NOTE: This isn’t the clearest audio, (in terms of instructions – or at least, to my liking) – but I’m sharing it anyway. (I don’t think my brain has yet to recover from the Eagles Super Bowl fiesta on Sunday night – something most of you won’t understand, unless you’re from Philadelphia 🙂

But the process flow is pretty simple – and the goal/objective/outcome is you you want to turn your authority site listings into potential affiliates for your high end offers. This is working pretty well for us on a few new offers on the mindfulmarketplace community (primarily for authors/teachers and coaches who want and need content marketing sites and services) – but should work equally as well for your niche as well.

Step 1 – You’ll create 3 high end offers that are unique to the needs of your niche, your skills, your expertise and your audience.
Step 2 – You’ll use the directory to promote your offers not only to the folks in your niche (or locality) who NEED the services you’re creating, but you’ll invite them (by dint of high commissions and the  appeal of generous affiliate payouts) to help PROMOTE your offers to their clients, community, fans, followers or friends.  (either in real life, or online)

Step 3 – if you are using a directory theme like Mylisting ( – you can use SHORTCODES and content blocks to add site wide banner advertisements that appear on EVERY listing.  (meaning you can even convert your free listings into ambassadors and evangelists for your high end services, EVEN if they don’t join you as affiliates.  Everytime your members promote THEIR complimentary listings on YOUR directory – they are building “buzz” and brand awareness for your high end online agency offers and affiliate program)


*You can even do this on FB before you launch – and have great success building an army of affiliates who are eager to share your services around the web.

** See how we are doing this for the mindfulness niche (our audience are authors/teachers and trainers in the mindfulness/helping/healing + “spiritual” growth spaces here.  (in this case, using a highly engaged FB page to invite our audience to join our affiliate program for free) **

ACTION item.  (the Invitation)

If you want to earn great money selling high end online services to YOUR audience, but don’t feel comfortable selling agency offers just yet  – you can promote OUR offers, to YOUR audience, and earn $500-$1500 + per sale.    Simply join our affiliate program HERE.

Bonus invitation.

If you have specific services you KNOW your audience or niche needs, but don’t have the resources (or expertise) to offer them, simply reply to this email, tell me what you’d like to sell, and we’ll build a customized, white label service you can sell to YOUR community, without doing an ounce of work.  (we’ll do the work, deliver the service, build YOUR reputation as an online agency, and split the fee with you 50/50)

Any other questions about any of the above?  As always, simply reach out, say hi, and tell me how we can help!



“alone we can change a neighborhood. together we can change the world.”