I’m often asked about the easiest way to build an email list from scratch.  What is the best way to start collecting subscribers and what tools, or technologies are most effective for beginners, these people will ask?

The truth is, that very rarely comes up in conversation.  I don’t really talk to that many people to be honest, and when I do, it’s usually about stuff I’m not really allowed to discuss on my blog.

But let’s say for arguments sake people really did want to know how to build a list without muss, fuss, mess or stress?

You know what I’d recommend?

Content curation.  It rocks.  And I love it.  And so too will you.

Remember a few years ago I used to write about using Flock to curate content?

Of course you don’t.  Which hurts my feelings.

Sometime later….I described the process of using Tumblr to do something similar, and it still works wonderfully well to this day.  (which is more than I can say for Marissa Mayer)

But for curating content AND building a list at the same time, your options were a bit more limited, especially if you wanted those 2 processes to compliment each other at the same time.

I want to share 2 simple services that not only kick ass, but are great for building an entire business out of thin air, using the content curation model.

The first, is Curated.Co.

The second, is Revue.

Both allow you to curate content quickly and easily around the web, create a community, and build relationships with the very people who published that content in the first place.

(a process I’m using to grow a few communities that is not only a lot of fun, but really amazingly effective for obvious reasons – it allows you to collect, curate and COMPLIMENT the work of other people in a natural and organic way to build buzz for your blog, brand and business)

I pay for both of the services above, both are an awesome value (Revue is much cheaper ($5/month) with smoother and sexier UI.  Curated is a bit pricer…..but far more conversion friendly and allows you to map their landing pages to your own blog/brand or domain) and highly recommend you check them out.

Send me an email if you’d like to know how I’m using each and I’m happy to share.

Or, just send me an email to say hi.  I get lonely and could use the company.








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