I wanted to post a quick update for many of you who are asking how i’m making out as Hurricane Matthew approaches.

Okay, if we’re going to be technical about it, no one has asked me how i’m making out as Hurricane Matthew approaches.

Which really hurts my feelings.

Let’s pretend for a second that you have a blog and I read it all the time for your unqiue, insightful, inspirational and illuminating thoughts on life, business and pretty much, just being your super hero self.

Then let’s say you are in the path of this huge mega storm and all you have to survive on is 8 4 Metrx bars, 2 1/2 of a bag of Cheese Doodles a frozen pizza and a bad internet connection.

I’d probably send you a note, or leave you a comment that said – hey, i’m on your aside, even though god clearly isn’t.

But that’s just me.  I’m thoughtful like that.

Anyway, I do hope that those of you who are still reading this blog are somewhere safe, and less windy than south florida right now.

I also did want to share a little short list of “Do/DON’T do’s based on my own emergency weather experience this past day or so.

First, it IS important to stock up and do it ahead of time.  As you can see from THIS picture, i showed up a little late for the Publix supermarket party and ended up being able to buy very little.

The good news?  There was plenty of storm snacks which I was able to stock up – your fruity candy family suite of stuff,  baked cheesy things which I really like, frozen pizzas, cheap wine, etc.

The bad news is, I really have a terrible short term memory.  So by like 3 am, I had eaten at least 60% of my emergency food supply.  (I do still have a big bag of halls cough drops, which I’m going to have for dinner – so no need to panic)

But it still feels like poor impulse control on my part.  Which is emblematic of why my shrink makes me wear a “Focus!” t-shirt when I see him.

img_1041_jpgAlso – it’s very important to collect your important documents, work projects, client notes, etc – especially if you do a lot of your work by hand like me, which many great artists and deep thinkers do, do.  (for example, Jon Bon Jovi jotted down 80% of Slippery When Wet on a napkin.  Little known and hard to believe – yet 100% true)

So I keep my work folder with me at all times – and I make sure it’s close – as it’s the one thing I can’t afford to lose.

Anyway, i’m here if you need me.  Don’t be a stranger.

Even if you are.

And if I don’t make it through the night – say something on Facebook about me.  Preferably something nice.



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