Sharetribe Flex looks super cool – and yet, at this stage, remains a bit mysterious as well – as it’s not available to the public (just yet) – and there is very little information available about how it will differ, or be an improvement tech wise – over the more well known Sharetribe GO product.  (i’ve had a little bit of a conversation over the last few days with the Sharetribe team as an affiliate – so i’m hoping to be able to share some more info, if they’re willing to share it with me)

This I will say: the sites using Flex are beautiful, super smooth, very sexy and very close to the “TRUE AIRBNB” experience, from a visual perspective. I can’t wait to test this on a new project – and I can’t remember being this excited about a new marketplace style software – in a long time. (Sharetribe is awesome – but this new version – looks beautifully bananas 🙂



Try ShareTribe Free.  (you can upgrade to FLEX when it’s rolled out to the world 🙂



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