I’m often asked how I’m able to make such beautiful websites in such a short amount of time.

People will say –

“hey…..on top of your ultra busy schedule, and of your other really obvious amazing attributes and accomplishments, how are you able to make such incredible websites as well?”

Okay, no one has ever asked me that.  Even once.  Which hurts my feelings.

But they are going to start asking that of YOU.  (and here is why)

If you’ve ever wanted to create truly world class websites that look like you hired one of those zillion dollar fancy pants online agencies that sip cappucinnos while wearing Warby Parker glasses, Chuck Taylor’s &  “Feel the Bern” t’s……you really ought to check out Persona.Co.

I’ve been playing with their amazing, intuitive and really incredible web design tools for a few months now, and find creating killer cool and creative one page sites at 3am is the perfect antidote for my incessant insomnia.

Also, and I say this not because I am personally, but because I’ve heard this a friend – but i f you smoke a lot of pot (like my friend does) it really will make you feel like a design rock star.

I can’t speak to that personally of course, but I’ve been told.

(hey…….who stole my cheeotos)

As of this writing – it’s still in Beta – and 100% free……and 200% awesome.

Check them out here.




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