Who else wants to build a popular blog?

Do you crave the attention, and affection of readers from one side of the world to the next? Does the idea of turning your PASSION into profit make your heart skip a beat? Are you really an online Rock Star WAITING to be unleashed, uncovered or discovered by your ideal audience? The truth is, for all of us who put our pens to pixel to create content we HOPE draws a crowd, there are some simple rules which DO work wonderfully well for all.

Want to know the truth? I’ve been working a bit recently with some folks who are super successful in their fields, but have no idea how to migrate their marketing from an offline process flow…..to one that allows them to SHINE…..online..:-)

  1. If you are a PASSION PROFESSIONAL, for example…..
  2. Do you run lots of craiglist ads?
  3. Spam your Facebook friends with your legal ads, medical procedures, business deals and insurance offers?  (I wish some of my FB friends would figure out this ain’t what I log on to read..:-)
  4. Do you buy PPC ads?
  5. Hire a fat cat firm to do lead generation FOR you while you sweat bullets over what they’re really doing with the copious amounts of cash it costs to get a qualified lead?

Here is the truth:

First – understand that this is coming from a guy with bed head and boxer shorts at 4pm with Celebrity Ghost Stories on in the background – so proceed with caution:

But I believe that every professional in every field should have a blog. I don’t care if you are a doctor or a dentist, an artist or an entrepreneur, a real estate professional or a travel agent……you NEED a blog!

And in my experience, there is no more powerful way to build your brand, to build your business and to amp UP your bank account, than trying to step UP and stand out, and position yourself as the go to expert, authority or compelling character in your niche, market or industry.

Here is why:

I believe that there are 2 central ideas to creating a cult of personality…..and if you are a business owner, or a brand builder, or even just a blog marketer like most of us, there is no bigger asset that that:


A blog gives you the platform to do BOTH, and in a way that not only gives people an opportunity to become fans, friends, followers and evangelize for your business,and your brand….it also allows YOU to be you.

The more open, and honest, and vulnerable and “human” I am in my own community, the more my content converts. (and so too will yours)

It’s funny…..because I was just reading the blog of a well known personality in a personal development style niche. He’s a spiritual teacher type, who was recently knocked down by a sex scandal and forced to resign his post. And YET…..reading his blog, it’s amazing how his simple admission of his own frailties, and fears, and fopa’s, has created such a firestorm of good will in his community that his supporters are out commenting his detractors by 10 to 1 at least! (and on the back of a simple “mea culpa” he’s becoming a much bigger “rock star” in his niche as a result)

The truth is, being open, honest and revealing is often the EASIEST way to capture interest and attention from those who can bring you the most business…..simply because so many people insist on treading so carefully when they blog. (or write, or use social media at all)

So be transparent.

And 2…….

Create content that facilitates COMMUNITY. I actually believe the best way to position yourself as an expert in any niche is to create what I call “portals of passion” where folks who share an interest in your area of expertise can come, share, opine, ask and learn about what you do.

Question and Answer communities, for example…..are a great example of this, and I believe they are the best way to build your brand there is! (and a great way to get a community of folks to create content FOR you for FREE as well!)

The bottom line is, if attention if what you seek……a blog is your best bet! And if building your brand is your goal……a blog is an even BETTER investment to boot!



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