The Fastest Way To Build a Directory? (Reader Q and A)

Q: Is using the claim listing approach the best way to make money from my web directory business?

Hi Tr**c!  I don’t use the “claim listing” approach – as I really don’t find it to be the most effective way to build a community – it’s sort of a piecemeal approach – a small percentage of your audience will pay to claim a listing on a robust community – but at the stage you’re at now – i’d focus on content creation – and speed – and much less time on the data entry piece (e.g. – tags/categories/adding listings, etc) – this is where 95% of people tend to focus, and in my experience – is pretty proportional to why 95% of these style sites never really go anywhere, too!

If you watch some of the videos i’ve done on content curation – adding blog articles, resources, links, etc – this is the absolute fastest way to build your community – to appear appealing to your audience – to generate momentum – and then you can add the listings, later – once you’ve got some traffic, traction and a lot of content.  The newsletter piece is important as well – as again – it’s super easy to build – takes very little time -and offers a much higher ROI for your time – is much easier to execute – and has a much, much higher rate of success.

Thanks very much – hope that helps a little bit – you can’t really do any of this stuff “wrong” – it’s just about comfort and confidence – and getting clear on what works best for your particular goals and objectives – but the one thing I really recommend – is to focus on ease, flow and momentum at this stage – and adding a single listing in an afternoon (even if you quadruple that output) is not going to be fun -or tenable, for long!  🙂



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