Here is a short article I wrote earlier today as a quick primer on using sites to sell services – a strategy that leverages the idea of creating hyper local “authority sites” to give you a competitive advantage for selling services to your ideal audience… your niche of choice.  (authority sites being a broad and general and over-used term that I simply use to refer to a community whose primary purpose is to position YOU as a perceived expert or authority in your niche…..simply due to the fact that the “real estate” is yours, even if the content is more collaborative or community oriented)

Note:  Did that explanation make sense to you?  I just re-read it, and it makes zero sense to me.  Then again, i have a wonderful habit of saying in 200 words what someone less cafeinated and with more medically controlled adult ADHD might say more effectively in 10.

For example – if you own a local directory of real estate agents, and get a ton of hyper local traffic from the public in your community who are seeking out information on local realtors…..your appeal – and ability to actually SELL SERVICES to local realtors goes up exponentially, right?

The same is true for all sorts of other onlien assets as well – directories, local news or magazine sites, video portals, job boards, classified sites, local marketplaces, social networking sites (using free plugins like BUDDYPRESS for example) and so on and so forth.

Most of these style sites can be launched for a few hundred bucks on the tech side – simply because there is a plethora of kick butt technology readily available now that 5 or 7 years ago, would have cost a small fortune to implement ourselves.

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Who else is sick and tired of trying in vain to build a profitable home based business?  Are you fed up with forums, gimmicks, expensive gadgets and goofy “gurus” who are easy to excite, but ultimately…..always destined and doomed to disappoint?

Imagine if you could quickly, easily and ethically get all of the online business you can handle, and do it in the EXACT real life community you live, work and play right now?  How would your life, and your business…change for the BETTER, if you had a simple strategy for not only building your OWN brand and business, but could do the very same thing for others in your local community?

The #1 MYTH about building an online business is THIS:  That selling affiliate products, or building adsense oriented sites, or marketing dubious digital downloads is going to make you rich.

It’s not.   And you probably already know this from personal experience.

The truth is, the absolute EASIEST way to earn great money online is to sell high end services to professional people who can afford them.

For example…..

In your community, right now….regardless of where you live in the world, the chances are, there are countless PROFESSIONAL people, with real world budgets, who have a desperate need for all sorts of simple services that YOU  can offer, based on skills you already have, and build a 6 figure business, from the comfort and convenience of home.

Here are just a few –

  1. Blog building and Web design services.
  2. Newsletter and relationship marketing.  (every local business needs some sort of ongoing relationship marketing campaigns, and yet…..less than 5% do – a HUGE opportunity for all of us)
  3. Crowdfunding consulting.  (helping local professionals and enlightened entrepreneurs get their inspired ideas in front of the people who will support them)
  4. Conventional business coaching.  (NOTE:  the average business coach earns over $300 per hour according to some recent surveys, and is the highest paying coaching industry in the world)
  5. Content marketing.
  6. Social media marketing.
  7. Product Launch promotions.  (helping people turn their inspired ideas into viral marketing content campaigns)

Of course there are tons of evergreen opportunities to HELP people where you live, and earn amazing money helping people dance in the direction of their dreams.

But here is a great way of speeding up the process AND getting a competitive advantage over the other people who offer similar services in your community.

Create authority sites.  Proactively BUILD sites that not only establish you as an authority or expert where you live locally, but that also have intrinsic value (e.g. – you can sell them, rent space for ads, or use the sites to sweeten the pot when it comes to selling your own services)

For example –

Directory sites or local review sites are A GREAT way to build local authority, and sell high end services behind them.

So too are local social networking sites…and using a simple free plugin like “buddypress” you can build a facebook style social network in YOUR local community, in a niche that you love and want to target, and get instant authority when you seek out clients to sell services to.

Local  news sites, video portals, job boards, classifieds sites and all types of authority sites are not only dead simple to create in a week or two, in 2014…..they can be done on a bootstrap budget  (often under $100) and can give you an instant advantage in just about any niche under the sun!  

So stop thinking about selling something.  Instead….focus on BUILDING something first, instead.   And then use what you’ve built to do what you LOVE for a living, and use the BUZZ from what you’ve built to begin a business that really IS fun, easy, lucrative and super easy to scale!  (no gimmicks…and NO gurus required)



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