The Content Community Continuum for Coaches, Consultants, Teachers, Trainers and Passion Professionals

Over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about the Content Community Continuum...pushing it forward – and how it applies specifically to coaches, consultants and people selling more “meaningful” stuff.

A few people told me they “liked” the idea – but didn’t see how all of this talk about link building, clip, snip and content collection tools, multiple domains, unique IP’S and all of that sort of stuff applied to selling stuff that matters to them.

The ironic thing is….I actually conceptualized this whole system SPECIFICALLY for life coaches, and passion professionals…….simply because I thought (and still believe) it’s the very BEST way to build an online business for meaningful marketers that there is.

People who are PASSIONATE about what they love…..and are often contagiously enthusiastic about their gifts, occasionally find the more “entrepreneurial” elements of the online business building strategy hard to wrap their brains around.

So – If that stuff scares you……..multiple domains, using tools, and techniques and tricks……don’t do it. Stay away – it’s not necessary, and it’s really NOT the core area you need to master to make this work.

I know I’ve said this before…..but I truly believe it’s all that really matters for YOU to make the sort of progress you seek.

  1. Content

  2. Character
  3. Community
  4. Conversation
  5. Curriculum
  6. Conversion

That’s the important part to get right….the rest is just the stuff that speeds it up, sneaks, creeps and strategizes it a bit in more detail, for those of you who want to get a bit of a competitive advantage over those in your niche who don’t. (or won’t)

My experience with passion professionals and the “life coach” types is this:

  • Content creation is easy for you-

  • Conversation is natural…as you probably really love talking about what you do, right?
  • Community gets a little bit tougher……
  • And then the DIFFICULT part is creating the credibility -the curriculum and the conversion that allows you to parlay what you love to do into a profitable business that really generates real wealth and freedom.

The key to this system, is how it flows from one step to the next without being pushy.


Understand this ONE thing as a coach, teacher or trainer who is trying to make a full time living online.

If you are really, really, REALLY lucky, powerfully persuasive and extraordinary influential within your niche…..95% of your readers will completely ignore, refuse and neglect to act your offers.

If you are just ordinarily amazing and – and are selling “real” services ) 97% of your traffic won’t ever buy a thing from you. (unless you are selling 7 dollar ebooks or something super cheap……which is NOT what we’re talking about here)

On average – and if you are just really good at what you do – about 2% of your audience will spend money with you.

Understanding that you are ONLY really going to convert about 2-5% of your traffic makes your job much easier, as a coach, consultant, teacher or trainer.

It’s quite liberating, actually.

Because It allows you to FOCUS on the core group who is most likely to be qualified, and can afford to become your clients.

So get super specific about who it is that you WANT to attract into your coaching business.

Here is a quick CONFESSION of my own…….

I LOVE to create content that appeals to everybody.

I don’t want to leave anyone out when I think of ways to help you…..or offer advice, or tips, tricks and techniques that may help you succeed.

I try to picture 5300 faces when I write these posts.

Instead of getting HYPER focused on the 300 or 500 that are REALLY most likely to be engaged with my message…..and likely to apply, implement and ultimately SUCCEED using these strategies.

When I “forget” who my ideal audience is….and try to make EVERYONE happy…….nobody wins.

Not me.  And not you.

If you are a coach – you should write down who your ideal client is.

  • Who are you MOST able to help?
  • Who do you MOST enjoy working with?
  • What do they look like? (my ideal client looks like Salma Hayek in 1999)
  • What are their goals? what motivates them….drives them and inspires them to take action?
  • How can you craft your CONVERSATION to be most appealing, most exciting and most inspiring to this super small but hyper profitable part of your community?

Something ELSE you should write down?

Who do you NOT want to work with!

What are THEIR characteristics as well? What do they look like, too? (these folks, you’ll soon find – very rarely look like Salma Hayek circa 1999)

What motivates THEM? (as in, the people you DON’T inspire YOU to coach)

(I’ve learned to “spot” the signs of the people who are NOT enjoyable for me to engage as clients pretty accurately, and believe me, this can be EQUALLY as important as knowing who you do want to work with as well)

And then….

