1. Strategy.  What’s the big idea?
  2. Structure.  What goes where and why?
  3. Sequence.  What goes WHEN and why?
  4. Story.  Why it matters to you.  (and why it ought to matter to everyone else, too)

Audio coming on this tomorrow.  I find that this is the one business “hack” we can all do that lends itself to fierce focus and conscience clarity.

What is it that you really want to do?  What the big idea?  What does it look like for you and how does it land in your life?

What do the constituent parts look like together?  How doe they connect?  Where do they connect?  What does it look like 100 feet off the ground, when you have the benefit of distance?

What goes when…and why?   Does timing matter?  (it usually does)  If yes…..what does it look like – step by step, as it unfolds, and each lever gets pulled.  Sometimes sequence is baked into the process.  (you can’t send a welcome email, or a launch sequence, until someone signs up for your list – so there is a clear physics to some of this.  but other stuff, you have to figure out on your own, and assign a priority of place based on more subjective measures.  This is super important – and where I personally, have historically made some poor choices that come back to  bite me in the rear end)

Story.  Why this?  Why now?  What makes this important to you….and to the rest of us?  Why does this problem need to be solved?  Why are YOU the person who needs to solve it?  A good manifesto can be a great way of articulating a story.  A great clarion call to passion, and purpose and magic and momentum can turn a mediocre idea – into a movement as well.  (so whatever your story is – tell it well)

If you are building something now, try to filter it through the strategy, structure, sequence, story process. See how it looks on paper.  I find it really helps me – and i’d be surprised if it didn’t help you, too 🙂






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