The Content Community Affiliate Challenge Is Coming (May 2nd, 2011)

The Content Continuum Affiliate Challenge is Coming…….LIVE and without a NET, on May 2nd.

No Gurus.

No Gimmicks.





And Cash.


A PAY FOR ACCESS, small group demonstration of building a PROFITABLE affiliate marketing campaign, in a competitive market,  100% from scratch.

You DON’T need a LIST.

  1. You DON’T need partners.
  2. You DON’T need to learn “SEO”
  3. You DON’T need to be a professional copywriter
  4. You DON’T need fancy pants designs, templates or graphics
  5. You DON’T need software
  6. You DON’T need “SECRETS”
  7. You DON’T need to buy any more “BS”

If you can pay attention, follow along, FOCUS…….copy and paste and use a little bit of imagination and ingenuity, you CAN build an easy, fun and profitable affiliate marketing business in rapid fire turn around time…..and I’m going to PROVE it to you.

NOT by telling you about it.

Or by writing an ebook.

Or through any more theoretical intellectual show and tell.


I’m going to SHOW you.


Without a net.  (In other words……put MY money where my mouth is..:-)

For 8 weeks straight.

Going back to square one.

I’m going to build the whole thing for you in front of your eyes and deliver each step via email in almost real time.

One lucrative affiliate program.

A landing page that converts….that’s so simple, it’s shocking.




Feeder sites.

Pen names.

Copy, clip, snip and flip.

The Content Community Continuum for Affiliates.

You will see a small but growing income steam appear out of “thin air” in a highly competitive niche.

You’ll watch my FREE traffic convert in a niche that only the BIG players can afford to play when it comes to PPC.

And you can 100% STEAL the whole thing…….with my blessing.

Re-write my articles.

Change my content.

Or just do your own.

But STEAL my system…..and you will have success.

The content community continuum AFFILIATE MARKETING CHALLENGE will be live on May 2nd, 2011.

I will generate 4 figures  (or more) in 8 weeks (or much less) 100% from SCRATCH with step by step simplicity.

Without paying for traffic.

Or soliciting “partners” to mail  their lists.

Or with any other underhanded “trick” or gimmick others to use to “impress” but that are meaningless to YOU.

And if you’ve got 30-60 minutes per day, so TOO can you.

But whatever you do…….DON’T make this more difficult than it is.

Because I’m going to pull back the curtain….and show you that it doesn’t have to be sexy to succeed.

  1. No more stabbing in the dark.
  2. No more running from thing to thing.
  3. No more lunging, lurching and reaching for answers
  4. No more being a “VICTIM” of silly strategies and predatory promoters of utter nonsense.

The amazing TRUTH is……

It’s actually easy.

But don’t take my word for it.

Because I’m going to PROVE it you.

The fun starts on May 2nd.

Enrollment details will be mailed on Friday, April 29th 2011.

All Facebook friends will get a 20% discount.



I’m NOT doing this to how you how easy it is to make an extra 500, or 1000 or more per month from scratch.

But to inspire your imagination with the power of possibility.

And potential.

And to start thinking about the strategy of SCALE.

For example……

If you could build  ONE profitable affiliate campaign in only 30 minutes a day from dead STOP scratch……how many other programs would you promote the very same way?

With this simple system, you can build as many of these profit centers as you want…….the very same way, and that’s pretty much the reason I’m doing this for you.

Will they all be equally as successful?

Absolutely not.

But if you follow the SYSTEM, and learn to build affiliate assets, you’ll always create value.

You can sell these sorts of sites with ease.

Or you can keep them and watch them grow.

Build a thick portfolio of small but significant profit centers.

Or flip them for easy cash once they’re in the black.

It doesn’t make a difference.

If you’ve struggled to make money in the affiliate “game” thus far…….THIS is for you.

No more excuses.

If I don’t perform…..the ONLY one with egg on his face will be ME.

(and I’m not going to let that happen..:-)

Prices and enrollment info will be emailed, and posted on Friday, April 29th.

The challenge will begin on May 2nd, 2011.

Space will be limited.

All Facebook friends will get a 20% discount.  (must be friends before the challenge begins to qualify)


Live……and 100% without a NET.

No Gurus.

No Gimmicks.


Email me.……..or ask away below!  🙂



  1. Thanks for the comments! The Challenge info has gone out tonight – Terry, I think I priced it low enough that it would be appealing to all – and I included a payment plan option as you suggested.

    Thanks for all the great feedback – and to Ronny G for helping me get a bit clearer on how to choose words that properly reflect the nature of the offer and make sure they stand out, rather than get drowned out by the details. (You weren’t the only one to point that out..:-)

  2. Hi Ian,

    As Ronny and Pat said, you are one of the few whom I trust implicitly. I fully expected your training to come with a fee. You give a lot of information freely, and have worked hard to gain that information yourself. I have no doubt that your training will be worth whatever you charge. I’m just hoping that it will be within my price range. If it’s not, I’m hoping you might consider an installment plan for those of us who need to start making some money before we are able find enough cash to pay the premium fee Patt is anticipating.


  3. Hi Ian After reading the comment from RonnyG I feel compelled to respond. Like RonnyG I have been following this blog for quite some time and I, too, have always considered you to be one of the good guys. I have found the information you share to be invaluable and have come to trust and rely on your posts to deliver premium quality content. But, unlike RonnyG I was not at all confused about the upcoming CCC Affiliate Challenge Program being a fee based program. Over the course of time I have developed tremendous respect and faith in you as a teacher and I just assume that any program you offer of this magnitude will naturally also come at a premium price. But I have to admit that I have been eagerly anticipating the annoucement of this program so I have been reading each post in great detail. It’s regretful that there has been confusion among some of your readers but I honestly feel that you were very clear about the fee and I did not feel misled. My excitement to learn from you has steadily crescendoed over the past few weeks to the point where I am as willing and eager to pay the fee as I would tuition for any course I find of value. I have faith that there are many others who feel as I do 🙂

  4. Hey Thanks for your response…I must not have paid attention to your other post…Guess this one just caught my eye. Kinda interesting what catches one persons eye and yet someone else a different post…..You still one of the good guys out there..Thanks again..

  5. Hi Ronnie G –

    Thanks for the comment – I see your point – BUT – I’ve mentioned this was coming in several previous posts and emails – and clearly indicated it was going to be a paid coaching program.

    (many people have emailed me about this in advance, per my invitation in prior emails and blog posts for details before it was announced)

    But of course I see your point of view – and you are possibly quite right that it should be RE-STATED up top that this is a premium program. (which I will do later tonight thanks to your input..:-)

    In the meantime – feel free to email me directly – as I always invite everyone to do on each of these posts – if you need anything clarified further..:-)

  6. Hey Ian…been following you for several years and have always thought you were one of the good guys and I still do…

    But this time I was a bit dispointed that at in my opinion you made this great offer sound like that you were just going to send it to all your trusted followers…but way down the email way below the fold… it come out “20%” and “All Facebook friends will get a 20% discount.” and after that it is clear that it is one more paid service for us that arn’t making much money in the IM’ing business to buy…

    Not saying it’s not worth what you will be charging..but in my opionion it should have been mentioned way up near the beginning…

    Could have said that you were going to make an offer to your trusted list of less than cup of cheap coffee per day…or… I am going to show you how simple/easy it is… and my purpos is to inspire you to finily get you business making $$$$…or what ever.
    Again Ian it is my opinion and it’s “Free” and it may be only worth what you paid for it…


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