This story is so incredibly outrageous….I wouldn’t believe it unless I read it twice. Sober.

And alas, because it is a Sunday…. I’m not really all that sober, so I’m not 100% sure it’s really true.

But it appears to be.

And if it is…….this just might make KlearGear a prime candidate for worst company in the history of the world.


Well, apparently….when you buy their products (or at least used to) you are “signing” some sort of underhanded agreement to NOT say anything negative or disparaging about the products you purchased.

Even, if you don’t like them.

Or, in the case of Jen Palmer….didn’t get the stuff you ordered, and couldn’t find a human being or customer service representative available to ever make it right.

Of course, the real loser here is not the Palmers……it’s the company themselves – who with really dunderheaded approach to securing positive press, have unleashed a demon of devilish and destructive news and reviews that have literally led to them having to shut down all of their social media accounts.  (and watch helplessly as “fake” accounts pop up decrying and defaming and destroying what’s left of their reputation)

To  be totally honest with you, I was actually thinking about suing someone who left me a negative review on Amazon recently.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out any personal information about them, and ended up just visualizing that they were really broke and unhappy with lower than average reading and comprehension skills, which is a technique i learned about on oprah.

That made me feel a lot better, which is a far better strategy that getting all litigous for no reason.

Anyway – you can read the whole story at the link below.

(honestly – it is a pretty crazy story – and truly an outrageous and obnoxious example of how some people in positions of power can make some pretty poor decisions)

When Utah couple John and Jen Palmer didn’t receive an item they ordered in late 2008 from the online retailer KlearGear, they canceled the order and Jen Palmer posted a negative review of the company on

Four years later, the company responded by demanding that the Palmer’s pay the company $3,500 for allegedly violating KlearGear’s terms of service. KlearGear allegedly said its terms of service included a non-disparagement clause.

The Palmers didn’t pay, following which KlearGear allegedly reported John Palmer to at least one credit agency, resulting in a hit to the couple’s credit rating. When the Palmers tried to contest the “debt,” KlearGear allegedly insisted that it was owed the money — and an additional $50 “dispute fee.”



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