David Goggins is often called the toughest man on earth.

Whether that’s true or not of course, is impossible to know.

He is however, one bad man 🙂

I’m not a navy seal.

I’m not a marathon runner.

I don’t care about pull ups, breaking endurance records or breaking my body in the pursuit of achieving either.

But I still find David Goggins to be an incredible example of the sort of inspiration that I need in my life.

Goggins constantly refers to the moment he discarded his old, overweight, overworked and underachieving self, for the new super hero he has since become.

He can’t go 30 minutes without reminding the rest of us about his relentless pursuit of becoming the “baddest m@therf*ck#r on the planet.”

That’s not really a goal I care too much about either.

But listening to him describe his process – using that relentless voice to prod and push and move and motivate him to scale mountains in pursuit of that title…that has real value in my life.

It’s easy to get up in the morning and lose my freedom.

It’s easy to begin to point fingers, to play the blame game, to seek out the shoulders of others on which to foist my own failures, frailties and frustrations.

But when I tell myself , today – “I’m going to become the most forgiving person on the planet” – or the “most compassionate, kindest, caring person to ever walk the face of the earth” – I know I’m not going to win the award.

But I also know I’m going to fail well.

There is merit in setting outrageous intentions – and gargantuan goals – that elevate, uplift and inspire you to do great things, in the service of other things you believe in – or want to build – or become.

Don’t aspire to build a little business that makes your community a better place to live.

Aspire to build the business that changes the world.

Thing bigly 🙂

Act outrageously.

Be courageous, confident and committed to breaking your boundaries, exploring your edges and doing something that you come FULLY alive.

It’s not magic. It’s a single switch – and as Goggins would tell you – it’s always within reach.



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