Let’s start with the steps, as this is going to be the tough part 🙂

Step 1.  Write the letter

Step 2.  Email the letter.

authority siteThe concept here is pretty simple…and something that is so strikingly obvious, and yet so often overlooked, that I can’t even begin to tell you how much time I’ve wasted trying this the hard way.  (the hard way being defined as trying to build buzz for my brand…..by building my blog, instead of using the approach I’m outlining here instead)


You want to build an online agency, or a web marketing business, or an online coaching or consulting practice, predicated on helping other entrepreneurs succeed.  (be it generalized local businesses in your local community, or catering to one niche or industry vertical in your local community, or….simply establishing a brand or business without borders – meaning you will take clients from any niche, market, industry or area)

The idea is, You are going to want to build an AUTHORITY site to give you an advantage over your competition, so that when you PITCH the professionals in your area of expertise, or your niche, market or industry of choice, you have something of value, or something to sweeten the pot, from day 1.

For example?

If you are offering web development services to realtors, owning a directory of realtors in your local area, certainly gives you extra leverage.If you are targeting people in the “spiritual advice” niche, owning a marketplace that caters to authors, artists, and enlightenend entrepreneurs certainly offers you a whole hodge podge of creative and competitive benefits that will separate what YOU CAN do for them …….from day 1, relative to that of your competition.

So the 2 step process above may look something like this.

Step 1.  Write Email

State who you are.

Describe what you do.

Describe what you HAVE.

Describe who you do it for.

Describe how you plan to grow and flow in the future and how that benefits them.

Tell them how to respond.

Step 2.  Send the Email.

(of course you should have your ideal audience identified at this point, and have a starter list of professionals or people to contact)

In terms of building “buzz” for your brand, blog and business?

This is a much easier, much more straightforward strategy than trying to “blog” your way into the awareness of your audience.

Every day I get emails like the one above.

Usually they are poorly written, and more akin to “service spam” than something I’m really likely to respond to.

Message to market match IS important.

But, even that isn’t “enough” for the sort of advantage you want from day 1.

The authority site is the secret weapon.

Is the added extra ummpph….the ASSET that both sets you APART from your closest competitors, and that builds VALUE for your brand and your business as you grow and flow and evolve in your expertise.

It’s also the exact same strategy I used to grow a spiritual directory from scratch….to 15K visitors in rapid fire turn around time.  (the very same niche I’m now developing a bigger, better and far more innovative “authority site” with NOW, a whole bunch of extra authority, and an existing audience baked in from the beginning 🙂


The Exercise:

Try this in YOUR niche.

Whatever niche that it is, do a day or two of market research and see what they need.

Who are they?

Where do they live?

What do they NEED to succeed?

How can you tweak, critique, optimize and improve their existing online blog, brand or business?

Decide on what it is that you really want to offer…..what really excites you, inspires you and makes you come alive, and then DECIDE.

This is who I AM.

This is what I do.

This is who I do it for.

This is what they need.

This is how they’re lives (or business) will change when I do what I LOVE to do for them.

And then follow the 2 simple steps above.

Whether you hit “send” or not…..this simple exercise will show you that there ARE people who need you, right now….and can benefit from your PASSION and purpose – your enthusiasm, experience and expertise.








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