My favorite Einstein quotes are almost always the ones that it looks like he never really said.
So in the odd chance it turns out that Einstein didn’t say this – he should have.

It would have made him sound smart.

Everyone has genius in them.

Of that I’m certain.

The secret to succeeding in anything in life, actually… life itself, is finding out what you do better than anyone else, and simply do it as much as you can, for as long as you can, and to be paid as much as possible for doing it was well as possible.

Look, to be honest with you, I’m not even sure the “paid as much as possible” piece matters much.

But most of the folks who read my blog ain’t reading it to hear John Lennonish deas on living life with one more tree….and one less TV.

Find out what you love to do and DO BEST…… and do it.


I’ve said this a zillion times – a few times on my blog – and a billion others in my head, to myself.

I suck at most stuff.

This is true.

I have a terrible sense of direction.

I really do.  I get lost easily.

I’m not making that up.

I can’t fix anything.  I mean that – anything.

If you put me on the side of a highway with a flat tire one of those fancy  pants strobe lights and spotted me 20PSI – i still would be walking home.

This exercise – the exercise where I list the things I suck at – could go on for a while.

But I’ve got a football game to watch – and an episode of the Walking Dead to catch, so I’m going to cut this short and hope you get the point.

None of us excels at everything.

Few of us excel at most.

But all of us are geniuses when it comes to something unique to us.  Be it what is woven into the very fabric of our DNA – offered up by the Universe by some sort of cosmic karmic contract or the byproduct of pure random robotic luck – you’ve got a gift.

I don’t know what it is – because I don’t know you.

Let’s face it – we’re total strangers and it’s a bit creepy that I’m writing this, and you are reading it.

But there is something in life – that you you do better than Bill Gates.  Something that would make George Clooney shake his head in envy.

Something that Hillary Clinton would love to have in her arsenal of ambitious talents and quiver of spectacular skills.

Stop over complicating it – and simply do what comes natural.

I’ll tell you a quick story.

I was talking to a good friend the other day – brainstorming BIG ideas for changing the world and doing what you love and re-igniting the sense of passion, purpose and intense entrepreneurial enthusiasm that so many of us lose so early in life.

All of his ideas were like – what can we MAKE, create, or come up with that people need, and use everyday?

Because to hear us talk about in that frozen moment – to change the world…’ve got to manufacture something that touches the fingertips of those who brush up against the hard stuff of the world on their way to work – the commute – the kitchen – or the cubicle.

The truth is, I don’t have those sorts of ideas.

I’m never going to get a hug by the bald angry looking guy on Shark Tank while counting zeros on the big paper check they’re writing offstage.

That’s not my genius.

And it’s probably not yours.

But if you told me I’ve got 10 minutes to say something that makes someone think, smile, shed a tear or take a step in the direction of their dreams, I’ll take my chances AGAINST ANYONE IN THE WORLD.

And feel free to give Bill Gates those same 10 minutes and sit him on the other side of the table with pen and paper and a 2 paragraph head start.

If you are going to blindfold the judges and need to bet on winner, you really ought to pick me.

Maybe I’m right – or maybe I’m wrong.  But in that world – my creative confidence reigns supreme.

The same is true for you.

You have your bill gates game face – the one that is HAPPY, humble, focused, fearless and free.

That natural space where you simply intuitively excel.

Where the smart money says – go all in on YOU.

Life is short.  We’re all on the same clock – don’t wait for the alarm to wake up to the work you really feel called to create.

Cultivate that – celebrate that – and contemplate what life would look life if you could actually DO that.

And then get up tomorrow and figure out how to begin.






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