Here is another question I received (per the chat below) on picking the right solution for a very customized directory project. I always recommend folks who need heavy duty customization use a platform like Sharetribe (although that wouldn’t be the idea solution for this particular project as articulated below) it IS a much more robust solution for more complex marketplace communities……while staying on a bootstrap budget. Geodirectory (the plugin) is something I’m learning a bit more about these days as well – as I have clients using it on a current project, as an alternative to MYLISTING or other WP analogs.

Hi Ian,I am looking for a business directory theme that allows two things: Tow types of login: moving companies to list their services, and users who are looking for moving services. And allow services to have “From” and “To” and handle the complexities that come with that: Search by destination, Calculate price by length of path, etc. Most business directory themes only focus on listings that have one single location: for example listing restaurants. Not handling the complexities of businesses that are otherwise. What do you recommend? Thanks!
ian hollander4:24 PM

Hey there – once you start getting into very specific use cases (e.g. – doing calculations based on path, etc) – you are starting to move outside of the scope of what (I believe, anyway) a WordPress style solution is going to reliably accomodate. I would start looking at and SAAS style offerings that may be easier (long term) to customize for your specific needs.   You may also consider getting a custom script written – but that feels like a much sturdier recommendation that trying to retrofit that style site (with custom and unique needs) into a platform (WP) that probably isn’t going to reliably (which is the key component, to me 😉 handle what you need longer term.

You may get something done that appears to work well for that purpose – but under stress testing and real world execution – the directory style solutions for WP work really well – but, in my view, for a more narrow band of applications and use cases. 🙂

hugely appreciate your help Ian. Thanks. Do you recommend using a plugin like GeoDirectory. Are you familiar with that? Or do you recommend something else?
ian hollander5:26 PM

I will take a peek at geodirectory – I am familiar with it by name – but not having used it – it’s hard to comment on whether it’s a good option. I do think you may be able to use listify (or listable) for what you need – and just get a custom wp script to accomodate the variable functionality (per your path requirement or estimation funtionality based on personal user driven preference) – if WP is essential to your project – i’d stick to the themes + frameworks that are most widely supported and used – listify (astoundify) are solid people who are well respected in the space.

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Parisa 5:56 PM
pardon my lack of knowledge, but what do you mean by “get a custom wp script”? Do you mean pay some fee to the the theme developers to customize it for me? Or is it change that I can do myself?
ian hollander8:57 PM

Hey there – the custom script reference was in regard to your more specific use case (for moving company – path pricing, etc – per your original note) – no….the theme developers wouldn’t be able to do that for you – you’d have to find someone who is skilled at wordpress code and who would be amenable to doing that specific task – to modify the directory functionality to accomodate a specific type of query. (I’m a marketing person – not a code person – so I can’t really advise there) Anything (within reason) can be done of course – but you need to knwo what your budget is – what specifically you need done – and find someone skilled enough to pull it off reliably (key word! 🙂 so that it’s future proof for many months (or years) to come – if your ambitions are to build something meaningful, viable, and valuable long term!



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