Note:  These are little mini tutorials in response to questions that are coming in via the little “chat” widget at the bottom of my blog. I get so many of these that I answer every week, that I never really “use” for content or helping others who may have the same (or closely related) questions – that I decided last night to start posting them as Q and A.

Q:  Hi I noticed you have some experience working with OUTLINK. To be honest the plugin looks amazing. I was wondering how one would set up commissions and tracking via outlink.


Hi there – the tracking and commissions would come from the affiliate or partnerships programs you refer – by dint of the links you are using via outlink. You need to set your products up as affiliate products – or partnership promotions – or clients/jv links, etc – which then adds the tracking and payment facility to the process. It’s a great way to monetize Shopify in an out of the box sort of way – so hope it helps! Thanks 🙂

Also note – you can use a service like PODIA to set up an affiliate program both for yourself, and your clients and turn your Shopify store into a marketplace and e-commerce exchange. (you can also use something like Gumroad, which is a bit less robust – but can accomodate affiliate links for clients as well)



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