Chalk one up for the little guy….and building “buzz” for your blog, brand and business in a ferociously fast, fun, & creative cool way.

A great example of how to combine a bit of skill, a bit of savvy, and a bit of genuine personal passion into a once in a lifetime experience.

I may try something like this for Game of Thrones.  

I’ve already have the perfect idea.

(and a  closet full of crowns and dragons)

Check out the awesome story on Jake Caputo’s blog below.

Over the course of a few hours back in June of 2012, I created a one page website called Take My Money, HBO! The goal was simple: Bombard the @HBO and@HBOGO Twitter accounts with tweets stating how much money people would be willing to pay for a standalone HBO GO app.

Last month, nearly three years after the campaign, HBO announced HBO NOW. During the announcement event, HBO contacted me and invited me to New York City for an on camera interview.



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