Here is a great list of some of the very best places to buy (or sell) a blog or website, along with some pretty detailed information on how active each directory is, how well they rank and what type of prices many of the current listings are commanding.  (or at least, like all other types of real estate….. what they are asking for..;-)

I’ve been focusing my own business building efforts on creating online assets that have REAL value over the last 6 months or so….specifically using a community oriented model using Q and A, BuddyPress & socially active sites in highly “emotive” and even hyper local niches……and if you’ve worked with me over this time, you already know, that BUILDING websites for re-sale value, if done strategically and with a profitable process map (like the Content Community Continuum) can be an extremely lucrative model for both buyers…..and sellers alike.

Thanks to the nice folks below for compiling this list – it’s a good one, and a great area to explore if you have something you’d like to sell, but don’t know where to go first.  Check out the whole list at the link following the short excerpt below.  Enjoy..:-)

At the last Internet Investment Summit we provided a detailed list of the best places to buy and sell websites. Here is the latest version of that list. If you have additional places to buy websites or places to sell websites please place a comment below for us to consider adding it.

Best Places to Buy and Sell Websites

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