linking strategy seoIf I had to list my passions over the last few decades in no particular order, they’d be:

  1.  The Philadelphia Eagles football team  (particularly the Buddy Ryan era)
  2. The early Real World seasons on MTV  (particularly the season with Puck)
  3. Curated content for quickly, easily and ethically growing traffic by borrowing quality content that already exists, citing it, parenthetically improving or adding to it, and then linking to it liberally thereafter.

Years ago, as some of you who are still following me from way back then (Hi Mom!) will remember, I had a series of content challenges predicated on the idea that:

“Google likes sites that like other sites Google likes”.

This was my attempt at a nursery rhyme after one bottle of wine, and one bong hit too many.  The good news is, while I’ve given up on the bong (and most of the wine) the fundamental principle still applies.

The underlying idea?  That Google likes sites that LINK to existing sites (and articles) that Google already considers authoritative for that phrase or keyword or concept…..and will “pass” some of that authority to you – if you are clipping, snipping, culling and CURATING content they already like, and LINKING to those sites, and those specific pieces of content, shortly thereafter.  (the idea that good neighborhoods attract good niche neighbors – and if you are willing to send YOUR visitors to other authority sites, you must be a Mr. Rogers in the making)

But understand this, too:

There is a right way to curate content…and many wrong ways.

Your job is to embrace the right way – and ignore the wrong ones – because not only will they be a giant disappointing waste of time, they can literally set your site back many months (if not years) in the eyes of the search engines as well.  (note:  I’m the furthest thing from an SEO expert these days, but the truth today, is the same as it was way back when I sort of was……which is, say YES to quality content, and NO to contrived content… that contriving keywords, or contriving content to “game” people, or machines, or both)

So last week, as a few of you know, I interviewed a friend, and a content curation genius, who has built several 7 figure businesses on the back of content curation in the last 2 or 3 years alone – using a very powerful proprietary tool he created for growing his own communities.  He has forgotten more about curating content using technology than I’ll ever know……but, on that call I said – “I can still revive a dusty, dormant, doormat of a site using content curation, and my own “map” without any special tools, tricks or tech….using the Google likes sites that like other sites that Google likes “hack”.

(for those of you who didn’t hear it – he is developing a new curation tool that I’m hoping to test on our agency “done for you content curation” offer, which I hope to have posted this week – and borrows a bit from my 12 types of content that are ideal for curation specifically)

Of those 12 – on this “challenge”, I just used one.  CURRENT EVENT, content.  Essentially, and anyone reading this can do the same thing on your own site, I posted a series of articles, using very specific keyword phrases that are very relevant in this weeks news cycle (no….NOT politics!) and added parenthetical comments, unique angles and opinions on each one, none more than 200 words.  (the curated excerpts were about 400)

And just about Day 5 of this challenge……out of left field, we are well north of 1000 keyword specific searches, on Google – all first page results, on a very expensive keyword phrase, all on the back of content written by other people, and excerpted (and “improved”) by me.

(when I say improved – I just mean, improved in the spirit of adding something to something else, not that what I added was better…..although between you and I, it was)

The things to look for in this simple graphic is the nice bump in traffic, from ORGANIC searches (this was not a social media trick) – with the vast majority of searches going to 1 specific article, from Google.

(also 58 Facebook visits, which is nice too….insofar as people are sharing MY site, for articles written by other people, that I am merely clipping, snipping, culling, collecting and curating…….for 10 minutes or so a day)

Also notice the large amount of outgoing links – many of these were too 1 particular article I’m “clipping” from – but many of these clicks are also going to a high EPC affiliate banner ad in the post, which pays a significant commission per sale.  So while I don’t have any early figures on conversion yet, that will be worth paying attention to as well, as if my traffic is similar to others, it should convert into real dollars there as well.

For those of you looking to build something using curation as as content creation model?

We’ll have 3 different types of “done for you” curated services up in the next few days, with one dedicated person running that – there will be a maximum of 3 new client spots available – and a few really innovative surprises thrown in as well.  (hint……if you heard the interview, you’ll probably guess what that is 😉

Email me for more if interested – i’m picky these days with who I’m working with…….but if this sounds like a fit for you, let me know.








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