTENT is more important than ever.  So too is CONVERSION.  (getting people who may be interested in your campaign to actually feel compelled enough to contribute)

And you can’t do ANY of the above without a COMMUNITY.  (whether you are leveraging Kickstarters captive audience, or building your OWN crowdfunding campaign using low cost technology like Ignition Deck that works amazingly well for self starters like you and I)

So too are the other “C’s” like the CHARACTER you set forth to entertain, engage and inspire your ideal audience to get involved.

And the CONVERSATION you create that keeps people updated, interested and keeps your project (and passion) top of mind for those who may have stopped by to take a look, but haven’t yet funded your gig.

And your CURRICULUM is obviously the product, the service, or the deliverable that makes the entire campaign worth pitching in the first place.

Follow the approach above – and you won’t fall victim to the sort of low brow strategies many consultants are offering that ultimately will poison the space.  (as described in the article below)

If you truly want to learn how to integrate this approach in your own consulting business – drop me a note and I’m happy to share some free strategies we’re using now to build BOTH a niche crowdfunding portal – and to help a few small local businesses create their own campaigns – it’s a lot of fun – and the personification of PASSION and purpose in entrepreneurial action!

Check out more from around the web on crowdfunding consulting – including why most of these types are just spammers in disguise – and how you can really do amazingly well – by doing good – if you do it right 🙂

Lucas McNelly, a 34-year-old part-time filmmaker from Waldoboro, Maine, is part of a band of crowdfunding consultants. He handles about 10 campaigns at once—double his business a year ago—and provides services ranging from advice on advertising to running a campaign’s day-to-day operations. He gets a 5% to 13% cut from projects that meet their goals, taking home between $20,000 and $30,000 a year.Campaigners rely on creating buzz through their social networks. Mr. McNelly has gotten kicked off Twitter at least once while promoting a client’s campaign. After he sent more than 100 tweets in an hour during a final push for a client and the site stopped him from sending more for a while. (Twitter temporarily prohibits users from sending any more tweets after they hit a rate limit.)To avoid irritating friends, Mr. McNelly tells them to unfollow him before a campaign’s final push. “I just say, ‘Look, it’s going to get bad.’ “The campaigns are getting glossier. Milana Rabkin, a digital-media agent at United Talent Agency, has helped young filmmakers and writers hone their Kickstarter pitches. She has introduced some of her clients to the site’s executives and was involved in the high-profile “Veronica Mars” movie project. (Of the more than 100,000 projects launched on Kickstarter since 2009, only a fraction have been produced with professional help, according to a site spokesman.)

Here Come the Crowdfunding Consultants – WSJ.com

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