Newsweek has 100x the numbers of followers on Twitter as it does on Tumblr, but was getting 10x more engagement from those Tumblr followers.

That’s a significant number, I think.” NY Mag argued that the success of Newsweek’s Tumblr presence was due in part to Coatney’s conversational style and furthermore, a Tumblr couldn’t be managed by “fresh-faced interns,” that old-media publications wouldn’t pay.

A handful of traditional media outlets have since hopped on the bandwagon, signing up for Tumblr with hopes of getting social with the Tumblr community. Tumblr could become a valuable resource for traditional companies and media outlets trying to garnish relationships with a younger audience.

How to Start Using Tumblr | Social Media Today

The more I use Tumblr, the more I am starting to really love it for creating quick content that is conversation, and community driven.


Because while comments are a great and traditional way for readers, “fans”, friends and subscribers to interact with your ideas, the plethora of tools that Tumblr provides out of the box for engagement are truly FAR better than WordPress, and other popular blogging platforms offer.

For example…..if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, and have downloaded the Content Community Continuum series of outlines, you already know how big of a fan I am of user generated content.  Q and A templates, community oriented themes, social plugins like Buddy Press, and other innovative ways to get readers to actually PARTICPATE is my favorite way to build rapport, relationship and simultaneously, have your content created for free to boot..:-)

But sometimes, actually getting people to step up and share is easier said than done.  (be it asking questions on a Q and A blog, or sharing an experience, or submitting a picture or taking part in a contest, etc)

For whatever reason…….on Tumblr, be it the ethos, or the age or the attitude, the engagement level is so much better, and faster and deeper that it blows me away. 

From accepting user generated “submissions” or simply activating the “ask me” feature, to the notes, follows and re-blogs built in, it’s truly a lot of fun and a great way of connecting with a community who shares your interests. 

Check out the article above for more……or better yet, just dive in, explore experiment and adventure in the Tumblr terrain for a day or two and get the feel for it yourself. 

As a supplemental social strategy with A list potential, and 100% free….well worth the look for sure..:-)



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