Here is a great little article on some cool tips, tricks and techniques for organizing and improving your Tumblr blog in a few novel and unique ways. 

As a quick aside – if you are trying to build a brand around your blog and find yourself struggling to come up with creative content……as a long time lover of all things WordPress, I gotta admit….there are some pretty compelling reasons to go with Tumblr, straight out of the gate, OVER a conventional WordPress blog, that are growing increasingly more difficult to ignore.

While a lot has been made about Yahoo’s recent Tumblr aquisition (for both better and for worse) – and while I certainly don’t have a crystal ball (but DO have 2 ouija boards) – all else being equal, it’s MUCH easier to build a big following on Tumblr, and to create (and curate) killer content – AND to connect to a comitted community around a topic you really love, than it is for an ordinary “business blog” you’d set up on your own.


Because content curation is built into the bones of Tumblr. 

And when things are made super duper easy and transparent, not only do more people do more of it, it becomes much easier to connect with others in your community. 

While folks like to argue that Tumblr is a “closed” system and that’s a big problem – I actually find it’s appeal is the opposite. 

It’s outrageously open.

And that’s a good thing.

The big drawback is you are really creating content (and value – and page views) for their platform everytime you post……but you know what?

Who cares? 

There are all kinds of simple ways to keep your content (and even simultaneously add it to your WordPress blog) and Tumblr is so much fun to use in general…’s a great way to get some serious momentum, make some connections, get some clients and worry about the picking the perfect platform later.

The article below is a geat little primer on some of the cool tips and tweaks you can use to navigate the Tumblr dashboard – and the little bits and bolts that are important to know if you’re just getting started 🙂

TagsTags serve three functions: 1. They tell you what someone thinks a post is about (and often give you some of their commentary). 2. They can be used to search for a single topic on your blog. 3. They can be used to search for a single topic on Tumblr. Keep in mind that the tags you use for a post can be used to search for that post on Tumblr, so don’t tag a photo your cat named Mouse as “mouse” unless you want to upset the people who frequent the “mouse” tag.You can track tags once you search for them by clicking “track” next to them in the search bar. You can then see them by clicking “new” in the search bar at the top of Tumblr.

Tumblr Starter Kit

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