How can you craft your character…..and your content…..and your CONVERSATION to be most appealing, most exciting and most inspiring to this super small but hyper fun, productive and ultimately MUTUALLY profitable part of your community?

People laugh when I say i have an application before I work with someone one on one in a more intimate business building environment.

They think it’s a marketing trick.

Or a gimmick.

It’s really not.

I’ve just learned that there are lots of ass-hats in the world – and personally, I’m a mission to make my 2011 as ass-hat free as possible. (2010 was pretty close)

So too should you. (have an application, that is)

Because even if you are a more tolerant person than me, taking the time to craft and create an application for coaching clients forces you to refine and reframe and get super clear about EXACTLY who it is that you truly WANT to work with, what you want to help them accomplish and the amazing thing is, you’ll find these people incredibly show up in your business, often in abundant numbers, once you do.

And the more clear you get about who it is you are really speaking to……the more you will find your marketing message resonates with those who need you most.

The content community continuum helps to keep that percentage HIGHER than average…….by helping you establish credibility in your community far faster than you would through your own efforts alone, and attracting people who are sincerely looking for help, guidance, teaching, training and coaching programs that will help them achieve their goals.

And when people are creating content for you – and when framed within the approach this specific system uses – (the content they are creating is QUESTION oriented) and you are responding to that content (i.e. – ANSWERING those questions) you are creating credibility far faster, and demonstrating expertise FAR faster than just about any ….pure and simple, PERIOD.

That is the biggest reason why the specific type of community I’m imploring you to create is SO important to this process.

It doesn’t have to be your CENTRAL blog. (it’s never mine)

You can still have a primary place where you publish your thoughts. (as I do here)

But you have to think about multiple touch pointsunique ways to attract, grab and command attention in your niche, or in your industry and in your marketplace.

And THIS type of community oriented – user generated, question and answer content model is as good of a “channel” for getting your message out as I know.

(and it’s butt cheap to launch……if you DON’T do it…..I guarantee, in the not too distant future……. there will be someone else in your niche you WILL – and you’ll lose the advantage that is given to those who innovate, and lead the way)

The truth is…….

People in your niche are searching for people with the answers they need.

People who are serious about spending money are skeptical, and discerning when it comes to finding the best of the best.

And when you demonstrate you have authority (first by showing up high in the search results….which is a natural byproduct of the “content” created by your community) and then you demonstrate you have actual EXPERTISE (through how you treat, respond to and answer the questions your community creates) you create the first solid foundation of trust…..and respect – and admiration – and ultimately – that “a-ha” moment where your readers feel like they’ve struck the “jackpot” real deal solution they’ve been searching for.

And of course, we all know – whether it’s weight loss, or credit repair – or life coaching or internet marketing expertise……

People want to hire people who have the answers.

Said more strategically –

When you actually PROACTIVELY create the literal enviorment that frames you as the BEST solution for serious seekers in your niche, industry or area of expertise, you are literally resetting the buying criteria – or changing the rules – or raising the bar – or disrupting the marketplace – or whatever catchy title you want to inject – for what is EXPECTED of those who are the real leaders in your field are contributing to the community as a whole.

(it ain’t gonna happen overnight obviously……but this system will help you make it happen – which I encourage you to TEST on your own by doing the work, rather than take my word for it)

The OTHER thing that the CCC works so well to achieve, from a business, or marketing or ROI standpoint is this:

It allows you to monetize a far greater percentage of that 97% who will NEVER have personal contact with you, and doing it in a non pushy, non invasive and non threatening way.

Because the community creates a lot of it’s own content – and credibility – you’ll find the conversion percentage you’ll experience when you DO make a recommendation will be far higher than they would be on an ordinary blog. (and this can be from both your list traffic AND your natural, organic, search result oriented visitors as well)

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What’s coming next?

I have 3 distinct, unique and innovative coaching programs launching in April.

