This is a pretty cool idea for a newsletter – the author takes a topical story, outlines it, and then argues for both sides of the issue in a “for” and “against” section at the end of the synopsis.  She then curates some additional links to other authoritative sources on the topic from around the web, so that readers can dive in and do some more research on our own.

In an era where most of us are stuck in our echo chambers and virtue signaling circles of one type or another, I found this refreshing – neither succumbing to steel-manning or straw-manning the arguments or opinions – and presenting a pretty cool resource for getting a glimpse on what (and why) others may think on the other side of the street.

I still believe the moon landing was faked though.  And that we probably live in a giant simulated universe where none of this really matters.  Thankfully she hasn’t covered either of those topics yet.  So for the time being, I’m not selling my trump proof bunker with a cardboard cutout of Neo to keep me company.







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