This is a short recording (about 11 minutes) that I shared with some folks in my directory building list/community on how to start, launch and ultimately scale an affiliate program on your business directory.

The 3 “buckets” I cover here are:

  1.  Products and services you can include on your directory that SERVE the members/professional profiles/peers you feature on your site.  Affiliate offers like hosting/domain name registration, email marketing, automation and newsletter services, etc.
  2. People you can promote on your directory as an affiliate for THEM.  (promoting their Amazon books, using an Amazon link, for example, is the absolute simplest example of this.   Scaling this idea to include high end services, products, programs, coaching, courses, etc – that your MEMBERS offer, not only makes your directory more appealing to them, it also allows you to monetize your members in a very “win/win” way.
  3. Turning your members and professional profiles into affiliates for YOU!  This is the absolute best way to scale the strategies above, and convert your community into a full on e-commerce exchange – where members are incentivized for promoting and recommending your own offers, products, and services as an AFFILIATE – turning them into ethical (and incentivized) Evangelists and ambassadors for your blog, brand, business and bank account


I use PODIA for handling all of the above – from setting up affiliate campaigns for clients, to empowering my own readers, subscribers and peers to sell our products as well. (as incentivized partners/affiliates) There are simply too many creative ways to count how this strategy can transform your brand and business…..and convert your community into a full ecommerce “exchange” or marketplace.

Start with the lowest hanging fruit first. Add affiliate programs that are easy to join (e.g. – the web hosting offers, email autoresponders, et al – as you can seed your site with those offers first, and when you invite partners – you’ll have existing offers AND name brands they’ll recognize already on your site.



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