1 – The Content Community Continuum 100k Commitment Coaching Club

I will work with you personally, for 12 months, to build a guaranteed 100K online business around what YOU love – and using the framework of this system, turning your passion…..into PROFIT regardless of whether you are already successful today…..or have never made a penny online to date.  (details forthcoming…….or simply send me an email at for advance info)

2 – 100K Content Community Challenge GROUP Coaching

Small group coaching for MEANINGFUL marketers who want to implement the Content Community Continuum in their own business….and want step by step hand-holding in a small group setting,  teleseminars, recordings, advanced strategies, PDF’s, personal Q and A,  email access and a whole bunch of other stuff you WON’T find anywhere else.  (details forthcoming…….or simply send me an email at for advance info)

3 – Content Community Continuum “No More Excuses” Affiliate Challenge

For AFFILIATES only… 8 week, LIVE, without a net, , step by step, real time affiliate marketing campaign 100% guaranteed to make money WITHOUT a list,  that you can COPY, and paste and wash, rinse and repeat in your OWN business as many times, and in as many different niches as you want.  I will show you exactly what I’m doing as I do it, to build a real life, profitable affiliate product funnel in a high volume niche… will get complete access to ALL materials, all domain names, all articles, the exact affiliate program, what WORKED, what didn’t……NO MORE EXCUSES… can HAVE it all……(details forthcoming……this will launch FIRST, in April – email for more)




  1. Thank you so much for this info.

    I’m really excited by your coaching programs. Since last time we spoke, I started implementing some of your strategies you give on your blog and my ezine articles CTR went from 4% on average to 17% with the top one being around 32%. That’s fun.

    I tracked everything like you said and I noticed that articles from my own website converted more subscribers and got indexed faster so I decided to focus on that.

    I have a blog where people ask questions but I’m getting way more than I can handle these days.

    My bigger issue is to learn how to outsource some of the writing with keeping a consistent tone of voice. I think I might have found a creative solution for that. Still, I find it very hard to hire the right people. I have bought the dictation software and it helps.

    I have this big marketing plan ready but it would certainly be nice to have someone who knows his stuff guide me. I don’t want to waist too much time on stuff that just does not work.

  2. I’ve been playing with it and it is pretty darn cool. I originally got it back when I was doing PPC ads and researching headlines and stuff like that. Can learn a lot about converting ads with Spyfu along with the keywords that have worked for months for businesses.

    I have further questions on the CCC. I’ve built both mini-sites built around 1 keyword and authority style sites built on a broad keyword or brand. I always find the mini-sites to get traffic fast compared to the authority ones. The authority sites I build tend to never get traffic and I always give up on them before they get rolling.

    Do these CCC sites simply need 100 or so posts/questions in order for google to start giving them love? In the past, I would get burned out after 15 or so posts and no traffic. Maybe I just haven’t given them enough effort.

    I am planning on implementing the CCC on all my old blogs that I gave up on. Thanks for all the help man!

  3. Jeff – I use Spyfu as much more of a competitive intelligence tool – it will look at multiple domains and compare crossover traffic and keywords – it will estimate what the value of the organic traffic is on those keywords (or others) and basically tell you a whole bunch of things pretty quickly that are very valuable when hunting down profitable words that are likely to convert well for all. (I find alot of their numbers are approximations – some are off completely – but on the important broad stroke stuff for analyzing and attacking – It’s one of the few premium keyword tools I still use)

  4. Hey Ian!

    How do I use SpyFu to research questions? I’ve had an account there for awhile now but I never use it lol. But now it looks like I should 😛


  5. Hi Ian,

    I’m sadden and inspired at the same time. Sadden because the conversion rate is so low. The truth is I’ve been building sites for the past few months, having resigned, thinking that I can make it. Unfortunately I wasn’t getting the results that I hoped for. I still haven’t get back my investment of time and money & felt very disillusioned.

    But when I look at the low conversion, I know I’m not the only one & I’m inspired to focus on the things that matters most to the audience who will buy.

    Thanks very much.

  6. Another great article full of hope and inspiration. I have been busy working on my own site so it has been awhile since I visited but your emails keep coming and when I take the time to read them they put a smile on my face knowing that I am on the right track. I can’t thank you enough for the quiet inspiration and lift I get from reading your informative yet entertaining way with words.


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